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10 Things I NEVER Wear! Clothing Banned From My Wardrobe | RMRS

10 Things I NEVER Wear! Clothing Banned From My Wardrobe | RMRS

Items I Never Wear
[0:00:00] All right, gentlemen. Today, we’re talking about ten menswear
items that I think are incredibly stylish, but I never wear. And in today’s video, I’m going to explain
why. [Music]
So, I get a lot of questions here at Real Men Real Style about items that I don’t
wear very often, some items I don’t even wear at all. I always try to answer these to the best of
my ability, but in today’s video I want to explain why I don’t wear certain items
and, my thoughts and opinion on them. Menswear item number one that you’re probably
never going to see me wear is an ascot. Now, nothing against the ascot, it’s just
not something that fits my style. It something in the United States you rarely
ever see. And for me, are you ever going to see a video
at Real Men Real Style? Most likely not. That’s not to say that you can’t pull
it off. In the right area, sure, you could probably
pull it off. Now, if you want a great video on how to wear
an ascot, I’m going to recommend Raphael Schneider over at the Gentleman’s Gazette. He can pull it off. He practiced, he’s confident, he knows what
he’s doing. Me, not so much and so, it’s not something
I’m really ever going to cover here at Real Men Real Style. Next up, the boutonnière. Again, a great item I love boutonnières. I love the idea of boutonnières. I’ve got a couple of jackets which actually
have this hole open right here, so we can slip and they’ve even got the attachment
right here. From a practical perspective, I found that,
nah, they draw too much attention they stand out. I didn’t want to wear them in my videos
and everyone to always pay attention to what boutonnière I’m actually wearing. So, do I like them? Yes. Do I – am I going to wear them really much
on my videos? I’ve worn them in a couple of videos, but
for the most part you’re not really going to see an appearance of the boutonnière. Next up, we’ve got suspenders. And I think suspenders can look great on the
right man especially if you’re a bigger guy and you want an alternative to a belt
to keeping your pants up. I think they’re very functional. Suspenders are not something that I did – I
just decided not to make them part of my wardrobe. Nothing against suspenders. Again, I think for the right guy they can
add a lot of style to your wardrobe, but for me I’ve decided to skip them. Next up, I’ve got loud shirts. Now, I have worn this shirt in a video years
ago and I got so many complaints of, Antonio, that just makes the screen look odd. This one right here, I actually had it custom-made,
but I never really liked it too much. The stripes were just too loud. And that’s what I try to avoid in a lot
of my wardrobe. When you guys see me wear clothing, oftentimes
I’m trying to pay attention to how is it going to look in the camera. So, I try to go with things like this one
right here has a nice pattern, I don’t think it’s distracting I’ve got it with a solid
jacket. So, I try to pay attention to those details
so that you can pay attention to what I’m talking about. Next up, we’ve got bracelets. And I have tried wearing a bracelet for a
month, I found that it just didn’t stick. It wasn’t something I was drawn to. You’ve got become accustomed to wearing
it. It’s got to have a functional purpose like
watches, I do find and I do enjoy wearing watches. Jewelry is something when it has a functional
purpose and/or it has a meaning, I think you can bring it into your wardrobe. Now, this next one is really going to surprise
some of you guys, but I rarely wear a suit. Now, a suit is a jacket and a trouser made
from the same material. But here in my town of a thousand people,
I wear jeans the vast majority of the time. And my wardrobe in general is sports jackets
going across. I don’t wear suits. Now, I can’t say that. I do wear a suit less than 1% of the year. If you go to my Menfluential event most likely
I will be wearing a suit one of the days. If I’m going to be speaking at an important
presentation like let’s say over in London at the Youprenuer event which I will be speaking
at this November, I will wear a suit on stage. But, here in the office, nah, I go with my
sports jackets most of the time. I even take some suit jackets and I wear them
as sports jackets. Now, I’m cheating a bit on this one because
I used to wear neckties more often. But nowadays, I’m not wearing neckties as
