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CLOTHING HAUL UNBOXING & TRY ON Fall 2017 | Hot Miami Styles

CLOTHING HAUL UNBOXING & TRY ON Fall 2017 | Hot Miami Styles

okay first I thought I broke the zipper. Oh wait I did break the zipper. Did I break this? Noooo! Biggest fail of life. I definitely popped the zipper open. Hey Loves! What's up? It's Toya and I've got a little bit of a different setup. I'm gonna have my mirror up and I'm gonna do an unboxing for Hot Miami Styles. Kind of a pre-fall unboxing. You guys are going to get my first impressions trying them on and I've seen a couple of people do these kind of videos so I' thought it would be fun if I did my own. Start with this top. Oh, this is really pretty. okay so it's a really nice off shoulder–
all right let's do it! okay it's a bit of a struggle to get it
on. All right. oh my god! I feel like I just broke it. Something popped. Oh. it's just a zipper. Okay. Girl! I didn't realize that there was a zipper on the side. so it'll be a lot easier for you
to try this on. to stop okay first I thought I thought I broke the zipper. Oh wait. I did break the zipper. Did I break this? Noooo! Biggest fail of life. I definitely popped the zipper open. Let's see if I can fix this. Okay so I'm just gonna see if I can fix this a little bit later. Outside of that, it's kind of hard
to really really tell. It has a little bit of pleating here on the side and it has this really beautiful embroidery, bell sleeves, off the shoulder. I don't have anything like it. I tend to go for very solid colors with no patterns just because I know that they're more versatile. but I want to take a couple risks. There is a little bit of bagginess here. like I said, it's a little harder to judge. But even if I were to tighten this up all the way there is still a little bit of bagginess right here. Honestly, if you don't have
boobs, this is probably not a great shirt for you. Just the way it's made, they really gave you a little extra room for some breasteses. Now let's see if I can take this off. I think this is the easiest way to get this off. Okay. We're gonna put this over our heads again and I'll fix this later. Boobs You're failing me. This is another off the shoulder top with a little halter action. Some buttons. I noticed the buttons. but there are no zippers on the side of this this. This one is so much easier to put on. Okay! hold on, hold on, hold on. This is–Wow. This is cute! This one you definitely need a strapless bra because tucking your bra straps in just makes it really bulky in the front. So you definitely the right bra. but this is a beautiful
beautiful orange. Orangy-red sort of floral patterned shirt. like I said, if you don't have the right bra it's gonna buckle here It buttons back here. I was only able to get one on. The buttons are a little tricky but I could see this with some white pants. even like a– or even a white– Yeah, I would
probably wear this with white pants. I would probably still keep them
high-waisted. I wouldn't want to wear any distressing and maybe a nice open
toe sandal. Platform something like that. And of course the right bra. This is pretty. Jeans! I love their jeans. I absolutely am obsessed with their jeans. They have so much stretch in them. I got these in a size 11. I typically get a size 9 However, I did gain some weight. Those of you to follow me on snap know about the accident and how I couldn't work out so I'm getting back to it, but until then. But I like about these is that even
if I lose a little weight I can pretty much fit these still because they have so much stretch. It has some distressing on the bottom and a little sort of frayed cut off at the ankle hem. It has some in the back. Some distressing too. Okay! These look amazing! Oh yes. Yes girl, yes, Yes! Whoo! Booty. Aye aye aye aye! Yes girl, YAASS!! Can I just hear it for it? Can I hear it for the jeans, yal? This is so flattering. I love ahigh-waisted jean. Especially if you're kind of working on your midsection. It's so nice. I absolutely love the distressing here. It is a little thin, so I don't know how long this will last. However, it looks dope. You definitely want to get your right size because even now moving around You know, you might get that like busting out of a can of biscuits, you know? type of look. You don't want that. It has the distressing on the back of the ankle between the calve. What I love about these jeans. High-waisted jeans are where