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Oh with these lashes and this shirt? God, my Jersey’s like oozing out of me right now. [intro] Oh, no. Hi, my name’s Grace Helbig. If you don’t know now you know, life is different now. So I’m still in full makeup from shooting six episodes of This Might Get… with Mamrie Hart. Our Monday through Friday show that we have on YouTube if you haven’t subscribed, please subscribe. Go check it out, it’s really fun. It’s not the worst. But Mamrie and I thought a couple things: One, we are both very lacking on content on our channels. Two, we have our makeup done, still, today. So three, why don’t we shoot some videos with each other for our channel? So after hours of brainstorming we’ve decided that we are gonna go meet at Cheesecake Factory. “Business meeting”. And then we’re gonna bop over to Forever 21 and buy each other outfits. That’s a very cool trendy fun thing here on YouTube. I watch a lot of people that do like ‘My mom buys my outfit’, ‘My sister buys my outfit’, stuff like that. And I think they’re reallly fun. But we’re gonna attempt to buy each other very cheap, thematic outfits. I think like three or four maybe two. That’s what the business meeting at Cheesecake Factory is about beforehand. And we’ll go from there! In the meantime, let’s get our PowerPoint presentations ready and our briefcases… …packed because we’re going to our favourite boardroom, [triumphant music] Uhh, business meeting…started. Mamrie: I’ve fully become…Samantha from… [laughter] [triumphant music] Wow. Worked up a full glow. There they are. Mamrie and I finished shopping. We’ve decided on four categories of outfits that we’ve purchased for each other. Two will be featured on my channel two will be featured on hers. I’m going to explain this again in the future. The initial goal was to buy four outfits for each other totalling 100 dollars altogether. I might have gone 60 dollars over budget. If you know me, you know, I don’t like rules. Mamrie definitely went maybe ten dollars over. Let’s find out. We’re here. We did it! Now I’ve kind of explained this but let me- Now that we have fully had our conference meeting- our business meeting about it.
Mamrie: “Mm-hmm, mmhm.” I can fully explain it to you. Uh, Mamrie I went shopping for each other. We bought each other four different looks that fit to four different categories. Those categories are… Barbecue! I cannot.
[Grace laughing] And also, it’s the first time I’ve spoken on the video, I didn’t say, like, hi, I just went barbecue! W- Like going to a cookout like somethin’ casual you’re gonna be outside all day you’re amongst friends, you know everybody. We’re doing a standard job interview outfit. Also date night. And the fourth category is a wild card; something completely random that just doesn’t fit into any other categories. On Mamrie’s channel, we will be showing you our outfits for a job interview and a first date. And on this channel we’re gonna go through a barbecue and a wild card. Also the other parameters were that we were supposed to spend 120 dollars in total on all four looks, give or take. No, you take. And you take. And you take. This bitch has never not gone over budget on anything I’ve ever done.
Grace: I don’t like- I don’t like rules. I feel like- That’s one of the challenges! But I also feel like it’s okay in this scenario to go over budget because I’m buying stuff for my friend. No, it’s true. I mean, it- it’s fine if you hit Dale’s and got me some jewelry, but- It’s all Forever 21. 30 bucks an outfit.
Grace: Yep. Let’s do- what we got each other. Our first category is barbecue. So my outfit for Mamrie, first of all, it’s already been explained in Mamrie’s video, if you haven’t seen it already. I got Mamrie one pair of shoes for all four outfits because we’re on a budget. And I got these… what I thought were classy and also maybe trendy, cute, white kitten heels. And Mamrie’s response has been… Grace, laughing: You hate these?
Mamrie: I hate them so- You need to take those kids to a kill shelter. Grace: She hates them.
Mamrie:I hate a kitten heel. Grace: She hates a kitten heel.
Mamrie: Like, make up your mind! I took a risk and uh, it didn’t pay off so- What are those?! I was overwhelmed there were- I’ll use them to aerate my yard. So this is the foundation of your barbecue outfit. Oh, I totally always wear heels to barbecue. If you’re gonna walk on grass, you gotta make sure you sink in.
