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An Intro to VENIM | Customizable Denim Jackets

An Intro to VENIM | Customizable Denim Jackets

There’s something really special about a denim jacket, it’s it’s more than just, you know an article of clothing It’s a form of self-expression for so many people… …in a way that no other apparel item has ever been before People love them. They love the utility of them, they love the versatility, they love the comfort and look and how they feel when they’re wearing one. But oftentimes, that popularity comes at the cost of originality. They’re starting to become kind of basic. They’re looking boring. And yeah, you can personalize them with pins and patches and paint even… …but street style these days is so much more polished than that. It’s cleaner looking and that’s a really difficult aesthetic to DIY. All of our customization options are definitely not something that do at home. They require special equipment… …special techniques, but that’s also what makes them look so cool. So when VENIM is doing is it’s taking that iconic denim jacket that everyone knows and everyone loves, but we’re giving it a much more fresh and modern update, and we’re also putting some of the design abilities into the hands of the customer. The custom configurator is a tool that we had built exclusively for the VENIM website. It’s where you can design your jacket in real time. From here, you can choose between two different lengths of jacket depending on your body type, five different washes… …you can select a metallic foil finish or a glitter vinyl racing stripe with custom text. You can also add an accessory like a removable waterproof hood. Right now, this is a reflective material… …so we’re pulling in some performance elements there, as well. To produce denim as a textile is incredibly harmful for the environment. It uses millions of gallons of water and oftentimes harsh chemical dyes that go back into polluting the planet, if a mill is poorly-regulated. Meanwhile… fashion brands are producing thousands of yards of denim, season after season and anything that they don’t use just goes into a warehouse. So that’s why VENIM is made exclusively out of this excess yardage. All of our jackets are also made-to-order which helps reduce excess inventory. VENIM is manufactured in Los Angeles… …which is known for being one of the best producers of denim in the world. All of our jackets are made from 100% cotton, eleven and a half to twelve ounce denim… …it’s really high-quality stuff. We use a custom branding logo lining and all of our jackets have seven functional pockets; one of which is a secret pocket. The VENIM customer is a super confident dresser. They’re probably pretty into streetwear. There aren’t really any denim brands right now that are acting as a champion for streetwear enthusiasts. They’re into art, they’re into fashion, they’re into music, but they also care enough about the environment to make thoughtful purchase decisions. In the immediate future for VENIM, we’re going to definitely add new categories… …we’re gonna automate more of our process, but I think zooming out on the industry as a whole… …gendered clothing is kind of on its way out. And us designers are all… …increasingly sharing a goal of zero waste. I grew up watching my dad race Formula Ford when I was a kid. And I remember just being so… …captivated by the use of graphic design in the sport. It was so bold and fast-looking and just so graphically-inclined, and… …I wanted to create a brand that could have been on one his car’s liveries back in 1970s and 80s. I wish he were still around to see how I’ve incorporated his passion into my own… …but I’d like to think that he’s watching and I hope that he’s proud. My name is Leslie Fong and I’m the CEO and Founder of VENIM.

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