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CNO’s T-Shirt Tuesday – Beat Army!

CNO’s T-Shirt Tuesday – Beat Army!

>>RICHARDSON: Hey team, CNO Richardson here
with Bill. We’re doing a special version of T-shirt Tuesday
to mark the Army-Navy Game. The football game of the year. Alright. This the year that we turn it all around put Navy back on top and break the winning streak. Hey, Blackjack. Seriously? We’re trying to do a thing here. Come on, man.>>MILLEY: Blackjack, Blackjack. Settle down. Hey, John. How are you?>>RICHARDSON: Good to see you.>>MILLEY: Good to see you. I was on your Facebook page.>>RICHARDSON: Yeah.>>MILLEY: I saw your t-shirt. It looked a little small, so i thought I’d
get you one that was probably more appropriate.>>RICHARDSON: Yeah, yeah.>>MILLEY: Beat Navy.>>RICHARDSON: Alright, thanks a lot. We’ll work that into the rotation. Bill, that’s just rude. Sorry. Why don’t you take this one. You can get your own Facebook thing going. Work out.>>MILLEY: Beat Army? I don’t know if i can have this one, but I’ll
tell you what. Blackjack looks like Blackjack needs a t-shirt
right now.>>RICHARDSON: He does.>>MILLEY: Blackjack, why don’t you take that
t-shirt. ((TOWEL SNAPS))
>>RICHARDSON: This happens every year. Like every time.>>MILLEY: Every single time. You can’t control them.

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