much and that’s a shame because I actually like neckties. But, here is the thing is it added complexity
to already a very busy day and I don’t have to. Now, do I want to? Yes. Sometimes you will see the necktie making
appearance, but for most of my videos, nah, you’re not going to see too many neckties
in them. Next up, we’ve got black dress shoes. And I’ve got about fifty pairs of shoes
most of them dress shoes and two of them are black and these two pairs of black shoes I
rarely ever wear them. Actually, I used to wear them quite a bit. They are made by Alden. They are nice shoes, but when it comes down
to it I stopped wearing black. I went to oxblood I went to dark brown I went
to medium brown. I had a lot of fun with my shoes. Now, these shoes are great. In a pinch, I could pull them and wear them
with a nice suit, but it’s just something that I moved on from black shoes. Next up, I’ve got driving moccasins or driving
shoes. Now, when it comes down to it, these are totally
impractical for walking around as I figured out. I like them they’re comfortable. I just didn’t find a use or a way to actually
be able to bring this into my wardrobe. I’ve got about three pairs of them and I
think that they’re really cool. I even tried wearing this around I think New
York City and started wearing into the backend. And that’s when I realized, you know I probably
should just keep them as display samples. Next up, I’ve got dress sneakers. Now, dress sneakers, I would love to start
incorporating this into my wardrobe. The problem is I haven’t had any sample
sent to me that actually fit me or that I can keep. [0:05:00]
Ace Marks just did a kick starter. They had some great ones. I love them. They’re going to send me some, so you will
start to see me talk about dress sneakers. I love it. I think it’s going to be a modern classic,
but for right now you’re not going to see them in my videos because, hey, I don’t
have a pair that I’m actually wearing. Next up, we’ve got headwear. Now, when it’s cold outside, yes, I wear
protective headwear, but if I’ve got a choice just to wear to wear it, that rarely ever
happens. Now, this hat right here I picked up and I
wore in Ukraine for awhile. I liked it. It had ear protection, it looked good, but
I don’t find too many opportunities to pull it off. This one right here, it’s an Akubra. I had gift it to me when I was in the Blue
Mountains in Australia. It reminds me of my time there. I would like to start wearing hats more often,
so maybe you guys can let me know down in the comments what hats you would recommend
I wear. But, nah, it’s a good looking hat maybe
I’ll start to wear it more often. A little bit big? What do you guys think? I think it works. Next up, we’ve got eyeglasses. And I grew up wearing eyeglasses from fifth
grade to about ninth grade and then something funny happened my freshman year in high school. I was at a water park and I met a girl and
she said you look so good without your glasses. Guess what? Those things came off, I never put them on
again. Am I going to be wearing glasses at some point? I think I will. Maybe in – maybe five years, ten years I
will need glasses and then I can just go right back to it. And talk about glasses, but I still think
that they are great accessory, one that most men could have more fun with. And lucky for me, I am not required to have
contacts or glasses at this point. All right, gents, now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments. Let me know what item would you love to start
to pull off that you’re not currently wearing? Let me know down in the comments. And, guys, I appreciate you. I appreciate everything we built here at Real
Men Real Style. If you ever have any suggestions, you’ve
got ideas you’ve got questions, you want to reach out to me, I can be reached over
at my website, RealMenRealStyle.com. I want to make sure that you – your question
is answered that you are able to become the man you know yourself to be by leveraging
style as a tool to get what you want out of life. Sound good, guys? Take care. I will see you in the next video. What do you guys think? Good look or no? Antonio, you can’t pull it off. Is the hat too large for me? Too small? What do you think? This look good, should I wear it a little
bit tilted? A little bit like that? What do you think? Looking good? Just walk around town like this, I definitely
will get a few looks if I walk around my small town wearing a hat like this. Yes. [0:07:27] End of Audio

