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A Cursive Comeback in New Jersey & Art Basel’s Pricey Banana Exhibit | The Daily Show

A Cursive Comeback in New Jersey & Art Basel’s Pricey Banana Exhibit | The Daily Show

Elementary school– it’s
that special time in your life when you find out
if you’re a bully or if you can fit into a locker. But now the state
of New Jersey is worried that schools have stopped
teaching the important stuff. NEWSWOMAN:
Learning cursive… may soon be making a return
to schools in New Jersey. Yeah, a state lawmaker
has introduced a bill requiring elementary school students
to learn to read and write in script
by the end of the third grade. Many schools stopped
mandating cursive in 2019. If passed,
cursive would be required by the next full school year. Okay, I’m sorry, what?
Lawmakers in New Jersey are pushing for schools
to start teaching cursive again? While they’re at it, why not
teach the kids to drive wagons and churn their own butter
for lunch? Just have kids in the cafeteria
like, “Hark, I am famished “from a day’s journey
hunting the Pokémon. Hath thou a Tide pod
for my repast?” Guys, it’s 2019.
We don’t need cursive anymore. Okay? And, like,
we should be able to admit that it’s always looked
pretty stupid. Like, try and write
a capital “G.” It just looks like
a drunk-ass music note. -(laughter)
-It’s like, “What are you?” (descending pitch):
“Eh-eh.” And the arguments for the law
honestly don’t make any sense. Right? Like,
one New Jersey lawmaker says, “Kids need to learn cursive, because that’s how they wrote
the Constitution.” What does that mean?
What does that mean? Like, you don’t need
to learn cursive to read the Constitution. Also, not everyone needs
to read the Constitution. All right? They might have
a job where it’s not important. Like accountant, or president
of the United States. -(laughter)
-(air horn blowing) (cheering, applause) Here’s the thing, man–
this happens every generation. Right? This always happens. Young people adapt
to new technology, and then old people
want everyone to learn how they learned. I wouldn’t be shocked
if in 50 years we’ll be complaining
about our grandkids like, “I hate how kids don’t text
with their thumbs anymore! “Phones just scan
your texts now. “In my day, from your brain,
you couldn’t do that. “You had to look down
at your phone like a real person “and walk into things
head first! That’s how we kept
our brains hard!” All right, but let’s move on
to the world of art. People are always searching
for new ways to express the human condition, and also to find cool ways
to take people’s money. And this next exhibit
from Art Basel in Miami may be the greatest scam
of all time. Two inexpensive, everyday items -are now passing
for pricey works of art. -Hmm. A banana duct-taped to a wall
is now selling for $150,000 at a Miami art festival. The piece is titled Comedian. Two earlier editions
have already sold for $120,000 each. (laughter) (laughter) I honestly don’t know
what to think about this, because… on the one hand, I guess
this banana is a comment on how all art is temporary and eventually everything
withers and dies, but… on the other hand, -it’s a (bleep) banana taped
to the wall. -(laughter) Because honestly, I don’t know
about a banana as art. All I know is I want art
with a long shelf life. Could you imagine if you bought
Michelangelo’s David, and the next day
it turns all brown and mushy? (laughter) What’s also crazy
is that the artist sold three of those bananas for over
a hundred thousand dollars each. You know the person
I feel really bad for? Is the guy at the grocery store
selling him those bananas. Yeah. Because think about it,
the first time the artist comes in, he buys it, like,
“Yeah, 50 cents.” The second time he comes in,
50 cents. Then the guy at the grocery
store sees it on Twitter, and he’s like, “Wait, what?!” Next time the artist comes in,
he’s like, “Can I get another banana?”
He says, “Yeah, $20,000. I’m an artist, too.”

100 thoughts on “A Cursive Comeback in New Jersey & Art Basel’s Pricey Banana Exhibit | The Daily Show

  1. Wrong Trevor- cursive writing develops the brain and influences intelligence, many cognitive skills and facilitates note taking. Sometimes you don’t do you research. ☹️

  2. I'm actually happy I had to learn cursive in school. It has actual benefits too, not just because the Constitution was written that way lol.

  3. I cringe thinking about the time I wasted in school doing cursive day after day. It is no coincidence that we are very far behind in education in relation to every other first world country.

  4. Its amazing that a lot of people are starving and homeless,guns violence and racism not only in the USA but around the world and people are spending their money in shits and useless things like that.Thats what i call humanly ignorance!!!!

  5. It is actually crazy to think that Trevor is defending cursive being taken out of mandatory things for the curriculum. Cursive writing is one of the most important things to learn for brain development, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Sure, it is not that important from a writing stand point but there is a reason that people still need to learn it all over the globe. It is a true shame that you can joke about that. Just shows that they do not understand the importance of it.

  6. I was forced to learn cursive.. Now just finished matric and forgotten it all and have horrible handwriting because we did it till Seventh grade !

  7. Shocked Trevor Noah is disparaging learning cursive writing. The hand activates the mind, gives character and identity not dependent on powered technology. Some things about the human hands are sacred.

