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2016 White Coat Ceremony

2016 White Coat Ceremony

>>Well, we are having our second annual
White Coat Ceremony and I’m very excited. This is the first year our Nurse Anesthesia
cohort is able to participate in the ceremony, and I think it’s a great hallmark for these
advanced practice nurses as they progress in the profession and fill the
need that America needs right now. [assorted conversations ongoing]>>I’m really excited! To me this is very symbolic. When we reached the point where we were doing
clinical work, I felt that that was a big step because we’d put all this time and energy
into our coursework so far and the didactic and now we’re actually going to apply that to
patient care and really start getting a preview of what our role was going to be like. So for me to be together with my classmates
around the country and to celebrate that, and we’re taking that next step into
actually being a nurse practitioner, so it’s very exciting and it means a lot to me. [music, assorted conversation, and applause]

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