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Confidently Wear Dresses, My Fav Fashions & Styles Lookbook for Mature Women, Awesome over 50

Confidently Wear Dresses, My Fav Fashions & Styles Lookbook for Mature Women, Awesome over 50

Hey Awesome ones, Heather here. Do you remember
when you were younger and the summer time came along or the spring or the fall or whatever.
And you put on that beautiful flowing dress and pair of strapy sandals and you felt so
so cool. And cool in many different ways in the warm weather. Well I kind of lost the
whole dressing up. I lost wearing a dress and feeling fantastic in a dress but I got
it back and I’m going to show you how I got it back and some of my favorite dresses and
it all starts in just a few seconds. So first of all I’ll tell you what happened
to me. And kind of why I got out of wearing the dresses and then I’m going to show you
some of my favorite styles and why I picked them especially with my age and my shape.
And also how I can wear them with other outfits. So as most of you know I’m a former model
and I was kind of use to being skinny and once these…the natural tummy started to
get bigger and all of that sort of thing, I started hiding and I really thought you
know what I’m going to wear trousers and even if I went to a wedding and I thought man I
can’t wear trousers to a wedding. I would wear the longest maxi dress and just hide
underneath this. So I’m going to call this the frumpy stage of my life. Because here
I am hiding my tummy and then oh my gosh, what are those? Are those Varicose veins?
I better start hiding those as well and wearing trousers and I guess its just frump city for
the rest of my life. And then I took a real good hard look in the mirror one day and I
wen’t, I’m too young to look this old. So all those frumpy oversized clothes they got
donated. I would only shop in the extra large stores. People would come up to me and say
this is the extra large or plus size and I’d say yes I know. But what they didn’t know
is Psycoclogically I just wanted to hide behind these clothes. So then I had to set out and
try and find clothe to wear. And it was an adjustment. You know, no more of the tight
tummies or that kind of material thats silky and shows every little bulge. Also no more
dresses that were six inches above the waist……er above the knees. So with endless try ons and
it seemed like hundreds of different stores I wen’t into, I finally found so dresses that
were comfortable and made me feel confident. They also covered up some of the…..you know
anyway and I’m going to share them with you right now. So number one is a fun dress. And
this is a great dress just it’s so much fun its so cool and why are we wearing trousers
that are you know a little bit above the ankles and calling them capris. They are not really
summer pants they are binding they are sweaty and they’re still trousers. So on those days
when the weather is really hot and I’m kind of out for the day of fun I wearing something
like this. So this dress its made of a breathable jersy and it has these cute little seagulls
designs on it and I really love it. Now I’m probably wearing this dress maybe to the waterfront
or maybe to a festival. So I’m going to be doing a lot of walking so I’m just wearing
a flatter pair of sneakers. I don’t want to be wearing high heals with this. And they
really they really work quite well and I have gone eight hours in this dress and sneakers
and its totally comfortable and I’m cool as a cucumber. So my second dress its really
flowy and kind of a little sexy as well. Because it shows a little bit of leg with that built
in mini dress underneath. Its actually sown right into the dress. And this is great for
something thats maybe an outdoor event a little more formal. And its all about getting dressed
up again and really owning your look. You know you’re a beautiful woman an let your
light shine and one way to do this is to wear a dress like this and feel really confident.
And as I said own it. Now in the evenings with a dress like this you might have rolled
up in your purse a little sweater or maybe a little shawl because sometimes the evenings
they get a little colder as we know. And check out the sandals on this. Its a nice pair of
strappy sandals and it really does complete the look. So for the number three dress its
the one I’m wearing here but also over here and It…did you see the video I did on shopping
in the summer? I’m going to put the link up there for you because this is how I found
this red dress. I just…I don’t know why I bought it. Maybe I wanted to be the Lady
in Red….or maybe it was just I kept on seeing a lot of red dresses at the mall or maybe
it was because it was our annivegrsary coming up and I wanted to wear something special
but you know what I think it was? I hadn’t worn a red dress in about 30 years. So when
I tried on this dress I just knew it was the one for me and as we can see over here it
has the roushing that makes the tummy area….kind of a wrinkled material and that really helps
hide a few bulges there. And also I love the shoulders on this. It is short sleeve so its
great for the summer but its not those spaghetti straps that kind of you know shows every little
bulge you have so I really really like this. Now as for our anniversary. This was the dress
