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Спасение новорожденного котенка. Полная версия / SANI vlog

Спасение новорожденного котенка. Полная версия / SANI vlog

This story happened last summer. One cool Friday evening, we returned home and heard the kitten’s screams. Without thinking, we ran to the sound and saw just such a picture Under the balcony of a 5-storey building in the very corner lay an abandoned newborn kitten completely alone. Masichka, how tiny you are! Zaechka, let’s take him? Where are we going to take him home? And if the cat comes? I’ll take you, if that, do not be afraid You will not be left alone, small! Crawl off somewhere, he is small at all Where is the cat?
* calls the cat Yes, call the cat! – He even stopped yelling. – We will help you – He screamed, screamed! The kid was very dirty. His small body was eaten by fleas, and a dried blade of grass stuck out in his left eye. Here is my hand, and here it is. So that you understand … Zaechka, let’s take him? Take with you? And if the cat returns? Okay, come on while we go for the milk. We will return anyway, if he is here we will take him. The kitten was very hungry and first of all it had to be fed. so we decided to quickly go home for milk and at the same time check whether the cat will appear during this time.
– I have to be sure that the cat will not come for him I do not know how to take it, it is so small, I am afraid to break it! – San, gently take in the palm of your hand – Come on, come on, my good, let’s go – He is literally a maximum week! – It seems to me as if this eye is already starting to open. – Here, yes, he is probably starting … See how he is to heat. He stops right here.
You screamed, screamed, little. We came to your screams. It became warm to you … – Look, warmed up!
– Yes 🙂 he warmed and fell asleep Nose only leads his let’s get some grass we put him down if he falls asleep it will be very good we will take him away with us I’ll warm my hand lie down
small such we picked weed so that he was softer and warmer to lie and went – Little!
– BUT?
– Wait for me!
– Good! the road back and forth took us a little more than 15 minutes since we were not at all ready for such a turn of events, we took only products that we had and quickly ran back there was absolute silence near that house. And then they began to worry … I can’t hear him Need to climb – He’s here!
– Here?
– Yes! He’s sleeping – He fell asleep in the grass?
– He fell asleep in the grass! Little 🙂 That night I remember most of all this moment. When you come back and see how this little ball just sleeps … alone in this vast world nobody needs helpless and defenseless and just realize that you may be his last hope for life … And do not care that you have no idea what to do, and that you just returned home from a cafe and are not at all ready for such a turn of events … like this, you fell on your shoulders and you don’t want to, you will have to accept it, because if you turn around and leave he will die He slept so well but he trembles, he trembles Well, of course shaking.
Give it here, in short! Let’s go to! Come, my good. Come, my little one! Yes, yes, not food, not food! Do not be afraid.
Spiders? Spiders?
Nothing wrong 🙂 Get out from here somehow need 🙂 Oh my God! How nice without this balcony ….. Zayah, shine me here! Drinks! You drink, right? *joy
You drink! You are my good 🙂 Oh, how delicious, my little!
How tasty milk 🙂 Look, smacked 🙂
Snuggled :)) – Do not want to eat?
– Eats a little. He licks my finger He is really hungry. It feels like his mom (cat) is long gone. Just annoying that he is alone. And where the rest, she could not give birth to him alone. * calling the cat
Cat, I have sour cream! 🙂 Do you know what we feared the most? That we take it with us not we will be able to grow up, because newborn kittens will grow up without a cat in artificial conditions very difficult. But there was no choice, and we … decided to take a chance …

– Oh, damn, I do not know! Carried home then, okay. We will grow it at home … This is where our story began! At home we were met by our pets. Dunya He is small! Maternal instincts must wake up, what are you! Dunya, stop it, he’s small! The cat did not immediately accept the kitten, but the dog really liked it size of your nose in one of our videos I asked you if you wanted to see the full version about kitten rescue and you literally showered us with positive messages, but since there is a lot of material left, we decided to completely rewrite everything make a completely new video with all the details, so get comfortable more comfortable and enjoy This is how our whole night passed, sometimes pausing for a short sleep in the morning we learned from the internet that feeding newborn kittens with cow’s milk is not recommended only cat milk replacer that we easily purchased at the nearest pet store early in the morning did everything as the seller said and fed strictly according to the instructions every two hours eat well eat eat little eat little immediately after eating, did a tummy massage rubbing it with a wet cotton swab so that the kitten would go to the toilet then wiped the entire kitten with a damp cotton pad as does the cat tongue how do kitties lick themselves so we will wash you after which the baby was wrapped in a towel so that he does not freeze and all this is done under the control of our older comrade, the boss we shall reach your feet, like this! little monkey, little monkey in the evening they took him to the vet the doctor said that the baby is healthy and it is very realistic to grow it She gave us some recommendations and useful tips that we unconditionally followed later. Listen, is it normal that he was washing himself? yeah growing up Well, the type at this age is this normal?
I do not know. maybe he advanced strongly Look, as if thinking:
What would you do today? 🙂 during the trip to the vet the baby was fast asleep travel bag since he liked it so much we decided to keep the kitten in it for the first time
– and now someone will eat Inside they put a bottle of warm water, and in a pocket of a bag a glass jar, also filled with warm water. This is to ensure that the kitten was warm to sleep in this improvised house. They also found a closet collar from an old winter jacket.
Our kitten really liked him too. A little later, they made him a separate bed, heated on all sides with heaters and bottles. A few days later, we began to fully open his eyes one eye was very sick and we had to treat it according to the recommendation of the doctor we wiped chamomile tea every day dripping droplets and using various ointments the kitten grew by leaps and bounds they began to eat more, walk more often, and sleep less Small
My little minivan 🙂 We are already more confident on our paws. well, almost for a very long time we could not pinpoint the sex of the kitten showed to specialists but even they differed in opinion and each time they recommended that we postpone this case later so that the kitten has grown a little more. But over time, it became clear that this girl in the very first issue, we offered to help you come up with a name for this baby there were so many options but we settled on two Sonya or Mila Both options suited her, but for some reason the soul lay more in the name of Sonya. So we decided to call Initially, we planned to grow this kitten, and then find a good family. and give it to good hands, since we already have a cat. When we made the first video, I even made appeals to the audience about this. – Maybe someone wants a kitten yourself. but he did not dare to insert it into the issue … For all the time of care for a kitten, we very much fell in love with him, and realized that we could not give it to anyone. This crumb left to live with us and since then there hasn’t been a second that we regretted it Sonia is growing healthy and full-fledged cat. Dunya became her older friend, with whom they play daily. And the Boss is a senior comrade, contrary to all the laws of nature. Boss, would you say something about the kitten? How do you feel another living thing in the apartment, Boss? Do you like a kitten? Since there is still a lot of material, wait for the second part to continue this story. If you are interested, be sure to show it like a video. And do not forget to check whether you are subscribed to our channel. In the meantime, please tell us in the comments what kind of animals you have, how you got them, and, most importantly, whether you had to save someone We are happy to read every story and the most interesting will surely mark a heart. Thank you for staying with us!

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    Скоро будет много новых видео!
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    А тем чмошникам, которые скидывают бедных животных с балконов я скажу:
    Я надеюсь, всем понятно

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