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welcome to my channel is the alien and in today's video I'm going to be doing it back-to-school clothing haul if you're not already subscribed go ahead and hit the subscribe button turn my post notifications so you are aware I'm what I post and let's get to it now you guys know I always come to you guys with my clothing hauls I love showing you guys what I purchase and by but lately on my channel I haven't been posting my fashion videos I've been so focused on like hair and wash and gos cuz you guys know it's like my new obsession but I'm gonna catch you guys up to on some stuff I've been purchasing in mind so that further ado let's get into it this will not be any type of order it's just a collective haul of some things I've got me and basically these things can kind of give you guys an idea of what you would want to wear to school that can be some pretty cool essential items some of the stuff I have alright one so don't mind that and yeah let's get into it so the first thing is gonna be this neon top neon has been really trending lately and I feel like it's a nice essential piece to have in your wardrobe for when you go back to school because we know it's Lois pretty much still summer time so a nice bright pop of color will be super cute to wear to school so this is just a neon to top is so cute I feel like it makes my skin pop out more than melanin it just really makes it pop and look good I got this from a store called 365 and my local mall and it was only $4.99 like that was a really good price for this cute little spandex filling top and I did get in a medium and I absolutely loved it like it looks super cute on and it was affordable but also a good quality not along with that store I didn't get a cute jacket now I noticed that crop I've been trending and I thought he'll be cute for the fall time you know when you're back in school so I got this cropped denim jacket and it's so freakin cute there's actually by the brand vibrant and that brand you can find on Fashion Nova's website but it's just a super cute cropped distressed jacket and I believe I paid like 36 dollars for it I got in a size medium so just a little bit oversized on me but it is literally like the cutest thing ever is so cute but I went in the store I saw it and I was like I need this but I didn't really feel like spending the money on it and then I ended up going back to the store cuz I was like nah I should just bought it and this was literally the last medium left and I snatched it up so fast cuz I was like I should've that the first time cuz now I can't stop thinking about it but yeah I'm glad I bought it it's so cute and I cannot wait to wear it a million times my next thing I'm not sure if I showed you guys this before but it was a threat fine and this is actually a cute little fashion Nova crop top so I found this at my local good la I believe I pay like 399 for it and it isn't a size small but it still fits me because it has that stretch it's really cute because it has grey yellow I like a pop of color I just scared me did you see me shake somebody's popped a firework so I am filming this on the 4th of July you guys so you hear people popping fireworks that's why but this is such a cute crop top I've started on Instagram if you're not follow me on Instagram what are you doing go follow me on there I looks like you know cute little pictures but this top is super cute you can wear it with high-waisted jeans and stuff like that but it was a really good find and it's more like a sweater knit material but you don't get too hot in this so it's perfect my next pickup is going to be these Army's tight camouflage pants now I haven't gotten the chance to wear these yet I was gonna wear on this this past weekend button I got this actually from these discounts I believe these were about $7.99 the tag came off but these are size medium and I like the little distressing on them I think that looks really cute and also you know the beginning of school year it can still be pretty hot outside so I feel like these are cute and you can wear like a little black bodysuit with them or something like that that's pretty much how I plan on selling them like a black bodysuit white bodysuit or maybe even a crop top I don't know but these are really really cute and I cannot wait to style my next find is going to be from Buffalo Exchange and if you don't know Buffalo exchange it's more of a thirst or I don't like the buy stuff at some stores because I feel like it's stuff you can't find normally in stores and I don't know it kind of just different so this is something I've been seeing this kind of trendy on Instagram girls just wearing this kind of jacket as like a chill jacket for when you're running errands or anything like that but this is actually a Nike jacket like I said I found that Buffalo Exchange I believe I paid like 1699 for it when usually this would cost way more and I got it in a size medium I just love the color and I did post a picture in this on Instagram so cute it has a little check on the side and then it has these little holes where your thumbs can go through it of course you can wear it as a workout shirt but I honestly just like it as a cute little throw on shirt and if you're trying to be a little sexy you can kind of zip it down a little bit but yeah I love this jacket is so cute my next pick up is going to be this little bodysuit I feel like this is just a good basic essential to have in your closet because you can dress it up dress it down it's a thong bodysuit I tend to not like the regular underwear type body suits because I feel like they're uncomfortable and they show like panty lines basically but the thong ones don't so I just have this like basic black to top one and I wanted one of these off of Fashion Nova's website but in the buying one I just got this one and I believe this was only $4.99 I got the size large and I wish I would have bought it in a medium but it's all good it still fits on me or whatever so cute little bite so you can pair it with anything my next thing is also from beanies you guys notice I like my cheaper stores I like affordable clothing that's my thing I don't go spending crazy amounts on clothing that I'm probably gonna wear a few times than be over it so yeah my next thing is this cute little wrapper and I need to figure out a lot more of this look you want to wear it on my birthday maybe or something birthdays next