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[Music] what is up guys welcome back to my channel it is officially back-to-school season it’s literally the third week of school and it pains me to say this but it’s officially started but I mean at least we can look good and dressed cute to school so I’m going to be showing you guys a four different back-to-school inspired outfits and I’m going to be showing you guys a little back to school haul at the end of this video so make sure you watch till the end to see everything that I got a huge things a pretty little thing for sponsoring this video all the clothes are from their website so if you like something that you see it will be linked down below so you guys can purchase it for yourselves before we get started I do want to point out that my school doesn’t have a dress code so we can pretty much wear whatever we want except our birthday suit but if your school does have a dress code policy which it shouldn’t because dress code is literally the dumbest thing in the world I don’t want to get started on that you can obviously substitute any of these items for stuff that would be appropriate for your school so now that we got the little disclaimer out of the way let’s get started with the outfit [Music] [Music] oh how do we like those outfits on were they nice we’re thank you let me know in the comment now that you guys have seen the outfits that I created I’m gonna show you guys the actual like individual pieces and all of the other things that I got from their website just so I can talk a little bit more about that trying to like pick clothes from their website was so difficult because everything was really really cute and I just I tried to narrow it down as much as I could and this is the smallest a god first up I got this super super cute and really really really really soft white top I love the little cinching detailing in the front I have a very similar shirt like this but it’s a long sleeve and I have to love it I wear all the time I think it’s such like a nice a basic little top but because of that little detailing it just adds a lot more to the outfit than you would think and it’s also adjustable so if you like really want it to be cropped you can pull on the strings but I like she keeping it like this height I think it’s pretty pretty decent I can just pair it with a bralette and I’m set next up I got another basic this is a black cropped tank top but it has these really cute button detailing is going down I’ve been seeing these type of shirts all over Instagram I forget what they’re called but it’s like a specific type of girl you know like soft girl or like disco girl I don’t know which ones wear this but one of those girls wear these does that make sense umm but I see them all over Instagram just a cute little closet essential literally could match anything in your wardrobe wardrobe that’s a new addition it’s never say that next up I have this really cute green tank top with white stripes going across but I’ve been wearing this so much literally my friends are sick of it they’re like they’ll take that shirt off but I love it it matches anything even denim like it’s still goes really nice with it and it’s just a cute little end of summer closet essential I like the pop of color and it just looks really good speaking of pop of colors we got this shirt kind of neon orange biggie smalls shirt and I just love it so much I am like dying for graphics I wear them all the time they’re just super easy to deal with and especially if it’s like a pop of color I feel like it can make the office so much more interesting like this one for example has like that little rainbow going on I think it’s super easy – style graphic tops which makes it perfect for school because I do not want to get up in the morning and try to find like a cute outfit so this is why i love iron graphics so these are the pants that i was talking about that i matched the orange shirt that i just showed with and these are just the level of comfort is oh my god it literally feels like you left the house in your pajamas but it looks really really good usually what I like to do with these kind of pants is either wear like something cropped and tight or I like to tuck in a shirt so it kind of just illuminates not illuminate emphasizes my waist is that the right word this is why I need to go to school emphasize I feel like it’s accentuate so even though they’re very loose and they’re very comfortable it still looks good I live for those the first pair of jeans that I’m going to show you where I think a part of the first outfit and their knees get really really cute white oversized and jeans and like I said this lookbook is all about comfort and there’s nothing more comfortable than freaking boyfriend jeans they’re so nice it’s kind of like dirty white almost and it’s got these huge rips in the knees and I like to cut them at the end and then it’s kind of like cargo pants because it has like the little mini pocket on the side and also like the part where you can like hang your hammer I think that’s what this is for but it’s kind of like cargo style denim jeans which is just I love for that because I love these are pants numero uno and then the next ones are literally the same style but just in a different color they’re kind of just like really light washed boyfriend jeans but it’s also like acid kind of not really but kind of I mean you can see it kind of acity not like super acid I just took a cab test before it’s filming this video literally – anyway that’s time port it there again the same style in the same cut they have the little cargo slit thingy over here again super comfortable and I just really like how basic in it thank you she cute she pop it and then the last pair of jeans that I got we’re kind of like these gray almost black jeans and again they’re the same style very loose very comfortable and they’ve got the huge rips and you’ve got the cuffs just your classic black boyfriend jeans that everyone needs in their closet I also got a few accessories that I want to show you oh my god this bag is so cute such a nice piece of art one two three four five six seven oh the bags shape is an octagon it has is really nice like kind of animal print detailing like skin texture I wear this all the time like even if I just wore this bag with this shirt and just like a cute pair of boots that I will show you it would just be such a nice like model off-duty street style look like Hello I just put on a bag and I made the whole outfit cute okay and then the next bag that I have is kind of a mini crossbody bag and I actually got this because of a carnival that’s coming up and at carnivals I don’t like carrying bag so I thought this would be perfect for that it’s again that same like animal print but this is a little bit more shiny and that was more matte and it’s also got this super cute chain in the front and I feel like this is just a nice little earring bag that you can just run in you don’t need your whole life in your body you know in the last three items that I’m gonna show you are all shoes I lift for shoes I die for shoes as you can see all these shoes they’re not mine but I love stealing them from her her as my sister let’s start off with these these are just a classic closet essential just white low top sneakers just super comfortable classic white sneakers you can’t go wrong with these these are just some bad boys speaking of bad boys I got myself a pair I got myself too are we ready I think we are look at this beauty look at her she’s so cute there are black kind of like biker boots and I just love them so much I love the chunky platform I love like the crossing detailing and everything about it is just so nice it also has like this really cute like this nice suede material and she just looks so poppin I cannot wait for it to be a little bit colder and I like that I could start wearing shoes like these out if you wear shoes like this and then like a big graphic shirt then a cute bag like that’s like that outfit that I live for and I have been looking for something like this for so long I was actually gonna splurge my money on some Doc Marten then I was like you know what like I’ll see something cuter like I’ll find something a little bit more cheaper absolutely and I think it’s time to show you guys okay they just like Oh My Damn perfect and guess what the material is inside its fuzzy material and literally probably don’t even need to wear socks with them pretty sure the same thoughts that are going through your head or going through mine and I hope those thoughts are oh my god those shoes are so cute cuz they really are well that was the last item in this mini back-to-school outfit idea slash home video if you guys enjoyed it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and like I said earlier if you liked any of these items I will leave all the links in the description so you guys can check out some of them and also check out pre little things website and yeah I love you guys oh my god I love you guys so so much and I will see you when will I see you and hope you said next week cause if you did it and you got the wrong answer but I will see you guys next week bye guys


