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7 Stylish Ways to Mix Casual & Professional Attire

7 Stylish Ways to Mix Casual & Professional Attire

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette!
In today’s video, we’ll discuss how to mix casual and professional attire. Have
you ever passed anybody on the street or maybe have a friend or a co-worker who
likes to “mix it up” stylistically by wearing any sport coat they might have
in their closet with a pair of jeans or chinos and just call it a day? Now, this
is not an uncommon option for many men but there are actually multiple ways for
you to be able to add a unique spin to your outfit so that you can take on a
variety of issues that might arise throughout your day. From item to item,
it’s important to keep fit consistent throughout your outfit. I remember a few
years ago I was preparing for a trip to New York City, I spent what felt like hours
scouring my closet trying to find the best things to put in my suitcase that
would give me the best versatility. I soon realized that I had selected items
that both looked preppy and some that were quite professional, if it didn’t
quite mesh well together in terms of fit. Now, to fix this problem, I had to get out
of my head and stop envisioning myself as some sort of menswear cover model and
think realistically. I took a moment to figure out what would make the most
sense, tell I’m going to look both stylish but also be prepared for all of
my meetings and still allow me the flexibility to be able to explore the
great city of New York without having to continue to run back to my hotel for an
outfit change. Having the correct proportions in terms of fit will help
show you in your best light. It’s also important to make sure you’re choosing
the best quality garments as much as possible but what do we mean by quality?
A quality isn’t always defined by what the price tag says, it’s also about the
durability and the longevity of the garment. It’s going to be something that you
invest in but how much wear can you get out of this. Now, I always like to look
for seasonless pieces and these are options that work well until your
capsule wardrobe. Now for more information about how to find and build
a capsule wardrobe check out our video here. It’s always helpful to know which
items are key in your wardrobe for maximum versatility. Medium wash or dark
wash denim, cotton chino pants, and neutral colors, solid or gently patterned
suits in navy or dark gray, a year-round navy blazer in wool and great leather
dress shoes in black or a dark brown, accessories like a watch, a ring,
sunglasses, or even a pocket square. Now, it’s important to pay attention to the season
in which you’re preparing your outfit. This will help you determine which
colors and also the materials you should be utilizing within your outfit. Now,
using the list of key garment I mentioned before and also the color and
pattern suggestions that are going to follow, you’ll be able to add more
uniqueness and a little bit of pizzazz to your outfit going forward. Now when it
comes to the season of spring, you want to look for colors that are light and
have a light pastel tone to them. In summer, something brighter and much
more vibrant. In autumn, earth tones always look fantastic and in the winter
season, think of something dark and more subdued. Other than seasonality,
consider that some colors are more advantageous for some men than others,
depending on skin tone, hair color, eye color, and so on.
Now you can find our video on color and skin tone, here. The popular pattern
options would include stripes, windowpane, buffalo check, paisley, and Glen plaid.
Keep in mind, there are also numerous other patterns to consider but patterns
also have a different effect on different people depending on their
build. Now, you can find our style guide videos
for big and tall men and for slim men here. Now that you’ve got some new
inspiration on how to build this new outfit, let’s go over some great new ways
and how to mix these different materials. Now what many people will try to do is
take any kind of a casual pant and mix it instantly with a more professional
top like a dress shirt or sport jacket. Now, there’s a correct and incorrect way
to go about pairing. This example would be incorrect as there’s a pretty strong
clash in terms of the formality and informality of the two garments.
Essentially, the two most important factors to pay attention to here are
seasonality and formality. Now here’s another bad example, wearing
thin summer weight linen pants in the fall and then wearing a flannel suit
jacket and a pair of tennis shoes. Now, this is incorrect for two reasons;
one, in terms of seasonality, these pants are too thin, it will not keep you warm
in the fall, they’re meant for summer. In terms of formality, the tennis shoes
absolutely clash with the flannel jacket. The fact that the trousers are actually
in between doesn’t help, it just makes things more confusing.
Now, our dress code primer video should clear any questions you might have about
formality and you can find that here. Here’s a correct example, wearing a year round
