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5 Steps To A STYLISH Outfit (works every time)

5 Steps To A STYLISH Outfit (works every time)

hello everyone and welcome back to my channel as you can tell I'm finally filming in my brand new closet and I couldn't be happier not every video will be in here however today's video is perfect because we are going to be talking about five steps to picking out the most stylish outfit I'm telling you guys this works every time this is just really good information to have and I'm so excited to share it with you so let's get started oh but if you wanted to subscribe and mean hey that's even better I'll I'll even give you a minute I've got coffee I've got coffee right here so it's just a red button fYI I'm good alrighty so step number one is to find your foundational piece and I don't mean a groundbreaking amazing piece of clothing I'm actually just talking about what you want to base your entire outfit around so it could be as simple as a pair of jeans one day maybe the next day it's a lace skirt maybe it could be a blazer you could even base your entire outfit around a fancy pair of shoes it really doesn't matter but depending on our mood or maybe what we're going for that day we want to pick one foundational piece and build around it so for today I'm actually going to build my entire outfit around this white pair of jeans I know it's technically before Memorial Day I don't really care about that I love white jeans all year round so let's move to step number two okay well first I'm gonna actually just go ahead and put on these these jeans here we're gonna be getting dressed together today this is a little bit different zipping up my pants right now you can't see it okay so step number two is to pick your color palette so it could be black brown Navy monochrome neutrals or pop of color but once you decide which color palette you are going for that will obviously affect the rest of the steps so pay attention usually I would say people either prefer blacks or browns or neutrals versus color usually people are one or the other so kind of just think about what you really like and you can even keep that in the back of your mind when you are shopping there's no reason to buy things just because you think you should have a big selection you really should only be buying what you actually like and to be honest it looks like my wardrobe is very colorful I really do just like neutrals so for today I'm actually going for a monochromatic look which is all one color so since I picked white jeans I'm going for a white top so let's see what we have this is perfect I'm going to wear this I shall put it on now excuse me turn around and we are back I have a top on with got white on top white on bottom it's monochromatic so we're gonna move on to step number three which is the secret sauce this is the magic this is what's going to take your outfit from good to great the secret is to always add a piece to your outfit that you don't need at all it's really that simple find something that you really don't need to wear but add it to your outfit easy examples of this would be jackets a blazer those are things I really but that's why I like Blazers and jackets so much because it's just such an easy thing to add but it just changes your whole look and really pulls everything together but then you could also go for a vest you could go for maybe a hat I have a hat let me get a hat see I mean literally that just I don't need this hat but it changes it a statement belt let me get a belt I mean let's be honest I know these blew up but they blew up for a reason they make such a good statement this is a Gucci belt by the way and just adding it totally elevates your look another really interesting example is to actually put on two shirts layer two shirts you could for instance put on this shirt and then throw on maybe a cami or a crop top over top and so you're adding in something that I don't really need that but it creates a layering effect and again totally transforms your outfit in a good way do something unexpected think about this third step I'm telling you guys this will transform your outfit so I think for today's look I am personally making my extra piece that I don't really need this really nice fur faux fur vest and I love it so we shall put it on I like it it looks good step number four accessories so I personally love mixing my fine jewelry with some fashion jewelry and I feel like that kind of balances out your outfit you have a little bit of classic with trendy things that are really really in style at this very moment but you also have some things that you really love and really kind of means something to you so I have my wedding rings here I have a few rings that are more high-end that I just never take off and then for my earrings and my necklaces I do have a drawer of jewelry that I pull out and I will change out with every single outfit so this is my brand new jewelry drawer I'm so excited about it guys I love it so much but I do want to point out that this is the Shay necklace by Miranda Frye and I think I mentioned this in another video I don't really remember but I did collaborate with her on this necklace and it was great people loved it I just want to let you know that we're actually discontinuing it because we're working on a brand new completely different piece but this one is on sale so you can still use my code Shay save 10% on top of the sale it works for the entire site just FYI but I do think I am going to be wearing it with today's outfit number five is to pick out your bag and shoes and if you know me at all you would know that this is my most favorite part it's important to kind of do this at the same time because I really think your bag and shoes can either complement each other or just totally clash with each other and I think that you can kind of go for one being a little more bold and noticeable but you don't want both of them to be very bold and noticeable and that's why I think it's great to do it at the same time also I think it's really important to think of the specific occasion of your day and I feel like people remember this when it comes to their shoes so for example if they're going to be walking a long distance they know not to wear heels but they don't really think about this as much at least from what I see when it comes to their bag so for example if you're going to a wedding you probably shouldn't carry this really I'll go get it it's a bag that everyone loves everyone loves the louis vuitton never full well at least some people do not everybody I see this bag everywhere I mean it's it's a very functional bag I really really like it but if you're going to a wedding maybe don't pick this bad just my opinion today I am pretty much just going actually I'm not really going anywhere but say it let's pretend I'm running errands today that is what I'm doing so let's pick out my bag and shoes together we start out with this outfit being totally monochromatic with white on top and white on bottom then I kind of moved into a more neutral color palette so I introduced some Browns and I think I'm going to kind of stick on that path so I think for my shoes I'm just going to wear these basic brown beige sock boots and then for my bag think I'm going to pick this Chanel neutral colored bag it's definitely more of a pop it has this Chanel logo with black trim on it so it makes a statement but it's not too overpowering at the same time different yet the same they complement each other they like each other and I just realized I'm not even wearing earrings so clearly I'm not following my steps very well that's better so this is my final and finished look I really hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you liked the 5 steps to getting here I think it initially sounds a little bit basic but I think each step does have some good jam-packed information that will lead you to a stylish outfit every single time so if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe down below like I said I would love to have you back but otherwise I will see you very soon in my next video

44 thoughts on “5 Steps To A STYLISH Outfit (works every time)

  1. You are so cute and a lot of fun. You are very classy too. Thank you for all the info you shared. I learnt a lot more from you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I seriously love your personality. Let's be friends. I promise to not steal your clothes. I can't fit in to them anyway ๐Ÿ˜’

  3. Loved the monochromatic look and it would have been lovely just by itself or with the vest however when you keep adding on il lost the idea of monochromatic. I would have dropped the purse and the shoes, just too much. A white espadrille or plain runner would have been excellent and the purse should not have screamed brand name.
    The white outfit with just the chain would have bee great. I love the vest too but with tons of haire dangling down on the front took away the look of the vest. Chain, rings, and earrings + necklace too much. I would remove the earrings. Less is more. Overall still a great video, great personality, some good advice. I subscribed.

  4. Gucci belt, Chanel bag. How many logos can you wear? I kind of like the quality to speak for itself, not be a walking ad for designers.

  5. This video was awful ๐Ÿคฃ looks like the only way to get dressed is with labels. Get more creative.

  6. I literally like how you start your video your welcoming and natural and your creativity is the #bom awesome video and fashion style is unique but classy โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ

  7. I had subscribed. But then she did the wink thing so I unsubscribed. I don't like to be pressured into doing things I don't have to do.

  8. I have been looking all over for your video where you linked the watch you wear. Please let me know … I cannot recall the video I watched that you talked about the watch you wear. Ugh help lol

  9. I think you need to add a step. HAIR. Your choosen hairsyle hid the earrings and the top off the fur piece. Hairsyles can help to put an outfit together.

  10. Stylish, with all that hair and makeup? American stylish it's not the best example. I prefer French.

  11. Love the way u show us how to combine this.. but I couldn't stop looking at.. was ur amazing pretty long hair ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ now I become ur new fan on Insta ๐Ÿ˜‰

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