  1. Seni çok çok çok seviyorum❤️
    Videolarını severek izliyorum lütfen videolarına Türkçe altyazı da koymaya çalışırsan çok mutlu oluruz..

  2. Nil seni ilham alarak dolabımdan hiç yapmadığım mükemmel kombinler çıkarttım arkadaşlarım bayılıyor kombinlerime ilhamım olduğun için teşekkürler outfits videolarına bayıluyorumm 💜💜💜

  3. Your style is G O A L S 🙌🏻 I live for it! I love making fashion/outfit videos as well so I’m just obsessing over your style 😍

  4. I love your style ❤️ but …..unfortunately we must wear uniform in our school who else’s wear uniform at school 🙁

  5. Wow Nil you are looking very nice beautiful in all of the outfits as well as your hair body makeup nailpolish eyelashes lipstick skin eyes smile earrings shoes hat are quite pretty amazing and fantastic video well done 😊😊❤️❤️

  6. Nil sende türk kanalı aç isteyenler beğensin dicem ama çok geleceğini zannetmiyom ama sen yinede ac türk youtube kanalı 🙏🏻❤

  7. Cute but is there something but ripped jeans?! Whatever still love uu and ur style so so muchhh❤️❤️❤️😍😍❤️😍 but i am kinda sad cause i’ve been waiting for this video but it is just a little tiny short video and i wantt moreeee of these kind of videos cause they’re so fun to watch anyways love u so much❤️😍❤️😍❤️❤️❤️

  8. Tf i cant show up to school with a bikini top and a bucket hat like we dont all live in al to show up to school like a dumb ass

  9. When every single outfit in this video would be too cold to wear to school 🙃 I mean they’re fly but like not possible to wear in mid to Northern Europe any time expect summer

  10. Hey nil, I looove your videos! I’m a small artist youtuber , just starting out. Really hope you could help me out by subbing or checking out my channel💖

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