the pockets lay. hopefully you guys can see me but Look. The pockets sit high. when a pocket sits high, that makes your butt look more bootylicious okay? It makes it look good. When your pocket is too low, it sags and looks flat and weird. and then also the stretch. It doesn't smash my butt in, so I really love these. These are amazing. mmm-hmm yeah. I love them. Now these, I think go slightly higher. okay so these jeans are 49.99 for both pair. So these are the jeans. No distressing. the pockets sit at a nice nice spot. Yes. the only thing about these jeans is that for whatever reason in this area if you have a little something, it's gonna show. So it kind of looks slightly mom jean-ish. Like a mommy jean in a way. Something, you know, something like old
school mom would wear. kind of like has a slightly vintage look with a modern flair. I don't even know but I would say In order for these jeans to look my
best, I would have to like flatten up just a little bit more. but these are incredibly comfortable. Whoo! Do the squats girl! Okay, I almost don't want to show you guys this. It's that beautiful. I want no one else to have it. Look at this dress! Okay. first of all, not only is it this beautiful cobalt blue It's in this very smooth, thick, almost neoprene fabric. So it keeps it's structure. Oh my god. So it's… You got a little curvature here. It's got the ruffles on the bottom. Oh my God. And then across with this really
beautiful almost sweetheart sort of cut at the top. Sleeves are comfortable. The back… Oh my gosh. My tag is sticking out, but It gives you a little bootylicious
actually going on. Yes! this is gorgeous. I cannot wait to wear this somewhere guys. I need to find a place now. So next is going to be a two-piece. Excited! There's a zipper on this one. okay and these pants… don't have a zipper. okay so I got this in a large and I love the concept of it. I do think it's a bit big, but let's
just talk about the top. first of all, these beautiful balloon sleeves. This
beautiful striped pattern. I normally never go for anything that is this bold, but I love the fact that I can wear this with– I can mix and match with other
pieces that I may have but it looks gorgeous together. Like I said I got a
large so there's a little bit too much space here. um the back looks pretty good. Let's see. The top is a little bit too big and the pants are very long. So if you're a tall person, you probably would really like this outfit. I'm probably gonna see if I can return it for medium because I really really like this and I want to be able to wear it. It's gorgeous. Backless. I mean, you know I mean. No back, sleeveless. love it. This is this pretty. I wish it fit. So this next item is the black botanic
floral sheer kimono cardigan. I lifted my camera up. Now I'm like, can you see me? Oh this is pretty. Very pretty. Very nice and light for the summertime. The spring. it's kind of the "nightgown-y" looking You know I think I would do? I would get
one of those extra long rope belts and I would tie it around here. And then I would wear one of those tank dresses Like, very simple underneath. Ooo! Or I could do stripes Something black with mint green.
Vertical stripes. Oh yes! And put that under there. And belt it. Or not. Shoot. Hey! I like this a lot you guys know how
I love long cardigans and whatnot so this is a keeper for me. So this is the next piece. Yes, the navy blue one. Yep. Same thing. Yeah, actually like this color a little bit better. I think it complements my skin tone a little better. It kind of brings it out. Yeah This is really really pretty I love
this. And just so you guys know. I did get this zipper to work again. Yes! Thank you!

24 thoughts on “CLOTHING HAUL UNBOXING & TRY ON Fall 2017 | Hot Miami Styles

  1. Can you comment on the quality? I've never shopped there before and those prices seem kind of high for "trendy" pieces. Thank you!
    Btw! Very fun haul! Loved how it was presented… Also, where is the mirror from? (sorry, I see that I am asking for TOO much… haha).

  2. There's just something about orange or coral on melanin! YES girl! Black girls are the bomb…we really are! 🙂

  3. High waisted vintage look with a modem flare…are MOM jeans no matter what new fangled name you give it…high waisted = Mom Jeans😂

  4. Watching you try to get out of that first top gave me anxiety. 😂 I have a fear of getting stuck in clothes. LOL!

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