Mamrie: You got to. Grace: So I found-
Mamrie: Oh, wow! This is a green-pinstripe-jumpsuit-halter-scenario
Mamrie: Oh, I’m feeling this. Isn’t this cute? This- [record scratch] oh, no it’s a dress, It’s not a jumpsuit, sorry. I think in Palm Springs, you’re more likely to wear this which is also kind of why I got it.
Mamrie: Okay. This could maybe be like a Palm Springs beach scenario. I’m definitely going to somewhere that has a polo match. This is very southern charm. But I think the green looks really good with your eyes and your hair colour.
Mamrie: Thank you~ Erm, I’m curious to see how this pans out. And then the other thing that you can but I am sure you won’t and you don’t have to do- Not the earrings. [laughing] Also, [unintelligible] got her these beautiful…pearl-esque…shell earrings. Let’s just- Hold on though, she got these earnestly. I did because you [unintelligible]. You thought I earnestly wanted both of these. Okay. One, you wear white boots that you bought off of Amazon. Hot-ass, mod, 60s boots. You get super compliments on it that I thought, ‘maybe this is also mod 60s kitten heel’. Mmm, my god.
[Grace laughs] I was rushed I didn’t make the best decisions. I’ll admit it. No, you’re doing great. I like this. I think this could be cool.
Grace: I think this is interesting. Feel free to put a denim jacket, whatever you want over this. Oh, no. I’m not helping your look. Your barbecue look-
Grace: Uh-huh. Because I’m going back from a- a look on my channel I’m doing the little boot because it’s steady footing I want you- And also you look really great with like shorts with boots.
Grace: Thanks! Like, your legs are crazy and they accentuate it.
Grace: Also, this is a perfect height boot. It’s not a flat, it’s not full like four-inch heel.
Mamrie: Exactly. And then we’re going to have much different barbecues.
Grace: Uh-oh. No, I got you some really cute high-waisted, cut-off shorts. Aren’t they cute?
Grace: Oh, those are cuuute! It doesn’t seem like they’re gonna be like thong underwear.
Mamrie: Exactly. You know, there’s no ass cheeks hanging out. And then with the top, I’m going straight old school [unintelligible].
Grace: Oh, yeah. I got a little striped top. You’re flipping burgers in these. You know what I mean? You’re not playing croquet. I’m like the Dennis the Menace at the party and- You wish! I seriously do. Okay, let’s see how these looks look on. Reveal. You look so cute.
Grace: So do you! Hold on, one second. I feel like half our face is cut off. Yeah, now our face is [unintelligible]. Oh, man, we might not have our face in the full first half. So I’m headed to The Regatta. I don’t hate this. I wish it was a pantsuit. Me too. I thought it was when I first got it. But I think you can style this much better than I did to make it very much more Mamrie. It’s very classy. Like I would definitely wear this to something in Charleston. Oh, yeah, oh yeah. But only thing is I’d have to duct-tape my titties. But I also feel like this is a very easy like bathing suit cover-up at the same time. I hate these kitten heels so much every day- You look amazing. I feel a 10 year old little cowboy. Well- well because of the boots and the shorts but if it was just the shorts with the boots- I like this though.
Mamrie: Yeah, I think it looks really good. I think it’s so great. It’s all stuff that I would wear together or separately. So you nailed it. I… have room for improvement. Yeah baby!
Grace: Oh my god! [unitelligible]…stretching! Wow, that kitten heel really meowed me. Okay! And now finally let’s get to our wildcard looks. There is no rules for this category. Based on how I’ve been doing so far with your video in mind, you’re gonna hate what I got you. I went so different- not so different but just stuff that I don’t think you would ever like look at or buy. See, for yours I was just like I’m gonna get something that’s like cute I think she’ll wear. This, you might wear. I feel like you might wear these separate. I just thought why not give you a lewk and see what happens. A lewk, okay.
Grace: Yeah. We have cute little rose gold…little shell toad sneaks, so cute.
Grace:I love this. Love them.