100 thoughts on “10 Things I NEVER Wear! Clothing Banned From My Wardrobe | RMRS

  1. Curious – What clothing items are banned from your wardrobe? Comment below!

    https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/items-antonio-never-wears/ – Click here to read the article: Items BANNED From Antonio's Wardrobe

  2. Brooklyn caps are great entry level caps. Check out Laird Hatters London they are it when it comes to headwear. Ive also got an Alfred hat which im pleased with, great for brunch

  3. 1 ascot
    2 boutonniere
    3 suspenders
    4 loud shirts
    5 bracelets
    6 suit
    7 black dress shoes
    8 driving mocs
    9 dress sneakers
    10 headwear
    11 eyeglasses

    You're welcome.

  4. Dude your top three items are my hallmarks. Ascots.Lapel flowers and suspenders. These .3 items set me apart from most men in all settings..I see why I gave you my first thumbs up. not this video, but the one about the pitfalls of dressing well.. I love dress hats and designer glasses. as well. Yet even A broken clock is right twice a day..

  5. Why I don't wear an ascot…..because this isn't the 19th century and it's not England.

    Why I don't wear a boutonniere…..because prom was 30 years ago.

    Why I don't wear suspenders…..grandpa used to wear them when milking cows.

    Why I don't wear loud shirts…..wait a minute I do wear loud shirts.

    Why I don't wear bracelets…..because I'm a real man not a girly metro sexual.

    Why I don't wear hats…..because it's not 1952 and they mess up my hair.

  6. Everyman should have a quality suit. Never know when your only one. Yes sport jackets are more common and useful.

  7. I love wearing a beret. It garners so many compliments, and it’s a different feel from the usual hats that I wear. 😎

  8. As a fat man, I sport suspenders all the time, and often a simple silk flower buttonaire. It draws attention from my nice round belly. I also wear gold simple gold ring and chain for the same reason.
    I wish we could wear an ascot, but in America, it's out of place.

  9. For a hat suggestion, I always wear fedoras. I try to wear a bow tie, but can't tie it, on account my beard covers it up and I can't see what I'm doing.

  10. Sport coats/odd jackets for me! I'm a 46 regular and I find it hard to find vintage sport coats that are my size. I love odd jackets though!

  11. I'm NZ by birth, British by culture and I've got a couple of peaked caps I love but just don't wear because I don't really know how to wear them. Any advice guys?

  12. I personally think suspenders are more about functionality than style. I only ever wear them if I’m wearing a full 3-piece suit, under the vest of course, so nobody knows I’m even wearing them. Wearing a belt with a vest just looks off.

  13. I’ve semi-banned baseball caps from my wardrobe. BTW, the hat was a little too big, but if you were out in the woods or desert, with a different jacket, it could have worked.

  14. This guy don't wear suits, ties, black shoes, hats, suspenders, etc, etc…..yet will wear a suit jacket with jeans which you NEVER wear a suit jacket as a single item to substitute as a blazer, something only folk who are ignorant to style do. The only thing this guy wears are jeans with a blazer. What the hell can this guy teach about true style? Absolutely NOTHING.

  15. I just started wearing suspenders and I agree that theyre only really good looking on bigger guys. That being said if your body does fit it, you can look like one boss mofo

  16. Lots of Groan worthy stuff here.
    I don't wear dress sneakers because no one has sent me any" groan
    I never wear a hat…………………………………..Psssst, You still have all your hair,
    "I wore glasses in High School." And stopped because you thought you looked better
    Apparently you didn't need glasses.
    And offering advice based on how things "look on camera" is just nutso.

  17. I love a good ascot and a well proportioned fedora. But you know me, I'm old fashioned like that. 😉


  18. My partner wears Ascots on a daily basis in the Office since I told him, that I find it extremely stylish and attractive on him. It’s something that you don’t see very often and really stands out from the crowd in a positive way.

    Also all his ascots are from his grandfather who passed away long time ago so they are like a family heirloom

  19. Hats, you said you would like to wear more often and would like feedback….. you lived in Texas. A cowboy hat, felt stetson. correclty and confidently paired and weared, you could pull of easily as do many men.

  20. I am new to RMRS and not sure if youve ever covered this topic. Proper ordering and etiquette of classic beverages. Maybe a little history and do's and donts. A pet peeve of mine ( wrong ordering, wrong making, wrong way of drinking and holding a glass, etc) along with pants hemmed too high.

  21. I absolutely love pocket watches. I have 3. However I only have a few outfits that they work with and I’ve been leaning towards nice leather banded wrist watches lately.

  22. A friend from Spain is down to earth (unlike Raphael lol) and pulls the ascot off well. I am a tradesman, concrete journeyman, good suspenders in dress clothes go well with me. Another tradesman got me into it for church.

  23. You and all us men need to bring back hats. You can pull off the hat. It is attitude. Also I never where glasses other than when driving. Hate them and afraid of contacts.

  24. I don’t like the look of an ascot. Also living in a small town, I normally only wear a suit if situation calls for it. I only wear a hat for cold weather or a baseball cap (bill forward and bent) when going completely casual. The boutonnières is worn only if required. I also don’t wear suspenders. I refuse to wear skinny fit jeans. I don’t feel comfortable in them and like to have freedom of movement so I go with relaxed straight cut as long as it doesn’t go too baggy and fits right.

  25. So Antonio your topic should read “10 things you barely wear or people might not see you wearing”, “never” is a strong word especially when you actually wear a suit occasionally if you enter into a place where an ascot is part of the dressing code I don’t think you’d refuse wearing it even though it’s not your style

  26. I do wear often in the winter a bandana around my neck tucked into my shirt; it keeps my neck warm like a scarf. It works very well to cover the open neck space.