  8. Dear Mr. Noah,
    You have a great show, and I watch it regularly. Honestly this is my first beef with anything you've ever said. Are you really going to say that a people should not be required to write their native language in both, cursive and print form?!!??!! That's crazy bro! Like, we don't need to start sacrificing our freaking language man. I don't use algebra or long division in my daily life…..but like, I'm not going to argue that it's a waste of time to learn algebra and long division. Like, dude. Come on man.

  9. Disagree Trevor. Kids cannot even sign their own names. Your signature is yours. When you buy a home, are you just going to sign your name with an X??

  10. Cursive is needed to be able to read old documents, not just the Constitution. They don't necessarily need to be able to write it but they should know how to read it and the best way to learn to read it is to write it.

  11. Cursive isn’t just fancy unnecessary writing. It teaches dexterity and propels the mind. I find that most people these days write like 5 year olds, that is the exact mind set i start to see them in too. If schools don’t want to teach cursive (which is beyond me) then they should teach legible handwriting skills.

  12. How are you suppose to sign your name for contracts or a mortgage if you don’t know how to write in cursive 🤔?

  13. Trevor, you idiot. AT THE MINIMUM, learning cursives increases brain cells, and makes you super human THERE, I SAID IT. CASE CLOSED 😁😁😁😁

  14. People shouldn't laugh at stuff like this because that what they want you to do so that no one will see what they are really doing which is money laundering.

  15. Cursive is faster and easier to write than printing. If it weren’t, cell phone keyboards wouldn’t have the feature where you slide your finger from one key to another. It’s like that.

  16. Studies show that learning to write fluently is good for children growing up (brain, hand coordination, creativity etc.). Schools should make children write. They're tapping and swiping early enough on the tablets of this world.

  17. I wonder if taking away cursive is teachers way of saying, “we can barely get kids these days to read, and you think we are going to spend time teaching them how to write nicer?”

  18. That's such a stupid argument for bringing cursive back! How about learning & retention is better when putting pen to paper? Or some science fields require drawings in addition to words for note taking in college? Like I feel like any lecture in organic chemistry or physics would be much more successful if the student is drawing out the pictures themselves as opposed to looking at them.

  19. They are still teaching the wrong world map. SERIOUSLY! In days of Google maps, they're still using old slave/sailing maps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO7494oJ7mk

  20. As someone who grew up writing a G-name in print and cursive, I very much resent you calling it a drunk music note. It can be quite pretty if you have the skill to actually write it. Personally I think people should be able to read cursive, and know how to write their signature. Not much more is necessary.

  21. I write cursive as much as I can bc it’s way better than my print. With cursive the pen stays on the paper. However, forms always require print. My print game looks like a serial killer.

  22. I still think cursive should be taught.
    Why? …
    Studies show handwritten notes help you retain information better than typed notes and cursive is more efficient than printing.
    Primary source research requires in depth knowledge of cursive because most records kept in the West prior to the 1930s were handwritten in cursive.
    To develop a proper and unique signature, you must be well versed in cursive.
    Finally, it's fun! Check out fountain pen users, manufacturers, and vendors on YouTube, reddit and Instagram.

  23. Have to disagree about cursive. They should be learning how to write like a civilized person. Other things they can't do…read an analog clock, tie shoes, address an envelope properly.

  24. I love you man and I love your show and every episode. I agree with everything else but in the matter of cursive writing in my opinion you are wrong. If people continue with this mentality then we dont need to learn about history coz its past and no one cares about past. Who cares about the constitution or etc.

  25. Handwriting notes is actually really important for learning and developing memory skills, as well as helping develop neuromuscular coordination skills. Research shows that typing notes is less effective for creating strong memories. Learning cursive is definitely worthwhile, honestly. I am in fact teaching a class on this subject right now.

  26. I see people every day on the internet asking for somebody who can read cursive so they can make out letters their grandparents wrote and suchlike. It's good for coordination and brain function too. There's nothing wrong with learning cursive and being able to read handwriting.

  27. When was the last time Trevor Noah went grocery shopping for himself? That last joke made no sense.
    No one is monitoring the bananas at the grocery store. And most normal people don't buy just one banana at a time….

  28. Trevor, since you're half Swiss, let me correct you: The art festival is named after the Swiss city of Basel and it is pronounced "Baw'sel", not "Behsil"

  29. I like the cursive writing. Learning this helped me perfect my signature as a teacher once told me that my signature is a reflection on how I'm seen in this world.

  30. cursive is actually a good thing. complex finger and wrist movement is helping brain to develop more complex neural pathways.
    but, hey, don't take my word for it. listen to scientists.
    if anything, not only they should return cursive, they should teach it as early as possible. in my country it is taught by the end of age 7.

  31. Cursive handwriting? Won't happen as long as uncaring administrators and teachers assume handwriting to be a thing of the past.

  32. All I am say is this. If you have enough money to buy a banana for over$100k. You can afford a weatlh tax raise to support Medicare for all.