Mamrie: Then, I did… It’s so Grace Helbig. Oh, my god. A red sweatshirt dress. That’s cute as is, and then I’ve gotten really into adding a tube sock- [gasps] I love this so much. So the tube sock matches with the red. So you’ve got the little tube socks, the little kicks, and the little dress. And I thought this is good to be an everyday look. I love it so much. Really good wild card. Thank you! It’s not wild, but like you’ll wear it a lot. Oh, it’s wild and wonderful. Okay- I’m like your mom, I’m like [accent] you- you need socks. Your wild card is definitely a wild but I hope you might appreciate the separate pieces. One, unfortunately- Oh, they’re- they’re back. They came back the very next day. So I went a little like Sporty Spice/JLo ish. First of all, we have- Oooh, I like these a lot. Oh, yay! Okay, so these are sweatpants that have all different flags on the side of them. You know how cultured I am! Great with the kitten heel- Great with a kitten heel, that’s what I thought, very Sporty Spice meets…Victoria Beckham. So these I thought could be fun, you can wear them with or without the rest of this outfit. I got- I think this is a fun shirt. It’s just a striped shirt that says “at your service”. Mamrie: Okay.
Grace: Which is stupid but I think it’s fun and you can like tie it up. This is like a lounge- a weird lounge day. Oh, I’m wearing it tonight to watch The Bachelorette. And then, this actually I got to go with every outfit because you need bag to hold your stuff with. Okay, into it. So I got you, um, this bag, which is- basically it’s a fanny pack. You can also take the fanny part out and have it as a clutch. I dig a fanny pack. Right? So it’s a belt situation so your hands are free. And then you also- if you don’t want a fanny pack situation, you can take the belt part out and just hold it as a clutch. I always want a fanny pack. I wore a fanny pack for July 4th and like I thought I lost my purse 800 times. Okay, I dig this wildcard outfit a lot except for the kitten heels. Well, let’s see what they look like. Mamrie: Ready?
Grace: Uh-huh. And open. Grace: Ohhhh.
Mamrie: Cute. That looks fucking great. I mean, I look [drum snare] but I should be dating [unintelligible]. You gotta put your gold earrings on with this. That’s the one thing that’s missing is giant hoop earrings. I should be doing this a lot. Love the fanny pack. I will admit it’s my new favourite purse. I will wear these all the friggin time. I don’t know if this is something I’d wear in public? Grace: Sure.
But it looks cute together. This is like you’re at home, you’re comfortable, but you’re fashionable enough that you’re gonna Instagram story, say, on your couch. Nailed it. I love this. This is very, very me. It’s very much like little girl meets adult woman. Yes, [unintelligible], it’s Britney Spears I’m not a girl, not yet a woman. Exactly. And also I’ve been experimenting with a higher crew sock. It’s fun. It’s- That sounded more like a… morning talk show host. [slowed down] It’s fun. Very like, tomboy but still feminine in some bizarre world. In a weird strange universe, you’re on some sort of team and I’m your coach right now. Oh my god, I feel like we’re at some bizarre pageant and you’re my Mama [unitelligible]. And I’m like, you gotta wipe your nose. Yeah, we’re like at the- the fashion show at the end of Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. See, if you wore this with the sneakers that you got me and the gold hoops that you got me. I feel like that would be a full lewk. But no one would [drum snare] with me. I mean, I love this. I’m jelly. There she goes. Don’t be jelly. You can borrow it while you go return my other stuff.
Grace: Yup. Okay guys, what did you think of those outfits? So we obviously have clear opinions about them but let me know in the comments down below what you love, what you hated, what you feel…numb about, and- That you go check Mamrie’s channel for the other two outfits that we bought each other and let us know over there what you thought. And don’t forget one, to watch This Might Get… which is Monday through Friday on YouTube and two, to um, Never buy kitten heels. Yeah, yeah, that’s- if there’s any lesson we take away from both of these videos is that these are wrong. I don’t know. A full lewk. Also, I keep thinking you’re saying the name Luke, and I’m like Oh, no, “lewk”: L – E – W – K. Oh, yeah, lewk. I’m like, Wilson? Yeah, Luke Wilson is a fashion icon for all of us.
Mamrie: Uh-huh.

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