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Baby Yoda is so cute! Mena Massoud can’t find work? J.Lo’s dress controversy.

Baby Yoda is so cute! Mena Massoud can’t find work? J.Lo’s dress controversy.

Yes, don’t worry, we’re
talking all about Baby Yoda today. Let’s get cute
and let’s Recap. ♪ ♪ Hey! It’s me, Myah! And this is buzzed-about
news I think you can use! Aladdin star
Mena Massoud expected a “whole new world”
after the movie was a hit. But his wish wasn’t
exactly granted. Can you make me
a prince? In an interview with
the Daily Beast, he said he hasn’t had
a single audition since doing the billion
dollar film. Mena was born in Egypt,
moved to Canada and even went to the high school
right next to mine! He struggled to find
roles that weren’t stereotypes, like playing
a terrorist. So landing Aladdin,
especially opposite Will Smith, was a dream
come true. But what now? Are you as surprised
by all of this as I am? I thought for sure after
Aladdin he’d be set for life. I mean, how’s
Will Smith doing? ♪You ain’t ever had
a friend like me ♪
The most adorable thing is on
the Internet right now? Two words. Baby. Yoda. The memes are blowing up
and according to Axios, Baby Yoda is getting
better social media activity than every single
presidential candidate. Maybe he should run? The ears, the eyes,
he’s perfect meme material! ♪ ♪ After debuting in
The Mandalorian series on Disney+ we still don’t know
that much about him. He naps, he has a
floating crib. He’s actually 50-years-old, so he’s not really
a baby at all. Oh! And he likes
to sip hot liquids. I have
a feeling there’s gonna be a lot of
unofficial Baby Yoda merch under the
tree this year. Disney did team up with Walmart for this one
official toy. And even though you
can pre-order it now, it won’t ship
until next summer. Here’s the thing, Baby
Yoda is cute and all, but let’s bring on the teen
Yoda reality series! Hmm ♪ ♪ Hey Everyone, Saadia
is back in the house! It’s me! Saadia, I love it when
you’re here because we get to talk about trending
fashion stories. This week it’s all about J.Lo
and a dress she made famous. Girl, Ms J.Lo’s iconic,
green jungle print Versace gown is at the centre of a lawsuit! Now, this dress was worn
even before either of us were born, but I felt
the impact of the dress the moment that I
arrived in this world. This dress that she
wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards, was something the
world wasn’t ready for. Did you know that
because of that dress, Google created
“google images?” Back then, it was the most popular search they
had ever seen. And they wanted to get
users more efficient results, so Google
Image Search was born. I had no idea about that! And the dress is back
in the news this year. Well, the dress came
out of retirement for this year’s Versace Spring
2020 Ready to Wear show. And J.Lo killed it as the
closing look on the runway. But here’s the
thin, over the years a lot of knock-offs have been
made and sold for cheap. Versace is taking a stand
now and they’re suing Fashion Nova for
knocking off multiple designs, including the iconic
J.Lo green gown. They even named it
“Love Don’t Cost a Thing” after her hit song. [record scratches] I know Cardi B did a
collab with them. Exactly! Some celebrities partner
with the brand so they can design quick and easy
and affordable clothing lines for their fans. Their website is filled
of celebrity inspired outfits. A lot of
Kardashian-Jenner style that is so popular today. And while some of it
is made with the celebrities input, most of it
are just knock-offs. They are the epitome
of “fast fashion” Fast fashion is
cheap clothing, not as good quality and
made really fast to match the trends from the
red carpets and the runways. The big problem with fast
fashion is that it’s devastating
for the environment. The clothing
isn’t as well made and you spend money
on a piece that may end up in the garbage
pretty quick. Yup. Truth. So, what do you think is going to happen
with this lawsuit? Well, Versace is alleging
copyright and trademark infringement, basically
saying you can’t profit off the work of
a world-renowned designer. And Fashion Nova’s
J.Lo knock-off is quote “tarnishing and
degrading” the Versace image. But if the dress
isn’t exactly identical to the original, do they
have much of a chance to win? I guess we’ll have to wait
and see how this plays out. In the meantime,
do you want to play a quick game
of Wear Off? Yes! ♪ ♪ Who wins
this wear off? Rihanna or Cardi B? Rihanna, for the mixing
of animal prints. What? I say Cardi B,
she looks like a million bucks. Have you never seen a girl
with a pink dress… This is basic for Cardi. How about Zendaya
or Millie Bobby Brown? Zendaya, that dress looks
like a second skin – it’s sculpted on her. Agreed. Thank you, thank you. Who wins, Billie Eilish
or Little Nas X? Little Nas X because who has
the confidence to pull off that great ensemble. He looks like he came
straight out of a UFO. Billie looks like she came
out of a pyjama party somewhere! It’s called Gucci. ♪ ♪ I just got out of
taste test dare that I did not want to do. Look, I hate apples,
but this week the new Cosmic Crisp
was released. It isn’t widely
available yet, so we couldn’t get
our hands on one. [canned audience ohs] Oh well, what can you do? Cosmic Crisp
is a cross between a Honeycrisp
and an Enterprise apple. Out of the 7,000 kinds of
apples around the world these two apparently
make a great combo! And since it can take up
to 5 years for an apple tree to grow an apple,
the Cosmic Crisp took 22 years to perfect. A fruit horticulturist
from B.C. created this and apparently its skin looks
like twinkling stars. Plus, it doesn’t turn brown
when it’s cut open and it can last in cold storage
for more than 10 months. Hmm. The apple’s marketing
team told us they’re now shipping limited
supplies across the U.S. But they aren’t sure
where or when they’ll be available in Canada. Is Cosmic Crisp really
out of this world? Let’s see how America
likes it first. Fine by me. And now, this week in Things You’re Too Old to Do! You know those highchairs
at restaurants? They’re for babies
and toddlers, not you. This 15-year-old girl
found that out the hard way when her friends dared
her to sit in one in a Idaho Chik-fil-A. She got in okay,
she just couldn’t get out. Her friends tried to help but they finally gave up
and called the authorities. When firefighters
arrived, they managed to take apart the chair
so she could wiggle free. The girl was okay, but
talk about embarrassing! I mean, I’m guilty of
sliding into kiddie swings at the park but let’s not make a highchair challenge
go viral. Okay? ♪ ♪ Alright, everyone, that’s
it for this week’s Recap. I’m going to slide off
this chair without any help from firefighters. [Yay!] But I’ll be back in it
again next week, so maybe just stay in yours. ♪ ♪

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