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7 Secrets on How to Dress Like an Italian Man with a Classic Style ❤️

7 Secrets on How to Dress Like an Italian Man with a Classic Style ❤️

The beautiful country of Italy is well-known
for its culture, food, art and fashion, so it’s no surprise that many people look to
Italy for inspiration when it comes to clothing design and dress sense. Dressing with style and a bit of panache may
be lost on many, if not most men, so what is it about the way Italian men dress that
both inspires clothes designers, and garners admiring looks from that most responsive collective
of admirers and critics…. women? Before you find out what those 7 secrets are,
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to la dolce vita…. even sweeter! Okay, now back to those 7 secrets on how to
dress like an Italian man with a classic style…. Italy leads the fashion world, with many non-Italian
designers using high quality materials and textiles such as wool, cotton and leather,
as well as being inspired by the designs, the colours, and the cut of the cloth. Women love to see a man who knows how to dress,
and, gentlemen, dressing well and stylishly…. will get you noticed! Emulating the dress style of the Italians
is, you might think, a fool-proof way to ensure that by “dressing to impress” makes you
a babe magnet! However, it’s not as obvious as that, as
there are 7 secrets to dress like an Italian man that most women are aware of, and yet,
most men still haven’t grasped. So, in this video and article we share with
you 7 secrets to dress like an Italian man. Secret # 1. Make Sure Your Clothes Fit Properly. Dressing like an Italian man means that your
clothes should fit just right. In other words, they are not too tight or
too loose. For jackets and trousers, your clothes should
be properly tailored to your body, so the first secret is to get your clothes tailored. It’s also worth having one or two shirts
tailored, as this will help either enhance the physique of your upper torso, or it will
flatter it, depending on how well you’ve been maintaining your body. Wearing clothes that are too tight or too
loose is a guaranteed way to stand out for the wrong reasons. Secret # 2. Ensure the Cut of the Cloth is
Just So. Whilst it’s essential to ensure your clothes
fit well, don’t overlook the details. When it comes to trouser and sleeve lengths,
they should not be too long or too short. There are two crucial rules to follow: (1) For trousers, the length should be such
that the bottom of the trouser legs sit on the top of the shoe, so that the material
is neither scrunching up on the shoe, nor too short that it’s exposing the sock or
bare skin. The bottom of the trouser leg should be at
an angle or slant, so that it runs from the heel to the top of the shoe. Unfortunately, many so-called fashionistas,
style gurus and magazine article writers like to show off clothes with the models baring
their ankles, under the pretence of being fashionable. Gents, don’t buy into this rubbish. This
is one of the biggest fashion mistakes you can make. We have a saying in the UK when someone is
committing this fashion faux pas – “have your ankles had an argument with your trousers?” It looks hideous, and is a real turn off for
women. (2) For sleeves, you want your jacket sleeves
to come down to just below the wrist so that the top of the shirt sleeves are showing. Just look at a man wearing a dark suit or
jacket with a white or pale blue shirt, and notice how the tops of the shirt sleeves are
showing. It looks so much more  stylish and striking than a jacket sleeve that almost
covers the hand. It’s such an effortless way to feel good
and look good. Secret #3. Don’t Over-use Bold and Contemporary
Colours. Real Italian men are normal chaps who like
looking good and feeling good. Despite all the fashion-hype, most follow
the classic styles and cuts, and they make use of blending traditional styles with modern
styles. Their clothing style reflects their lifestyle,
and it’s almost a mirror-image of how the Italian man balances work with pleasure. Italian men mix their blazers, jackets and
trousers. If the man is working in an office, then it’s
likely he’ll be suited and booted accordingly. In more relaxed surroundings, he will likely
wear a blazer or jacket with complementing (not matching) trousers. And this is the basis of the third secret
– to ensure that the colours still go together. For example, a classic match could be a light
brown jacket, showing a white shirt or a black t-shirt underneath, with a black pair of trousers,
with sharp creases, finished off with a smart, casual pair of black or tan-coloured shoes,