blazer, a sweater, some dark wash jeans, and perhaps a pair of boots. Now, here we
see the formality and seasonality of everything are harmonizing together
wonderfully. Now, let’s take one more look at those examples again. The incorrect
example shows somebody who is not paying attention to seasonality, formality, or
how the mixing of their different materials might blend together. At the
correct example, it shows somebody who is aware of the season in which they are
dressing. They’re keeping the majority of their outfit fairly neutral perhaps it’s
one to two pops of color and here’s the best part, it’s versatile. Now, they could
wear this out to a casual lunch, a meeting with colleagues, and perhaps even
dinner with friends, and never once look underdressed or overdressed.
Now remember, sticking with the neutral tones for a majority of your outfit and
then having one to two accent colors will help everything else stand out. Now that
you better understand color, let’s talk about pattern;
there’s stripes, there’s dots, there’s paisley, what do we do? Now perhaps you
may have heard to never mix certain patterns together but now that you
better understand color, let’s go over some ways on how you can best mix these
patterns. Here’s an incorrect example, wearing a pinstripe dress shirt and a
tie with a small plaid pattern. Now this is a poor choice because both patterns
are small, linear, and actually are going to be fighting for attention. When
there are too many things going on with your outfit, it is visually confusing to
your viewer. A better idea will be to try to wear a solid tie with that pinstripe
shirt. The reason this is a safer choice is because the patterned shirt is rounded
by the solid tie. Now, on the conservative side, it’s always best to keep it simple
and opt for maybe one to two patterns to draw someone’s attention. Now, you can
always wear multiple patterns but the important thing to remember is to make
sure that the scale is different from pattern to pattern so that they are not
fighting for attention. Now for some examples on how to best pair patterns
together in the spring and summer months, view our article here. It’s great to see
confidence in your outfit perhaps not being afraid to try a paisley tie with
a check shirt or pairing your wing tip shoes with your dark wash getup.
Perhaps a casual button-down shirt with a unique pattern under a suit
jacket. These are all different ways, now how do we personalize this new outfit
we’re building? Although it’s good to know what rules to adhere to, when
creating your new professional and casual outfit, we want to make sure
that you don’t feel like it’s a uniform. Clothing is a form of expression and
it’s important to know when and where it’s appropriate to be expressive. You
would not want to show up to a dinner date wearing a t-shirt and long tube
socks, you might think it’s a great idea but it’s not really a great look and at this
dinner date, it’s not the best time to express yourself. Save these unique
creative expressive items for maybe a different time. One thing I am never
tired of with all the years I’ve worked in retail is being able to meet all
these wonderful people from all over the world.
I remember seeing many different kinds of people who had frequented my place of
work who really enjoy pushing the boundaries of fashion and whether this
is through hair color, the amount of fragrance they wore, or their overall
outfit choices. One person would always arrive to the store with a cloud of
fragrance. Another will only allow themselves to wear one single color
literally from head to toe. Now, it’s important to be prepared for anything
when you step outside in your outfit, however, it’s always great to see that
unique ring, your favorite leather watch, our great Fort Belvedere pocket square
to add some personality. The goal here is to add a few key pieces to help show you
in your outfit without going overboard. Dressing for multiple occasions is
something that initially might require a bit more planning. Now once you’ve found
your rhythm in your wardrobe, it’ll feel like second nature. so today I’m wearing
a light purple and white checked shirt with a button-down collar happens to be
wrinkle free I’m also wearing a dark brown belt with a gold buckle and some
bright blue wool trousers and some dark brown shoes and some tan socks and the
reason I chose to wear the purple shirt the button-down collar the placket style
and some of the stitching color differences lend itself to being a
little more on the casual side the reason I opted for the bright blue pants
is because the color is a little bit off the normal vein of Navy however they do
have classic styling details which could lend themselves to looking a little bit
more upscale you can dress them up or dress them down and I chose to wear the
dark brown shoes because I wanted to have one finishing piece at the bottom
of my outfit to help elevate the rest of the look and also I love the way the
brown matches the brown belt

64 thoughts on “7 Stylish Ways to Mix Casual & Professional Attire

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