  27. I'm kinda considering getting a kilt. Not a party kilt, mind, but a proper kilt made from wool, because Norwegian weather doesn't appreciate much else.

  28. I recommend for hats, check out a brand called Scala, affordable and quality. I personally wear a black Scala Outback hat.

  29. Id love to pull of hats like bruno mars does😇 and a double breasted suit I think I am too young for that 😬 (20)

  30. Mostly youth stuff, cos I'm old. A baseball hat backwards, unless I 'm a passenger on a motorcycle (yeah, I know, should wear a helmet but I live in Asia), and those trousers where the crotch hangs around the knees, unless you're black you're fooling nobody.

  31. I agree. No ascot and boutonniere at all (or a gross pinky ring). It's too presumptuous and I wouldn't trust a person wearing any of them –unless is either a member of the Royal family, Raphael Schneider, or somebody already in his eighties. I've also seen people wearing glasses just because the frame looks good on them, though they don't need/have a prescription. That is ridiculous. It's like wearing crutches or a cane for aesthetic reasons.

  32. I put on too much weight to fit into most of my clothes but I must say when you put on your hat you reminded me of Billy Jack

  33. I would like to incorporate hats into my personal style. I guess I will try it now in summer with a Panama Hat

  34. There is a great hat shop in Savanna, GA called Goorin Brother's. They fit me with a panama style hat which always gets compliments. https://www.goorin.com/

  35. I assume the suspenders and black oxfords return for those black tie charitable events. And a kippa at a Bar Mitzvah, either suede or satin in the specified color provided by the family. Sometimes accessories are mandated. I usually wear my own kippah, crocheted with a design, even when the Bar Mitzvah family provides them.

  36. Cheesecutter hats. They're very distinctive, but make me look like i'm a million years old! I find that the Paperboy hat has a much better vibe. Yeah, they're a bit "Peaky Blinders", but unusual and still cool.

  37. I have bought all the stuff you've mentioned in the video and only use half of the items. Simple is better, my only eccentricity is my collection of tie bars.

  38. Hats are hard.. flat cap or fedora have been my go to, but they are still difficult to pair with. Petite coats complement both but when indoors and the coat comes off, I've found it useful to follow military tradition and not wear a cover in doors. A fedora with a suit can be done, but I feel like you're following Sinatra at that point, and that's taking it to the next level of class.

  39. Hi Antonio,
    I'm a "hat guy" and have been for a long time (years). I wear the fedora, straw in summer and fur (rabbit and beaver) in fall and winter, and you need to try many different hats that fit your face as well as outfit. I wear suits so the more formal hat works for me. The hat is a very personal piece of clothing and incorporating it takes some getting used to as you will probably be the only guy wearing one. I taught myself to like it and now it is just part of me, my style and personality. Hve fun with your journey to find the right style of hat for yourself as you join those of us who adhere to the more classic style of dressing. I enjoy your videos, best of luck to you.
    John, Sacramento, CA.

  40. The thing about a loud shirt is you want that to be the only statement. Everything else needs to be plain, or you need to use something like a jacket to cover it. This makes it pop. Same thing with particular jewelry or colors. Something plain or neutral brings that out as the statement

  41. As always, good video. As a pastor and consultant, I wear suits constantly. Anytime I have a wedding or funeral, I'll wear the boutinniere that next Sunday. So, always black shoes, always ties. Living in DFW, snow and ice, heat from hell, ALWAYS head wear. Summer, straw fedora, rest of year, wool Irish/driving cap, without razor blades for you Pinkey Blinders fans, and a leather fedora for rain weather. And, of course, no socks ever.

  42. There is an art to properly wearing a hat. It seems nearly lost in current social climates. The pinch of the brim and tip of the cap. Just as glasses wear best on certain faces by color and design so with hats. Head size compared to shoulder width is critical in choosing headgear. I have a med head 7 1/4 and med large. frame 46 shoulders and wear a fedora with a brim of 1 1/2 to maybe 2 3/4" with a med rise in the crown because of my std length neck. Good luck. I felt you pulled off the driving cap quite well! I think you would look grand in a Trilby, small to med brim and med rise. Banned? My wife hates finding her delicates in my sock drawer.

