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Citizen Pulls Over Cop, Demands ID & It’s Amazing

Citizen Pulls Over Cop, Demands ID & It’s Amazing

I suspect you’re gonna love this next story. It’s about a cop who get’s pulled over by a citizen Yes, you heard that right. This guy named Gavin Seim, and in fact the media explains, Gavin Seim pulled a cop over for what have to be appeared to be an unmarked sheriff car violation. Really? Well let’s take a look at the video and see how this all went down and you’ll see it for yourself. Watch. Make sure his unmarked car is legal. Afternoon, sir? Good, hey the reason why I stopped you today is ’cause I saw this car was unmarked is this a registered unmarked vehicle for undercover work, or…? Okay you’re not allowed to have patrol cars that are unmarked. Are you aware of that under Washington State RCW I’d have to look it up. Yeah, you really should do that. Um, so there’s no mark and there’s no indication on this car. Okay what’s your name? Campial? Okay Deputy Campial can I see some ID? Can you see some ID? Yes. Yeah I need to make sure that you- You need to prove.. You’re driving an unmarked vehicle you need to make sure you’re actually a police officer And that you have the authority to be driving this vehicle. ‘Cause you seem to be kinda’ doing something that is clearly in violation to washington state laws so i just want to make sure you are who you say you are, okay? Okay, well, [noise] I’m not going to play the game with you This isn’t a game, it’s called law Yeah, So can I see some ID, and maybe licence, registration, proof of insurance sir? No, i’m not going to show you that Yeah, this is my ID right here That’s not ID sir. Yeah, well If i showed you a patch would you take that as ID? C’mon. That’s…let’s be reasonable Anybody can have a patch sir. Okay – what about…lemmie Is it a big deal for you to show me some ID, just so I can make sure? I can show it to you! That’d be cool. That’s all I want. I just like to make sure Campial, GT51. Can I see? Yeah, you can see it. You’re not going to hold it in your hand though. Ok, let me just get a close look at it then. Does that match this? That looks legit. I appreciate it. I do. You got a driver’s license too. I appreciate it. I appreciate the cooperation. Are you stopping people in this vehicle? Yeah, I am. It’s completely in violation of Washington State law, and you are culpable in that, the way the law is written Yes, sir. So you’ve admitted that you are in violation of Washington State law and that you are stopping people in this vehicle, so what I’m going to encourage you to do is to take this car back. I know you’re smiling, but we, the citizens, do have a right to hold you guys accountable I am not going to write you up today though If i’m in open violation of the law I could call a sheriff out here and demand that you be written up for this because you are in open violation of Washington State RCW, ok? Who didn’t love, “I’m not going to write you up today”? Ok, so I’m going to let you off the hook a little bit here today, but I’m going to need a lot more information from you. I love everybody in the video. Thanks for watching subscribe to Bradley_gaming and megaJkobe

100 thoughts on “Citizen Pulls Over Cop, Demands ID & It’s Amazing

  1. Dude you suck Young Turks suck you're giving kudos to the cops who are at fault if you have a problem with the gentleman who knows the law better than the cop and it's probably a government official in some capacity this is why I unsubscribe and stop watching Young Turks you guys are nothing but a bunch of liberal lefty's.

  2. Truth be told ,if there’s more communication like this btn citizens and law enforcements lkie this there will be less arrest and not a lot of ill feelings and trust towards cops

  3. The last fantastic beasts movie I had a cop mess with me over my wand it was glued into the holster so I could not draw it in any way I insisted on ID as this cop was a bald and singular cop he had been called, about wands carried by fans of the wizarding world do I gave up the wand got seventy five bucks for it had conscessions .

  4. For anyone that wants to use their heads, it was perfectly legal for the cop to be in the car. RW 46.80.065. Section 3

  5. WTF? Hard to believe the guy wasn't attacked, dragged from his car. Beaten unconscious or tazzed repeatedly while "resisting". Shot dead or arrested. Ofcourse, drugs would also be found shortly after by arriving back up officer's.

  6. As a woman I would pull over and be calling the police station just to make sure it was really a police officer. Also to send another cop in a marked csr. We had someone impersonating an officer and it was all over broadcasting to stop and call or drive right to the police station.

  7. I pulled a cop over once so he could give a police escort to hospital as my husband was having a heart attack, and he did.

  8. Please please not all cops are racist man….there are a lot of amazing police officers ….we make our presumptions based on a couple of videos and encounters in limited areas….please expand you range of information.


  10. Can you Imagine if this "Deputy"…
    take women in to his car saying he was going to take them to Jail and he take them to other place…That's Scarry!!

  11. Gavin has been doing this for years now one of the first auditor of cops . And showing the corruption of the police departments across the country

  12. Wow my God! this guy is too good and thanks to the officer for his corporation 👍👍👍. But to a point this guy knows the laws very well.

  13. I like how this video shows the truth: there are people in every profession who are bad and there are people who are good.

  14. first stop whining like a bitch about black persecution by cops. its bull shit. cops kill way more white people. second, gavin is now a refugee in mexico because the local gang did not like him telling them to follow the law.

  15. Actually the citizen is correct. She has to show identification it can't be just the bad you can't be just three the patch on his shirt he had physically has to show ID. Under the state laws. The vehicle has to be marked as a patrol car if he's giving any type of citation or tickets. He may not even be on duty what the citizen needs to do with call and ask if they have a police officer on duty. At that time of day. Because some officers do run in there police cars there are unmarked and say that they're on duty when they are not. Unless they are Detective but detectives don't usually write up people. They do investigation work. If it's not he is in violation of the law. He does need to be written up and be reprimanded for it in my opinion. in my opinion but I call the law as I see them under the law. Since I went to the law schools.