  33. congralations on the young lady to do your best to manage
    –a size like Shanghai Jingsu province , China
    – 25 % of population of Shanghai

  34. I only learnt cursive back in school and we weren't even allowed to use any other form of script until high school. If you write with a pen or a pencil you should be able to know cursive. Don't be lazy and stupid, learn how to write and not just type in your phones.

  35. Hi guys! For those of you who are JUST as puzzled by the banana's popularity as I was before I did a little research… I've made a video about the meaning behind the infamous 120k piece of "art"! Please feel free to check it out!

  36. I don't write any more. Not in cursive or normal. Everything I need to do is typed. Everything I read is typed. Old people go to sleep.

  37. I have to disagree with you on the cursive topic. Some schools in Milwaukee area stopped teaching cursive about 15 years ago and that choice has made their graduates partially illiterate. I've seen high school graduates asking people to read them what someone wrote on their Congratulations cards! And they had to completely trust that the person told them the truth because they were completely clueless. They would be easy targets for swindlers.

    My kids' school district teaches it sporadically and not until 4th or 5th grade. My daughter taught herself how to read cursive because she wanted to read books like Babysitter's Club and other books where parts of it are written in cursive (to differentiate which character is speaking). It's sad to think that in 3rd grade my daughter could read things that a college student couldn't.

    And I don't even know about their possible struggles in college & beyond. For one of my history classes, I had to read historical documents and letters (most were in cursive). They would have needed a tutor to do those assignments. And knowing how to sign your name in cursive is important too. The high school graduates who don't know cursive, sign their names like a little kid- even on legal documents and checks- because it's the only way they know to sign their name. This makes them an easy target of forgery. I think these are important enough reasons to learn cursive.

  38. man i cant get enough of american news, they have so much unneccesary problems every single day i just cant process it. they are not in 2019 they are soooo ahead of everyone, look the problems in the world and just see the immense difference. God bless the United States of America

  39. I see people talk about money laundering with the banana "art", but I've read that art is a way of avoiding capital gains, estate & inheritance taxes as well. Either way a ducted tape banana is not art imo, and the purchase was done as a scam.

  40. I fucking love Trevor but I think kids should learn cursive. I’m 22 and I learned cursive and it challenges the maturing mind with mastering a different component of the language. It doesn’t detract from them. It parallels their history and connects them, offering a different narrative to the print they see or a cool story to the cursive they may sometimes glimpse in the everyday world. In fact I wasn’t aware it had stopped being a requirement until this video and that’s quite baffling. Lmao… “ban cursive! Let them learn less!” That mentality literally makes no sense.

  41. Now that explains why I'm always baffled by the perceived "childishness" of Americans' handwriting… I only learnt cursive, it's the norm everywhere I've been, except Switzerland and East Asia.

  42. Cursive is beautiful and develops brain areas that are not developed by any other type of manual activity.https://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2013/04/30/should-schools-require-children-to-learn-cursive/the-benefits-of-cursive-go-beyond-writing

  43. Cursive is stupid, but if you've read any adult under 30's handwriting… you'd see it has its benefits. I print, i was never fast writing in cursive, but my handwriting is legible because I didn't stop writing in the 1st grade.

  44. spend years and years drawing and making illustrations, putting in hours, days, weeks on pieces until its something you can be proud of

    Some fucker comes along and tapes a bananas to the wall in 2 minutes and makes half a million

  45. We still need cursive, we still use cursive to sign documents, especially legal documents such as court documents or your lease, same thing with medical records and contracts.. You may be able to sign electronically, I do at my doctors office. I write my signature with my finger on a touch screen, and even though it's new tech in the medical field I am still required to use my proper signature, and not print. That's why they have you sign and print your damn name. I'm not an old person, but I do realize that cursive is still very much relevant in certain situations. Some documents specifically require you to have a signature rather than just printing your name. Cursive has also been proven to improve cognitive development. If cognitive development isn't important in this nation, no wonder the world is continuing to think Americans are stupid as hell. It's also easier to forge print than it is cursive. Thinking cursive is completely irrelevant even today is to completely ignore the very valid uses for it, or to just not even know the very valid uses for it.

    Besides, why wouldn't you want to learn it? It's easy as hell to learn, and probably the least stress inducing thing you'll ever learn in school…lol. Script writing has so many beautiful purposes as well, it's not just about losing a writing style, but also an art form. 🙂

    That's like saying painting portraits and other art is invalid or useless because it's an old practice. If we lose cursive, future generations will have to decipher their own language because they can't read the bloody script writing…lol!

  46. Idk, I've come across people who can't read cursive and it's kinda sad that someone has to translate for them every single time…

  47. I feel bad for people who don't see the value and relevance cursive still serves in life. Call me classist and ableist, I truly don't care. If I come across somebody (especially in the professional realm) whose handwriting looks like a 3rd graders, and they're not otherwise disabled somehow, then yes, I'm judging you. In the exact same way I judge people for giving weak handshakes. And for the record, I'm a millennial.

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