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5 Wedding Guest Dress Ideas | What to wear to a wedding

5 Wedding Guest Dress Ideas | What to wear to a wedding

Hi guys, Naomi here. Today, I am going to
show you some wedding guest outfit inspiration. We’re moving into the time of year where
we get a lot of wedding invites – whether it’s here in the UK or abroad. I’ve pulled
together some wedding guest dresses. However, if you’re not a dress type of person, I
also have some jumpsuits, bold prints and other alternatives. Hopefully, this will bring
you some inspiration for the next wedding you attend. My first choice is a wrap dress, I think they
are a classic choice for a wedding. I’ve tied it twice to really cinch it in. You can
also tie it at the side so that it’s not tight or restrictive across your stomach – especially
as you’ll be wearing it all day, eating and dancing. You want to be comfortable. This
is a luxurious wrap dress because inside it you can see the print as well as on the outside.
When you’re dancing and see the inside it’ll still look beautiful. This has long sleeves
so it’s great for a summer wedding in the UK, especially if it gets a little bit chilly
in the evening. This would work for any summer wedding really. I’ve added accessories really
simply with a clutch bag. I have a cute clip in my hair and I’m wearing nude shoes. If
you’re at a wedding abroad you can switch the heels for sandals and you’re ready for
the wedding. Next up, I’ve gone for this navy bodycon
style dress. If you’re not a fan of bright colours or prints and you can’t wear black
to a wedding, then navy is a really great alternative. It has a really pretty neckline.
It’s structured here on the shoulder. It’s smart but also has a sexy vibe. If you’re
planning to party through the night then this is perfect. It’s a bodycon style but it
has a real stretch to it. I’ve kept the accessories really simple with this, I don’t
think you need to add much to it at all. I’ve gone for a gold bag and nude shoes. There’s
detail on the back of this – a gold zip which runs all the way from the top to the bottom. If you’re wondering what to wear to a wedding
abroad then this look is perfect. I love the florals on this and the blue tones. Again,
it is a wrap style which is super comfortable. I’ve pulled out the yellow from the florals
with the headband and the shoes. If you are heading to a beach wedding abroad you can
change these heels for sandals. I’ve added a cute bag to finish the look and then you’re
ready for a wedding abroad. If you’re wondering what you can wear to
a wedding that isn’t a dress then this alternative is perfect. It is bright. It’s a floral
pattern on the top half and a bold colour on the bottom half. Don’t forget that you
can interchange the separates if this is a bit too much for you. I love this look. Even
if you’re a fan of dresses this is still a great look. The top is actually a bodysuit.
I’ve chosen a super comfortable wrap over style. It has cute cap sleeves if you like
to cover the top of your arms. The trousers have an elasticated waist so if you’re eating
during the day and dancing in the evening then they are perfect. I’ve added a pop
of colour with my shoes. If that’s too bright for you then you can always wear nude shoes.
I’ve added a cute wooden bag to complete my wedding guest look. If you’re not a fan of dresses then I have
another great alternative. If you don’t like wearing bright colours and you can’t
wear black then navy is a great alternative. This jumpsuit is really flattering because
it has wide legs which elongates your legs. It cinches in at the waist. I’ve used the
tie that came with it but you can interchange it with your own belt. It’s double layered
the top – there’s a tight fitting top underneath an overlay. This is very flattering. I’ve
added some accessories – a rose gold bag and heels. Hopefully, that helped you out with what to
wear to the next wedding you attend. Comment below with which look was your favourite.
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  1. great video really enjoyed watching it and I like the 1st outfit you looked amazing Naomi and love the shoes with that dress too also keep up the great work proud of you

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