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A Week’s Office Outfits of a L’Oréal Marketer 로레알 마케팅 대리는 뭘 입고 출근할까? 일주일간의 리얼 오피스룩

A Week’s Office Outfits of a L’Oréal Marketer 로레알 마케팅 대리는 뭘 입고 출근할까? 일주일간의 리얼 오피스룩

hi everyone its food welcome to my Channel today I’m gonna show you guys five outfits that I love to wear to work let’s just get right into it making money like a myth lay it in my face like shrimping me condition that I come in with the freshness a bottle coming with the freshness yeah like green 60 clean so he’d buy me nice things I’ve been bigger playing only register change to hike guy it’s the bird it’s the plain simple woman say my name he said beggars can’t be choosey I said it’s Gucci young Couture list of movies for tuning jumper Jewish saluting no GMO these bananas never boozing if you can’t remember for a Monday I like to be a little bit formal just to you don’t feel like I’m not the track after a lazy weekend the matching classic blazer black blazer with a comfortable pair of jeans it’s formal enough but casual I just really love pairing good blazer like the classic blazer with Jean Knicks is one of my Karen fakes this is a silk kind of crop top it’s like the only crop top that I have that’s appropriate to work it’s kind of like long you know if I don’t aired out with some high-waisted pants this outfit is a little bit more feminine and just like kind of flowy I like when I how it’s just baby I’ve been feeling like an alien a refugee you may must tell my driver the outside isn’t it when it gets a bit cold I’ll layer it on a jacket that’s the same color as my top and my pads obviously love matching colors [Music] Oh we can to get through Wednesday I have this very easy shirt dress from Zara I love short dresses because you just put it on and like nothing else and it’s so easy it’s comfortable the like this I don’t know where to put a swirl it was long enough let me show you so it’s long enough so that it’s just um I feel comfortable in and it’s like flirty a little bit sexy too comfy and it’s exactly what I need on holiday beside him I hope you crack a smile and think he’s no competition he’s no competition when you’re with him this touch is kiss your name on his lips he’s no competition on the one you missing I’m on your mission I always know that we were different but I never thought that we’d survive this there’s if I close my eyes and think about other times have you said now that I found I just can’t for Thursday I have a power suit I bought this one as a set we have an oversized blazer I love to pair with matching pants the Blazer is a size 2 sizes actually bigger than my pads just because they hide these on sale there was no any size available but I like the look that it gave honestly it’s like it’s very it’s like boyfriend blazer my pants are tight so I don’t look like I’m like swimming in large clothing mounted yeah but I got up man to device we go back up is that all we need your phone in sometime boy you don’t know that please [Applause] [Music] baby yeah [Music] see ya thanks for putting me up on game I have a feeling he was nuts and uncle any face we bout to play with his head you don’t know who we dealing with send me your text thread I know but a fact we don’t be we should pull up on him around 9:00 everyone Sam you know it’s all sad Hey and last but not least a Friday outfit we’re a bit more casual on Friday so I wear jeans and the things that are more casual I paired this green sweater with my wife by the cottage myself inside Joe’s keep running [Music] I’m just a lonely why is uncle oh I just raised the way don’t know what I don’t know what got me [Music] alright guys that completes this video I hope you enjoyed my little fashion show let me know if you guys like this type of videos I’m thinking I could also do like like office outfits that I wear when I want to be comfortable because some days I just don’t give up and I just want to be comfy but still look like representable I was inappropriate so let me know if that’s something that you’d like to see and thank you for watching this video today see how to get ties when we’re having three today please subscribe and I’ll see mine if you had a good time to time [Music]

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  1. 수요일 룩 진짜 편해보이고 예뻐요ㅎㅎ
    놀때나 일할때나 여행갈때 어디에도 잘 어울릴 거 같은? ☺️
    그리구 화요일에 입은 크롭탑도 색감이 예뻐요
    크롭탑은 긴팔버전 있다면 당장 사고싶어지네요 ㅎㅎ

  2. 그동안 다른분들 룩북은 멋지고 특이하긴한데 일상에서 입기에는 어..음.. 하게되는데 쑤즈님 옷들은 정말 무난하면서 멋이있어서 너무 이쁨 ㅠㅠㅠ

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