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Chic on a Budget Winter Edition | Zara, H&M, Everlane Haul

Chic on a Budget Winter Edition | Zara, H&M, Everlane Haul

we are on our way to shop for shake on a
budget so what I do a chick on a budget is basically going to stores that are
more budget-friendly for me when I shop I do try to buy things that will last
longer and look really nice and that will look like I spent a lot of money on
but today I’m gonna show you what I look for when I buy these clothes and what
kind of small little details that can make an item look more expensive what I
notice the knit the way they are they don’t look good after like a few wears
when you wash them also these don’t let go they just stretch out and it becomes
like big cable and it looks cheap this one is a bit better because there’s a
desire to it we are back to the studio and now that I got you items for the
Chicana budget I’m gonna showcase what are my picks I have to say there wasn’t
a lot going on in stores when I do chic on a budget I do make sure that I show
you pieces that are legitimately good that are made well that will serve you
you know for longer than just this season there was not much going on but I
did my best and I’m actually happy that there are fewer items that I can focus
on first I wanted to say huge thank you to glasses usa.com for sponsoring this
part of the video glasses you said a comment been a company that I’ve been
working with for a long time now and I’m part of this partnership if you’ve ever
seen my eye where it’s all glasses USA so they are cutting the middleman and
the reason why I’m including them in the Chicano budget is because it’s exactly
that you don’t pay that extra fee that you do when you go to a store so the
prices are amazing and you get up to 70% off of retail prices and right now
wearing probably my most used pair but also have two other pairs that are
alternate between now they have designer brands as well on the website like Ray
Bans and also their own in-house brands this is the other one that I like to
wear and you can add any prescription that you need on the website it’s super
easy to use the websites you just go on it you take a selfie you upload your
photo and then you can actually match the styles virtually so that’s really
really helpful this was a collaboration with glasses usa.com and Hilary Duff
Lizzie McGuire what is it Lizzie McGuire songs and dreams are made of a complete set of glasses that includes
the frames and the prescription starts at $30 which is an amazing price
so these are my top picks that I use and where I’ve linked my styles in the
description box and you can find other styles online when you go to glasses you
stay calm so my first item from Chicana budget is
actually one that I got online I didn’t get it in stores and this is my ever
Lane bra high-waisted denim I got them in white and the price was really good
for the quality also ever Lane is a sustainable brand so it’s nice to happen
to the more attainable aspect of fashion I got them in white specifically because
most of my white pants are kind of flared so this is a great kind of high
boot style for the winter the next item from every Lane is this
turtleneck I wanted to find something that’s breathable and nice on the skin
this is 100% cotton and also the price for it was $40 Canadian which means it’s
around 30 u.s. also this is a staple that I feel like you layer a lot so you
want to find one that’s made of good material and won’t trap all the heat in
your body I actually just changed my mind about an
item because I actually wouldn’t buy it myself so I don’t want to recommend you
guys to buy it so moving on from Zara was this petticoat which I grabbed
honest ages because of the color is it so thick no well you have to layer yes
but if you are into the teddy codes I think this is a really nice more
elevated color to one I feel like it would be really multi-purpose as
something that you can just wear during the day and something that you can
really transform into more of like an evening ish look then we are gonna move
on to agent M I got this jacket that really reminded me of
of the vintage jackets that I usually find at thrift stores the way that it’s
structured it’s kind of baggy it has a masculine look but it is nicely made
this one also has a wool blend in it which I like and I really like the color
as well so I wanted to show you guys this one in case you are in the market
for the more vintage II feeling coats you can also use it as an overcoat and
again with light colors it would look really nice with darker colors it will
work so I gravitated toward those then some other items that I found that I
liked was this Cod this actually has a wall of pakka blend in it
unlike the color and then I also found these gloves that I really like the
colors as you can tell I’m really going towards the lighter colors this winter
also an item that I usually buy from either Walmart or Costco but I found
them at H&M it’s these tights that actually have
fleas inside of them so they will keep you warm
these are $15 Canadian so it came back to us
these are really really good essential to have in the winter time another thing
that I got are these polka dot tides that I actually wore to a premiere in
New York I went to really high-end stores to find them and I found a pair
that literally looks the same for like $200 then I went to a gem and I found
them for like $15 major score I’m gonna be wearing those a lot I really like
like the fun aspect they bring to an outfit so that I also got at H&M I hope
you guys enjoy this video I’ll see you next time thank you lovely so much for
watching for more fashion contact check out the 8 must-have boots for winter

100 thoughts on “Chic on a Budget Winter Edition | Zara, H&M, Everlane Haul

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    I know these clothes may be very inexpensive and it only makes sense for people to buy them, but what's sustainable for you isn't for somebody else. In fact, it's cruel and void of their rights.
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    And again like many people mentioned not everyone has access to good thrift stores.
    Valeria also always promotes doing fast fashion “slowly”. She often talks about not buying poor quality stuff from fast fashion brands which you constantly have to replace and advises buying good quality stuff which you can wear for a longer time. I think that is a better approach to shopping from here if sustainable options are not are not a possibility for you

    What i personally dislike is the amount of sponsored content Val’s been putting up. The videos which aren’t sponsored arent even well thought out ( as this one). The quality of content is deteriorating. And you can genuinly see that she is more excited about getting to work with a brand or talking to us about that stuff (which is understandable and i support her), but the ratio is way off and genuine content is poor quality.

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    I really like the sweater you are wearing, where is it from?
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