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hi friends I hope you're having an inspiring day today welcome back to the channel or welcome to the channel if you are new so I am back finally with another 50 outfit video I'm gonna have a hundred outfit summer video coming to you guys really shortly these take a little bit longer to put together but today we're gonna be doing 50 outfits with Blazers so I know a lot of you guys really liked the workwear outfit video that I posted earlier on in the spring and something that I love and you guys if you have seen any of my videos know I love is a good blazer or really good suiting I just feel like a blazer is so perfect for all year long and for so many different occasions it's something that you can wear to work and look really professional and boss-lady in but then kind of transition into nighttime and dress up or dress down like rip denim I just feel like a blazer is so versatile and even in the summertime I find that when I go into restaurants or malls the air conditioning is just blasted and I still kind of need a spring jacket or a blazer so if you're gonna put together an outfit video and show you guys some of my favorite ways that I like to wear my Blazers as always if you like this video make sure to give it a big inspired thumbs up and if you like outfit videos like this comment below as always if there were any favorite looks that I created and if there's any particular piece you'd like me to create outfits around always happy to put together ideas for your guys's suggestions and if you're new to the inspired family thank you so much for giving this video a watch we hope you'll join us for a little bit longer and subscribe but with that let's put our outfit muscles to the work and get into some blazer looks we may in one shot me I say we you win the best of me show the moment keep it hold on me you can't keep me down hand it crushes you and keep – lady ranging from only buddy I got too much I'm only buddy I got too much [Applause] my steps they are I feel that it's starting flower that's ready to [Applause] I'm sending it right back to you such as [Applause] such a sweet [Applause] to you such a sweet melody the song in my heart I hope it's playing for you like never strangers having been together for I was ready [Applause] [Applause] dangerous game [Applause] [Applause] boy [Applause] [Applause] – sir and that is it for my 50 outfit blazer video I hope you guys liked it I hope it gave you guys some ideas on how to wear your Blazers and how to transition them with different outfits dressy casual athleisure I feel like Blazers are such a versatile piece that definitely transition way out of just the workplace I really hope you guys liked this if you did make sure you give it a big inspired two thumbs up so I know to keep making these 50 outfit videos I definitely have a lot planned but they just take a little bit longer to film this is actually three days after I initially started the video comment below let me know if any of these looks tickled your fancy and if there's anything you want me to style in particular I'm always looking for new ideas and suggestions so let me know in the comments below and if you're new to the inspired family thank you so much for giving this video watch we really hope you'll join us for a little bit longer and subscribe but with that I hope you guys are transitioning well into the summer season and enjoying every last bit of it with that I hope you have an inspiring rest of your day remember that kindness doesn't cost a thing and I'll talk to you guys next time bye

22 thoughts on “50 EASY BLAZER OUTFIT IDEAS

  1. Thanks as always Guapa for some inspiring ideas have a cornflower blue blazer now have some ideas! Love ❤️ that's your doggy wants to be part of the fashion x

  2. Amazing outfits in the video, I really enjoy watching it, and you do such a wonderful job doing the videos.

  3. New subscriber here! Loving your videos! Looking for black/ navy pants combos since they get drab after a while but a staple in the biz world. Would love to see your take on these staples!

  4. Wow, Mel…..I'm totally inspired by your fun approach to blazers! My fave is that burgandy one (the one you're wearing when you wrap up the video). Thanks for all the work you put into this presentation👌👍👏

  5. Very very nice video 🙂 I like it so much 🙂 Thank you for sharing and thank you give me new ideas sister 🙂 xoxo ♥

  6. Such a great video!  Too many fantastic outfit ideas to mention favourites!  Very creative and fun!  I really appreciate all the work that goes into a video like this!

  7. Love love loved this!!! Soooo many cute outfits and great ideas for variations I could do too. These are the best videos!!!

  8. I love your blazers outfits ideas, everything is perfect, I love the combinations you're amazing kisses😘😘😍😍♥️♥️🌷🌷

  9. After I recently started making youtube videos, I quickly learned how much work it takes. You make it look so easy, but I appreciate all the effort you put into this!!!

    Also I know it's a blazer video, but my eyes kept going to your everlane shoes!! So cute.

  10. Your video was amazing, that's why I love it… could you please make a video next time all skirt with blazer. Thanks and god bless you

  11. Todos looks lindos…eu usaria todos,amo blazers. Adoro seus vídeos, e sua dancinha e um show a parte…bjs do Brasil.

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