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Best Jeans For Body Type? | What Denim Fits A Man Best | Jean Denims Visual Fit Guide Video

Best Jeans For Body Type? | What Denim Fits A Man Best | Jean Denims Visual Fit Guide Video

Today, let’s talk about the best jeans for
your body type. First, let’s talk about the thin body type. The best fits for the thin man will be slim
and regular fit jeans. Poor fits for this body type will be skinny,
relaxed, and loose fit jeans. Next stop, let’s talk about the fit body type. The fit man will look best in slim, regular,
and relaxed fit jeans. The poor fits for this body type will be skinny
and loose fit jeans. Next stop, let’s cover the muscular body type. The best fits for the muscular man will be
regular and relaxed fit jeans. Poor fits for this body type will include
skinny, slim, and loose fit jeans. Next, we’re going to over the wide hips body
type. The best fits for the man with wide hips will
include regular, loose, and relaxed fit jeans. Poor fits for this body type will be skinny
and slim fit jeans. Finally, let’s cover the large waist body
type. The best fits for the man with a large waist
will include relaxed and loose fit jeans. Poor fits for this body type will be skinny,
slim, and regular fit jeans. For more great style tips, check out the Personal
Image System podcast.

87 thoughts on “Best Jeans For Body Type? | What Denim Fits A Man Best | Jean Denims Visual Fit Guide Video

  1. Skinny jeans are good for skinny people, nothing looks worse that a baggy pear of jeans, and personally regular fit jeans are too big for me so i have to have skinny so i disagree completely with this video.

  2. The only problem is one companies 'relaxed' is another's 'regular', which on a big guy like me fit like skinny jeans

  3. I'm still gonna stick with my skinnies I'm too thin to fit regular properly and slim is a little to much room. I haven't received any negative feedback about my skinny jeans so far so I guess I'm good.

  4. I'm a skinny/medium guy and wear Skinny jeans, boots and a large top(kind of Rockish look-I am a musician). The only reason I wouldn't wear skinny jeans is if I was an old man or had really fat legs. In the end it's all down to personal preference. I would say this video wouldn't apply to a younger generation really

  5. As a skinny guy, depending from where you buy from, SKinny and Slim sometimes mean the same thing almost. I dont wear those girlie tight skinny jeans but I've found skinny jeans that more or less are slim jeans. It's fucking confusing sometimes.

  6. Got to defer here Antonio. I am a little on the larger side, but a slimmer, modern cut makes me more confident and folks tell me it suits better than the loose or at times a regular fit pair.

  7. I may be the only person in the world who thinks jean pockets in the back are too low. I think they would look better on everyone if the top of the back pockets were about an inch higher. Unless you pull your pants way up, the top of the pockets on standard jeans are below where your butt is curving back in.

  8. Antonio, do you have any advice for dressing well in wet weather? I live in Oklahoma and it's that time of year when it's mostly cloudy and wet outside, but not necessarily cold. The best way I can describe it is that it's not warm enough for my summer wear, but not cold enough for my winter wear. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  9. I only have skinny or slimfit or whatever you wanna call them, I'm slim as a stick so nothing else looks good on me. I also think tight jeans fall better down on the shoes, big jeans just fall all over the shoe where skinny sits nicely.

  10. Sorry I have to say thiis is the worst video from you I have ever seen … no explanation for each case this time.

  11. Skinny jeans are bad xD. Since I started going to the gym my legs grew and so I can't fit in my "skinny" jeans no more :/

  12. totally ignoring that skinny jeans have a place, on skinny people.
    slim fit jeans look improperly fitted on me, but apparently skinny jeans are a sin.

  13. So skinny jeans looks bad in all body types ? I don't think so, I think they look perfect on fit men (I don't like the super skinny and spray-on types though).

  14. I'm with you on the skinny jeans bit. Not meant for everyone and I personally find them to be not very aesthetically pleasing

  15. skinny jeans are mainly worn by teenagers who did't find their style yet and try to copy the new wave of ''celebs'' . It's just MY OPPINION

  16. You must really not like skinny jeans. I personally find anything that aren't skinny to be super baggy on my chicken legs. SUPER skinny, however, is unflattering on me because it makes my knobby knees stick out and mushes the little bit of booty i have back there

  17. Skinny jeans are a fad,just like big(dragging on the floor/hanging off your butt)jeans. A classic fit will always be stylish. Sorry hipsters.

  18. I know you guys say that skinny jeans are a no no but would it be an exception if I have an extremely thin body type? I'm in my early 20s, can't seam to go beyond 120 lbs, and find the slim fit jeans extremely baggy even in my proper size. (30×32)

  19. Well I majorly disagree with skinny jeans being poor for everyone to be honest. I'm very skinny, so the only jeans that fit me well-ish tend to be skinny jeans.

  20. True story. So today I finally went to Designer XL (big guy here) to buy some new jeans. I hate buying jeans btw. Well All of my jeans have been baggy, loose, and I guess they were a size too big. I remember seeing this video and as I was s hopping, I referred to it to help me out along with a couple other vids. Going over the material, I picked out a pair of straight relaxed Levis. Soon as I tried them on, not only were they comfortable as hell, but they actually fit very well. They aren't baggy at all, they were the right size and length. Felt great and I bought a couple more pairs.

    Big thanks Antonio. Small thing maybe, but a big win for me as I take more steps into overhauling my style. Working out to get in better shape and get rid of this gut lol.

    Thanks again man.

  21. I think Antonio is too "old fashioned" and traditional if he hates on skinny jeans. There's nothing wrong with classic styles which he tells men to wear, but a good balance would be between a regular guy and Antonio.

  22. I am musculine body type and I absolutely love slim jeans with regular waist, show my legs even more and I hate huge openings on the bottom, I love when jeans go narrower towards the legs.

  23. All good and well but these graphics ASSUME that the lower part of the body (the legs) are in accordance with the upperbody. That doesn't make any sense! Somebody with coathanger shoulders may well have huge muscular legs. Vice versa, somebody with a muscular upperbody may well have stilts as legs. They should take the ENTIRE body into consideration and not just the upperbody

  24. How do you know when your jeans fit right? https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/jeans-for-body-type/

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