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A Few Cruise Outfit Ideas 🚢

A Few Cruise Outfit Ideas 🚢

hey it’s me Marida with another video I
just wanted to come by because there was a long awaited video that I had meant to
get out a long time ago but I never got around to it because during this time
that I wanted to do that video my husband had an injury and it was just
hard to do videos around that time so I’m finally able to put this video out
and this video is all about what I wore on my cruise so we went on a Western
Caribbean cruise to Cayman Island and kaznia Mexico we took the Carnival
Paradise it was a wonderful cruise for my 40th birthday and I just had a great
time so I got on my t-shirt that says happy Cruiser I got this while I was on
my cruise and I just want to come by and share some outfit ideas that you may
enjoy if you are a modest dresser then this would be right up your alley but
even if you’re not most people like dresses especially on cruises so I think
you’ll enjoy it still alright I hope you guys enjoy if you’re not subscribed to my channel
please take this time to subscribe and if you see that little Bell button
please press it so that you’re notified every time I upload a new video and
enjoy so this first often is just a fun little
outfit that I put together a white t-shirt with a little navy blue lining
on this hims and then I put it with this white and navy skirt says make it fun I
got that from Old Navy for like a dollar ninety-nine I think the skirt is from
Old Navy as well years ago and I just paired it with some white sneakers okay
so I decided that I’m not gonna share all of my outfits because a lot of the
office that I did have I realize or on a lot of the outfit videos that I put on
this video or on my channel before as far as the dresses and I think a recent
video that I did so I don’t want to repeat too many outfits okay so this
next one is just a striped dress that I had and I had it for a while and never
really wear it so I was like this be cute to take on my cruise you know looks
like cruise type stuff and I just paired it with this cute little vest and it
goes really cute with my Asperger’s so that’s what I wore this next outfit was
not actually an outfit that I wore my cruise but it was planned and my sister
did not have my t-shirt ready yet so I wanted to support my 40 and fabulous
t-shirt and I got it later but that’s fine at least you guys could see it now
and I’ve worn it you know a couple times already of course I get a lot of
questions what are you serious you really are not 40 are you and I’m like
yeah that’s me I’m 40 so yeah that’s that outfit and so this last outfit I
know this is really quick yeah but this last outfit is off of that wore for the
dinner I wanted some really comfortable shoes so I picked these little nude
sandals and this cute little skirt yeah I promise you I think I got that from
Dee Dee’s for like – not $2.99 something it was so cheap but it’s so
cute and it’s so comfortable and I just paired it with a belt that I had from
another skirt and a little black camisole with a little jacket over it so
it turned out really cute thank you so much for watching

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