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Bringing Coats for Kids with Dallas Cowboys

Bringing Coats for Kids with Dallas Cowboys

(gentle music) – Well today, they’re
having Coats For Kids and it’s a collaboration
of the Knights of Columbus, the Dallas Cowboys, this parish, Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. It’s just important
that we really live out the gospel message, especially
during these winter months. – Providing coats for the
children is tremendously meaningful to the entire
community, the church, the school, and the Knights of Columbus. Being able to serve our fellow man is really, you know, the
mainstay of the Knights and what we want to do. – Being around the kids and seeing the joy that they emit to everybody around them and thinking about what they can do, how they can impact our
future and everything. They’re our future. It’s a joy for me. It’s a privilege for me
to be a part of this. – The Knights of Columbus
are such a gift from God and a gift for the church. Being the shepherd of this diocese, I see an event like this as phenomenal. You can’t really get any more sincere in living out a gospel message than taking care of our children. (uplifting music) – This is a day of just
giving back the kids. Having an opportunity to
hand out a nice, warm coat to these youngsters is just, I mean, what better way to
spend a Saturday morning to see the smile on their face so big. A lot of times you forget that
there are people out there who really need help. So for me, it’s just,
it’s nice to give back. – Charity is what the
Knights are all about. Family is what the Knights are all about. And giving is what the
Knights are all about. So that’s why we are here and giving out coats to
the kids of the community. – Thank you, Knights of
Columbus for the coats. (uplifting music)

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