that I wore. And Bill took me out to a wonderful theatre play and it was just incredible. We
had dinner before and as you can see with this beautiful dress I decided to pair it
with a pair of kind of Gladiator sandals and it really kind of finished the look for me
and of course its summer time and it works. So when I was wearing this dress I didn’t
feel frumpy at all. Like a beautiful woman and you know, just as a side note these dresses
I’m showing you they are right out of my closet but what we’re going to do under the description
is we are going to link some similar dresses for you so you can get dressed up too. Now
of course what would a video on dresses be without the L-B-D the little black dress.
This little black dress is one with a little longer sleeves and I would probably wear that
you know maybe in the fall or the winter. I also have two other little black dresses
with shorter sleeves but this one in particular you could wear with maybe a nice scarf you
could change it up with a cardigan or a blazer to wear to work. There is so many different
ways you can wear a little black dress. And actually I did a video on different ways you
can wear a little black dress so I’m not going to get into them all here. And I’m going to
put the link up there for you so you can take a look at how to wear this versitile dress.
Now of course black is very slimming because its black. But I urge you I urge you just
don’t have black dresses. Go out and find some fun colors. Maybe you can be the Lady
in Red or maybe you can find a really fun print and change it up a little bit, don’t
hide behind that color. Now my number five dress has to be something absolutely gorgeous
and I found this dress at an after Christmas sale and I got about 90% off of it. And this
the kind of dress if you’re invited to a fund raiser or a gala that you would have it. You
know those kind of events where men are in tux’s. I wouldn’t wear this to a wedding though,
its kind of a little be dazzled for that. Now for this dress usually I’m wearing it
in the winter and I’m not wearing it around the same people all the time you know if I’m
going to a new years event there is usually new people there at every event we go to.
So I can wear it more than once. Usually what I do is I wear a pair of like silk stockings
or dark stockings with it sheer though and I wear a pair of kind of gold and black pumps.
You don’t want to be wearing sandals in the snow, where we live there is snow. So this
really works. When I’m wearing a dress like this I kind of feel like Cinderella at the
ball. I just feel so I don’t know…so awesome. And I urge you to have one of these in your
closet too. So just before I bring in our little yorkie Hurricane and I talk about future
videos, what do you think? If you’re not wearing dresses that often did I convince you to maybe
go and try on a few of them and we just have to relax with the whole thought process of
like with me its…my legs are too pale…..I’m showing my varicose veins….well there is
self tanning products to help you out with that. Or if its the winter time you could
put on a really nice silky pair of hose or also what are….oh yeah the tummy thing.
Well get a dress with some roushing in it andshow off those curves a little bit. Hey
I can guarantee you there is lots and lots of reasons why you can talk yourself out of
a dress but at the end of the day its usually just a lack of confidence. If anybody should
be having that lack of confidence it should be me as a former model. But no I just go
out and I own my curves and I gotta tell you something at that anniversary I own that red
dress.So put on that dress, paint those toenails and lets show the world that we are awesome
over 50 and we can rock it. And talking about someone whose awesome over 50…..did you
know that are little yorkie Hurricane in dog years is about 60 years old. So lets bring
him out and talk about the future videos. So here is little Hurricane and this is the
time I talk to you about the future videos. And have you seen our new channel on youtube?
It’s AwesomeOver50inspiration and on there we have just put up some new…well we went
on a vacation….it was not sponsored so it was really us. And just talking on our vacation
in Paris and London and again its Youtube.com/AwesomeOver50inspiration And when you’re there….did I say about putting
a link up there Bill? Ok well I’m going to put a link up there anyways to one of the
videos. And while you’re there don’t forget to subscribe and don’t forget to click the
bell so that you’re notified about the videos. Now as for this channel the Beauty and Fashion
channel, I’m going to be checking out some more products…I’m going to the drug store
again and I wanted to do some more review of makeup products for you and also a video
on revamping some of the clothes in my wardrobe and a lot more. So I guess this video is really
all about feeling pretty again and getting our confidence back. I know when I was in
that frumpy stage I was like Eliza Doolittle you know but inside I needed to find Audrey
Hepburn again and I really feel like I found her again. I really want that to happen for
you too. So get your confidence, head held high and lets show that world the women you
were meant to be.