  43. A few things I'd never wear:
    1. Tight shorts with contrasting lower edge. In the last few years they have been very trendy here and almost everyone wears them. IMO they are ugly abominations and have to be destroyed up to the very last atom
    2. I have no idea how this monstrosity is called, but it basically is something like a heavily mutated set of sweatpants. Tight, close fitting legs, going down to just above the ankle, with huge, deep and wide bottom. This makes you look as if you're wearing a diaper and it's quite full. Quite common here among the jocks.
    3. Not saying never on this, as it is basically my style, but lately I've been wearing it less and less often: the classical metalhead attire – band shirts, torn jeans, battle vest/leather jacket, combat boots. Still wear it occasionally, especially when going to concerts, but my advancing career requires more and more suits and business casual clothing. Plus probably my age is calling too 😀 However I'm not planning to part with my long hair any time soon.

    Apart from that I've never found a hat that looks even remotely good on my head. A few years ago I got into medieval reenactment and when started trying on helms I was surprised to find out that my head is actually rather large. So perhaps this is the reason for it. Anyway, I'll keep trying on hats and maybe someday I'll find one that fits 😀

  44. imo Antonio, lose the hat. The colour of the hat is right for the jacket but I think that you look better without it.

  45. dude, I've been watching your videos for a long time now and I just want to say that you're awesome! I'm from a great country in the Middle East and it's usually very hot here but still I prefer dressing like a proper gentleman and your videos really help me understand the Codes ‏keep e m coming!
    PS the hat is a little too big (;

  46. I have worn and continue to wear ascots. It adds that touch of 'Sprezzaturra' to any suit/outfit. I generally wear ties when I don't want to wear an ascot. Ties and ascots are the hallmark of a well dressed gentleman. I have bespoke suits, all of them have suspender buttons and I wear suspenders. The trousers sit better, are more comfortable over a long period. By the way, the akubra fits you right but Akubra also make fedoras, excellent for that finishing touch to an outfit. The Akubra is very sturdy, keeps the sun off your face ( lessening the effects of the sun on your skin thereby slowing the ageing process. And as for the drivers, I keep a set in my car and wear them when I drive, change into them when I fly. The are very comfortable on the feet. And I have 200 pairs of shoes!

  47. Akubras look good with either jeans or khakis and chukka or hiker boots; and a polo or collared shirt. Summer when jts hot; and winter to keep the snow off … Use scotchgard on it to protect it, it won't stain.

  48. Suspenders>Belt with a suit. It keeps the lines clean, while the belt breaks up the image. Also, it keeps the waist free, providing better movement. If you have a 3-piece suit, it isn't seen. Ascots are better on older men (50+, depending) because the open neck looks gross as men age.

  49. Hats. Wearing a hat is the cat's meow, for me. But, you have to have the correct attitude in order to look good in a hat. You must be totally comfortable and not the least self-conscious. If you are thinking, "Does it look good?", you don't have it. Get started by spending the bucks and get the best hat you can afford. Then, learn the rules of hat etiquette for men, and follow them every time.

  50. suspenders are actually better than belts. If you're wearing a suit then you should always wear suspenders underneath your jacket unless your pants have a perfect waist that stay up.

  51. Ty for the vid and time… I come from a Union Career family of Electricians and I strayed  to be  in the Pipefitters Union..as most know we dress like work even when we are not working… Don't deny it guys… my Brothers a Mountain Man… but he does it with a pazzzas.. it works… Me it hard to go to extremes… I live by a lake in NJ the has working class .. the folks that live on the lake are huge $$$  and when I go out in the spring summer early fall establishments I see whats UP.. im out of place with my Big store dress shirt.. cut up jeans and flip flops.. ty for the making of the video.. Its gonna be cool going to New Me.. One thing… I know if I dress good you fell good and things happen when things are Good.. all relative

  52. i want experiencing whit a cap, i live in the Netherlands and it raings 50% of the year. i think its just a others style inprofment. and my style now is Conor Mcgregor

  53. Hey Antonio, I like the Akubra, but I'm not sure it's perfect for your face shape. A crown that high is incredibly difficult to pull off with a flat brim. I suggest a shorter crown or a western upturn like a stockman or teardrop. The bash is nice, but the height stretches your face. You'd also look quite good in a flat crown like Akubra's Plainsman or Squatter. If you want to wear that Akubra, let it sit at a slight angle, as it will "break away" allowing your face to be framed rather than stretched. Love your videos. They've been a huge help to me as I have begun moving in more business class circles.

  54. Hi! I recon a nice tweed flat cap would probably suit you, perhaps with a herringbone pattern? I love the one from Huntsman savile row!

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