    I agree with you the radio guy. About the grandmother. There was a freeway rapist in Ohio and years ago I'm in many years ago there was a guy doing this. My husband I had just left and he was on duty he was an officer and in the process I leave in this car it's unmarked at 3 in the morning is me turned around on the freeway and comes up behind me with lights and I have no idea who he is. Now that time we had CB I got on the CB and I guess I signal mayday mayday. Which is a marine signal. My father we had boats. And I use the Marine signal but I was calling for help and someone came on and said where are you and I told them well this car blocked me on an angle well there was just enough room between me and the car to go between the guardrail in his vehicle. This officer got out of his vehicle and he comes comes up to my window and he pounds his fists on my window and demands me to get out and I said no he turned around I said you through the window I said I want to see your ID he refuses to show me any ID he had a dirty uniform on that went below his waist line. He Slams on my window again and I didn't do anything then he stepped back and puts his hands behind his back. I thought i was going to be shot. AT that point I put my car in gear and I took off between the guardrail and his car and I speeded it as fast as I could down to a restaurant and Dennys restaurant.i pulled up in front. I ran out of my car left my purse in the car ran into the restaurant and I asked for immediate help I asked for an officer to come to this location immediately well they came in and the officer try to arrest me. MY husband heard us and he came down turn on location and he said what are you doing. I was in fear that this was the freeway rapist which I yelled that out in the reastaurant. Because he was not in a mark vehicle. IT was an orange vehicle. Willoughby Police Department came because that's where I was at; that point and before that it was Eastlake. Willoughby Police let me go because of this problem of this officer he was in an unmarked vehicle flagging down cars and giving citations. The same officer did this to a the mayor's wife the following day She-speed it up and she went into the Willoughby Police Department and got the Willoughby Police and they arrested this officer this officer was a lieutenant with the Eastlake Police Department. Ways to say that's the last I knew of him. But this is a perfect example are these unmarked vehicles because they're not marked enough the show who they actually are. I know I wasn't on an officer at that time I was scared to death that I was going to become a statistic if it wasn't for my husband at the time and the Willoughby Police Department. my cousin what's the chief at that time. I did not know that until somebody had told me that.

  16. WTF this man is doing ⁉️ Will he come and help was when we are in trouble ⁉️ No way . Only police will come to help us.
    Color people treat the Police with no respect . . Because they are the one who want to kill all real Americans.

  17. I was gonna give this a thumbs up. But by the time i finished the video i was confused what to give you.
    I was impressed with the citizen and his audacity to confront the cop. Really really brave.
    I also commend the cop for his compliance and his politieness. Really commendable.
    BUT i got to think also WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF IT WERE A BLACK CITIZEN??????? I don't think i would be watching the same video.

  18. that's one insulin 99 out of a hundred even the white guy would have got his ass whooped that's just one scenario where he got away with that shitt

  19. I pulled a cop over one time but for a far more selfish reason. I was irritated that the Maryland State trooper was driving in his patrol car in front of me with his mother/mother in law in the passenger seat. I was on my motorcycle and just wanted to GO but I knew if I passed him he’d probably pull me over for speeding. Flashed my lights a few times until he pulled over at which point I asked him how fast we were going and made up a story about my speedometer acting up. He gave me shit but answered my question and before he got back in his patrol car I pulled out on the highway and proceeded to distance myself before initiating warp drive. I know nobody cares but thought it a relevant story.

  20. I found this extremely amusing but I have to agree. I think that there is something to be said in diplomacy like that definitely deserves to be recognized.

  21. When your white you can do whateverthefuc you want.. point blank period! I NIGGA WOUD OF GOT SHOT IN THE NECK AS SOON AS HE WALKED UP ON THE COPS CAR .!!!!

  22. what a farce, this guy is pretending to be able to demand personal information from this cop and "write him up"?? and did this cop get pulled over? How? This is fake, obviously. No cop would submit to this. This is fake. Never would get away with this. Cops would kill you first. I actually think maybe this is a staged act. perhaps these two are related.

  23. Do they have this law in Illinois? I see minivans and all sorts of different brands of unmarked vehicles in my local arsenal. It ain’t right

  24. Yes!! Citizens do have the right to challenge what's wrong. I LOVE THIS GUY WOW SUPER BALLS TO STAND UP TO THE MAN. WOOT!!

  25. Everyone should do this. Most people don't know what the law is. Most people only argue with cops when they're in trouble.

  26. Hey this cop was awesome. He handled like a pro. The guy that was asking the questions went over board with his big mouth. And he could have stopped a lot sooner. He should of just shut up a lot sooner. The guy was doing it on purpose and went overboard. But in reality some cops are ten times worse then that. So yea very interesting

  27. God bless gavin for all his hard work on behalf of us all,and god bless this cop who listened and heard gavin out and was totally professional even thought i think he wanted to laugh in his face ,but he didnt get so upset to the point of anger and violence hooray to that cop we need more like you .

  28. Would like you to meet my dog you stupid mother fucker cannot believe the balls and gall of these dumb fuckers being a cop is hard enuff been in trouble countless times still respect them and appreciate them really tase that dumbfucker

  29. What do you mean it ain't his fault that officer should know the law I'm pretty sure he did and he knew he was doing wrong stopping vehicles in that Unmarked car

  30. That was beautiful! That cop instantly felt rage and then after he thought about it and heard the guy out he just chilled out and probably thought the guy was crazy but then realized he had a point.

  31. As fast as citizens get a favorable ruling. The police get coaching on how to circumvent it. Can I search your vehicle? No. I smell burning marijuana

  32. Way to put race into this non racial incident. Everyone already knew if he was black it would have went badly but it didnt have to be said. Your the problem in america

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