month cute little color I don't know I don't wear it before summer's over or whatever but it's so cute it kind of like cuts now this would be more cute if you're a college student I wouldn't recommend this for a high school student it is like shorts tight bottom and then it kind of like cuts but it's so cute I love the mustard coloring on it I like the stripes the little tie detail this reminds me of something that fashion oval would sell his my little brown heart and hips and I think that fashion of actually does sell this brand and I got this in a size small and it was only $8.99 from Dedes discounts I love it and if you haven't been noticing something if you followed me for a while you know I usually buy clothes out like black gray white I'm actually starting to incorporate more color into my wardrobe something like color more so that's good maybe see changes next is also a top by that same brand hearts and hips and it's in a small I believe I paid like $4.99 for this a worthless when I went to curls night out and I also wear this on my mom's birthday it's so cute it's like a little flirty ruffle e-type to top I got it in a size small it's kind of like this I don't even know like a rusty orange peachy type color the color is not one I can particularly put my hand on where I can just say this is the color but I love it on my skin tone I think it looks really pretty and yeah it's just a super cool stretch to top if you guys want to find like fashion Nova inspired looking clothing definitely go to Ross and go to these discounts I know I'm Ross now they even have a section called trend and they have like all the two-piece sets and everything else like Ross China trying to show up and show out but okay my last clothing item are going to these Topshop jeans I always wanted a pair of Topshop James that's like Topshop cuz BQ tiss jeans I went when the store was actually closing they were having clothing so so I got these for only 30 bucks and these are usually like 80 something dollars jeans and $30 is usually the price point of what I spent on Jane saucing perfect so these are the top shop Jaime jeans and I'm digging them in a waist 28 their jeans run small so that's one thing I don't like but their jeans are super comfortable and they have this nice stretch now these are high waisted they're more of a lighter denim and they have these cute rips in them I feel like the rips were placed so perfectly no the issue I'm having is these have a terrible smell to them and I didn't notice it until I got home I've washed them at least two times the smell will not go away if it's really strong chemical smell and it almost smells like like it's disgusting the smell is so strong and nasty and I did not notice it in the store but these things stink so I'm really trying to figure out how to get this nasty chemical smell out of my jeans and I even notice the snow when I've ordered fashion Nova jeans in the past that they have this strong chemical stank smell and that's like I don't know what these companies are doing now where their jeans are smelling like strong chemical and smell it really stinky and nasty but they need to stop and just figure out their process better because this this thing it I'm max I really like these jeans I only got to wear on one time and the down warm I was like yeah this stinks it's coming the jeans so I'm gonna have to look on the line I've seen some things where people are like oh you can so come and like baking soda or something where you can get the smell out so I'm not gonna figure it out because I didn't spend money on these cute jeans for nothing like I need my clothes smell good now my last couple items are going to be my shoes that I've done recently and that's gonna wrap everything up bands have been very trendy I love and they're affordable that's the main thing I love and they just look cute on so I have two pairs to show you guys this is just like a basic black slip one tight pair as you can see I've been wearing them up a storm but they're just like a low-cut and I feel like they look really cute I usually like to wear these with an ankle bracelet ankle bracelets are like my favorite thing now I feel like it's just a nice touch and it makes everything look a bit more girly so these are really really cute I get my bands in a six and a half and I believe these ran me about 40 bucks my next pair of bands I had a search high and low for these because these only for some reason coming boys kids sizes and that I know they also have them in men's so this is more of a guys shoes but they look cute on girls this this is a look it has this little Tiger the vibe of this gives me coochie vibes and like my students at my job they actually love these on me they're like those are cute like a little look like Gucci it's this lion on it and I just think it's the cutest thing ever with the checkered and the slide on so I basically had to order it in like a boy's bigger size and they fit me perfectly and they're so cute I love on like these just they give any designer vibes and I like that about these stuff yeah and then my last shoe I'm gonna show tonight is these that purchased recently and I've been wearing them and they've gotten darker so don't be how you're judging me but these remind me of her meds and they're so cute but I purchased these from TJ Maxx and they were only 16 bucks they are super duper comfortable like the cushion are amazing and I actually once another master tried on the real ones and they're so uncomfortable they're actually really hard and they don't fit people like me to have a wide foot these are made better for me and they're more comfortable and affordable so I love these I've been seeing that a lot of brands even like Steve Madden have they're coming out with their own version of this and like the shape and everything and making it look like her mez so honestly spending her man's money for less I like these shoes and I'm pretty much gonna be wearing them all the time they're really really cute so yeah guys that is all for my back to school clothing haul I hope you guys all enjoyed this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up leave me a comment down in the description box and I will see you guys all in my next one bye guys


  1. Hy even though i am a guy I only wear female clothing would you recommened getting these for my back to school and checking out your amazon store?

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