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✂️ How to Cut your Shirt in Cool Ways DIY Fashion

✂️ How to Cut your Shirt in Cool Ways DIY Fashion

hey there friends it’s me Jenni with
another t-shirt cutting tutorial. This is what the final product looks like. It was
originally a giant orange t-shirt but we made slits, some weaves and added some beads on the bottom. First I cut off the sleeves, the bottom edge, and along the neckline. I cut a couple of extra pieces off the
bottom just in case we want to use those for extra decorations someone as usual Kitty is being precious and
happy to help. Then make ten slits down either side then I could off the extra material from
the bottom up to the bottom slip on the side I cut slits from the bottom up to about
the center of the shirt hey those extra strands they double as
cat toys Alice approves I kind of stretch out the fabric a
little bit now we’re gonna add beads to the strands
this is obviously up to your own artistic expression and however you’d
like it to look so for getting the beads onto the strands I just used a bobby pin
it may or may not have been the most effective way of doing this I kind of
had to like squeeze the bobby pins together to get it through the hole of
the bead but it works for what I was going for and I just repeat that for
every single bead luckily I found this little bag of beads that I had from a
while back and I just happen to have a ton of yellow and orange ones so they
match this shirt I just alternated between orange and yellow beads on
either strand after adding your bead just make sure that you add enough knots
underneath the beats that it won’t pull off then on the sides here I just
stretch out the material a little bit before we do a little weaving action this will see I just take the third
strand pull it through the second one and weave it all the way down to the
bottom at the bottom I cut the second-to-last strand in half and then I
tie the loose ends on the edge of the bottom one same thing on the other side
I just take the third strand pull it through the second one and weave it all
the way down to the bottom cut the second-to-last string in half and tie it
at the corners of the last string here I just finish adding all those crazy beads
which took quite a while but I think you look pretty cute so I mean if you’re
willing to put in the effort you can have nice beaded treat I kind of just straightened out the
beads here before cutting off the top edge of the sleeves and then I make four
slits down the top of the sleeves on either side next I you straighten them
out and tie the ends of either strand together and on a couple of these I wind
up adding some beads as well I then fold the shirt in half and I cut
off a little V where the neck is then I make some slits down the front where the
chest is often times throughout the process of
creating a DIY shirt I see that it would look great
left as is but in this particular case we add some extra decoration on the neck
and sorry it was really hard to do with my left hand so you can’t really see
exactly what I’m doing here very well but I weaved down the front of the chest when I get to the second to last strand
I cut it in half and then tie it around the last tiniest one right here sorry you can’t see very well
what I’m doing because I need to get the perfect camera angle for this I take the
very top strand which is a little bit bigger than the rest and make a loop
with it just by twisting it once and then I pulled the next strand through it
and I am doing alternation between pulling the strand through and then
pulling the strand through and looping it
this type of weaving it can get really cool and complex looking with enough
practice this effect will look really cool but I’m no stranger to messing up
shirts and I always recommend using some shirts that you’re not super attached to
the first few times at the end of this one I use the same string that I tied to
secure the second row of weave I contemplate adding some more weaving
to the sides the back or maybe adding this some more beads but I’m pretty
satisfied with the way it looks right now I hope you loved watching this DIY
tutorial friends I’ve got quite the collection on my channel now tutorials
or just showcase of the different shirts that I’ve done and I sure love to
compile other tutorials that I found inspiring in addition to this YouTube
channel I have my main JenniNexus Channel, my gaming channel: JennNexusPlaysGames and I have a Pinterest with a ton of cool crafty makeup and hair ideas. I hope to see you again in the future if you make a shirt that you feel
like sharing feel free to tag me in your post on Instagram, Twitter or share the
link in the comments section below as a video. bye friends 🙂

5 thoughts on “✂️ How to Cut your Shirt in Cool Ways DIY Fashion

  1. Awesome. I learn so much here about how to recycle my clothing. Also, the delivery is great. So easy to listen to your relaxed voice. It reminds me that this is only a shirt. If I wreck it, oh well I tried and learned.

  2. I love how adorable your kitty is in this video! 🙂 He wants to join in & be where the action is & not be left out. :)Your kitty is so cute & funny & really adds to the video! 😉 I also really love your creative, artistic t-shirt DIY designs in this video as well! Be encouraged! 🙂

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