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Big Agnes Men’s Ellis Jacket

Big Agnes Men’s Ellis Jacket

I am wearing the Big Agnes men’s Ellis jacket.
This jacket provides light weight warmth and weather resistant protection thanks to its
high end synthetic insulation. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this jacket such
a versatile piece. The warmth of the jacket is provided by pinnacle
core synthetic insulation. Unlike down insulation it retains its ability to keep you warm even
if it should become wet or damp. The exterior fabric helps even keep that from happening.
You have got 100 percent recycled polyester. It is a highly wind resistant and highly water
resistant. So, again, adds to this jacket’s ability to keep you warm and comfortable. There is 60 grams of the insulation so it
is not the bulkiest, absolute warmest jacket, but really nice warmth for cool days and great
layering piece to add additional warmth in really cold weather. A nice straight, clean cut to the Ellis jacket.
You can certainly wear base layers beneath it. If you are wearing mid layers they are
going to have to be pretty low profile mid layers, certainly room to put something over
top of this jacket in really, really cold weather or really nasty weather if you are
looking for a hard shell over top of it. Thumb holes here at the cuffs. There is elasticity
in the cuffs as well, but the thumb holes kind of keep the sleeve in place. You can
see they pull it over the hand. That gives a little additional warmth. The thing I like
most about it, it does away with that gapping. If you are wearing this with gloves, you don’t
have that potential space, sleeves ride up and you get that cold air kind of sneaking
in from underneath, really seals that off and takes care of that. Also dual hem adjustability here at the sides.
So you can cinch that jacket in a little tighter if you prefer that type of fit. A few different pockets on the Ellis jacket.
We have got zippered hand warmer pockets right here in the front. Because of that insulated
design on the jacket, they are nice and warm. On the inside you have got two dump pockets.
You can put even a water bottle in here if you are using this as a belay jacket, skins
from the bottom of your skis if you are using this as a ski style jacket. There is also
a zippered chest pocket as well. It keeps valuables close at hand, also doubles as a
stuff sack for this jacket. The Big Agnes men’s Ellis jacket, nice clean
profile, light weight warmth, compressible, compact package. Whether it is worn as an
outer wear piece of part of layering system, you get a lot of versatility in this one jacket.

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