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Cara Melukis di Celana Denim | Pituaji

Cara Melukis di Celana Denim | Pituaji

Paint in Denim Pants can first begin with give a basic drawing with a pencil so the picture becomes good then underlies denim pants with white so that the color is clearer continue with color only use primary colors, yellow red blue with black and white. to form a shadow so that the image is not stiff black to make it darker this image can easily be done without screen printing This paint is durable. although washed several times after deemed finished can be dried with a hair dryer. then dried in the sun. if deemed useful. Share, to be useful for others

5 thoughts on “Cara Melukis di Celana Denim | Pituaji

  1. yang aku suka dari channel ini adalah di saat si masnya nglukis selalu nerangin terus, sesuatu yang diucapkan berulang-ulang akan bisa di ingat. walau seperti video sebelumnya, tidak banyak trik yg dirahasiakan. semua dikeluarkan secara gratis, aku suka mas bro. Lanjutkan! memang benar beramal tidak harus pakai duit. MANTUL!

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