and a tan-coloured belt for the trousers. Secret #4. Do Not Over-do the Accessories. Again, the so-called fashionistas and style
gurus promote the impression that bling and loud colours are ideal accessories to wear. They might be okay for the fashion walks and
platforms of the fashion houses of Milan and Paris, who appeal to an insignificant number
of people, but it just doesn’t work for your typical Italian man…. and it most likely
won’t work for you! Italian men do make use of accessories, but
they only use them minimally. Compared to women, yes, a splash of colour,
such as lipstick, a scarf, a handbag or earrings enhances their natural beauty. For the men, a pair of sunglasses, a tie,
a watch and a handkerchief can be all the finishing touches that’s required. If an accessory is worn, but when paired with
the outfit it looks awkward, then the accessory should be left at home. The Italian look must say that you put together
a nice outfit, effortlessly. Think in terms of less is more, and you won’t
go far wrong. Secret # 5. Do Not Over Dress. When going out, or to events where the required
or expected dress-code is smart, do not wear a boring traditional suit and tie. For these special events, there is a difference
between dressing smart as opposed to dressing smart…. AND stylish. You should be clean and well-groomed with
an outfit that says you are high class AND relaxed. Wearing a plain traditional suit would make
an Italian man feel rigid and stuffy. Italian style is about wearing clothes you
feel relaxed in, that helps put you in the right frame of mind…. and feeling confident. You can add more individuality to your outfit
by purposely leaving two or three buttons on your shirt open, as opposed to one button,
or have the shirt cuffs rolled back once or twice. To help give you a good idea of how Italian
men dress, pick a well-known Italian man, such as a sports star or a television celebrity,
and make mental notes of how they dress, and the cut and quality of their clothes. In the UK, there’s a celebrity Italian chef
called Gino D’Acampo, who has a number of television series promoting his cooking and
culinary skills. Whilst he cooks up some delicious-looking
dishes against the scenic backdrop of Italian cities and countryside, it’s worth checking
out the clothes he wears and the way he dresses. There’s a link to his website, details of
which are shown below this video in the Description box. Secret #6. Do Not Fall for Trends. Italian men do not fall for current and fleeting
fashion trends. They do not fall for things that will go out
of style quickly. Instead, they opt to blend the timeless fashion
classics with new modern ideas. They use the ever-green model of blazers,
jackets and tailored trousers with textures, prints and colours of the season, for example. This is what will keep them forever at the
top of the fashion world. To dress in style, Italian style, is to learn
to think like an Italian. Secret #7. Dress for Yourself! The last secret to remember is that your clothes
should make you feel comfortable…. as if they’re an outer skin. If you feel relaxed, and look confident, women,
in particular, will recognise that. Gentlemen, in line with how an Italian man
thinks, consider the art of dressing like this…. you are a man offering and providing
a gift to women…. a gift that is…. from you…. for…. you! Summary: Not every man can dress like an Italian, but
you can learn to improve your dress sense by taking note of these 7 clothing secrets
Italian men follow. And if you’re so hopeless at, say, colour
co-ordination, and have no dress sense whatsoever, then at least do yourself a big favour….
and ask a woman you’re close to for some guidance. Even if it means getting yourself a hair-cut
and a clean shave, make the effort to smarten up…. and get prepared for a positive transformation
to your wellbeing, because you’ll never know where this journey will take you! So, there you have it…. 7 secrets on how
to dress like an Italian man. In the meantime, if there are any aspects
of fashion, relationships and dating in Italy that you’d like to see covered in future videos
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about being an expat in Italy, or can’t wait to get to Italy to work or study there,
and want to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later, you might want to check out…. (1) a discreet and extremely helpful website
that can introduce you to some very stylish Italians; and (2) the Italian Dating Etiquette Guide. You can access these by clicking on the relevant
URL links in the Description box below this video. Enjoy…. ! Thanks for watching…. Until next time…. ciao for now!

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