51 thoughts on “Confidently Wear Dresses, My Fav Fashions & Styles Lookbook for Mature Women, Awesome over 50

  1. Thank you for posting this. I am 50, I am very poor so I figured the cheapest way to look good in the dresses I already have I bought two slimming panties..a few inches above the waist. Breathable fabric..waited until they were 50% off. I did get rid of the dresses that showed too much cleavage and were too short. Great advice!!

  2. Having heavy legs, I don’t feel comfortable in dresses… however, I recently bought a maxi, and, I am determined to wear it! It’s a finely striped pale blue and white vertical stripe… …sleeveless, so I plan on a white cover up or denim jacket!

  3. Heather, you look stunning in that red dress. All of your dresses are great. I'm a big dress fan. They're free and easy, cool and stylish. For the last couple of Summers, I've bought light linen dresses, that I've worn constantly. Well said, Heather. We should accept ourselves, and enjoy dressing up, without self consciousness. Life is too short to be paranoid about our flaws! Thank you, and Bill, very much. Love to the sixty year old Hurricane, who has the good looks of a puppy. XOXO

  4. Hi Heather: I agree with you; however, I stopped wearing dresses and skirts when the menopausal weight started happening. I gained about 25 lbs.since it began. I used to wear cute skirts & heels to work all the time! My legs are very white, and I just don't feel confident enough, because they're not as toned as they were in my forties. I'm exercising more at home; maybe someday…You look great in your pretty dresses. Have a wonderful weekend, all three of you! 🙂 Rosemarie xo

  5. You mention reviews. I'm interested in a good spot fader. I have some sun damage already in my mid-fifties. Like you, I like shear makeup. Ideas???😁

  6. Hey Heather! I am on the dress bandwagon this summer! I do self tan my legs. I bought a bunch on sale at Macy's and Amazon too. I do feel feminine in them! You look great in all your dresses but live the red one! Happy Anniversary! Hurricane… you're precious! Enjoyed! Xo

  7. Beautiful dresses. I love dresses also. I noticed that you don't have a wrap dress. I think you should get one – you would look awesome in it. I don't know where you live, but I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada. There is a designer with a line called Marallis. We can buy it on TSC. She has amazing fabric and prints. She makes different pieces and her dresses are fantastic. Check her out – you would look great in her items. Great video.

  8. Loved the red dress!!!!I haven`t use any red dress for 30 years even I !!Time to buy me one again.I think..But you dear Heather looks fabulous in everything!!Sounds like I am jelous–hahaha..just a bit..I have to admit.;)).Love your videos.!!!Keep on rockin`girl!Happy weekend for you and Hurricane.Lots of love from Norway!!

  9. I'm still in frump city. I do love maxi dresses, always have. I do miss being a size uk 8 though, I hate being a 16 but between disability, immobility and heavy duty meds I'm not going to be that skinny lass again. I also love chiffons and lace dresses. I do love your clothes and attitude

  10. I've just started wearing dresses regularly again. I love them. I live in Italy and mostly women here wear trousers or jeans. I was so tired of that look. I am keeping it classy and not too short and not too low. I'm off to Florence with my daughters tomorrow to look at the sales. I'm hoping to find some great dresses at low prices. I'm really excited about it.

  11. I wear the dresses—-and, also, I wear skirts and tops!
    All lengths from above the knees to maxi—– 🙂

  12. Love the red dress! I prefer dresses just over the knees. Could you provide a direct link to that dress, instead of a generic link for all red dresses on Amazon? Thanks.

  13. Hey, Heather here… If you want to find some dresses similar to what I'm wearing in the video or similar shoes, check out my blog at https://www.awesomeover50.com/confidently-wearing-a-dress/ (scroll down on page for the links) Thanks!

  14. I'm 60, and when I look in the mirror I say " who is that " ? I also have spider veins all over my anterior upper thighs – one day they just appeared……love your videos… I like all of the clothing on you, but the black dresses look beautiful on you… Btw, I love your baby dog

  15. I think dresses are always better than trousers. I always wear dresses or skirts. Wide skirts, full circle. For horse riding or walking, I wear a calf length split skirt. In wintertime, around the home i have lovely full circle tartan maxi skirts. I even clean the horse stables wearing those skirts. I get lots and lots of compliments from strangers about my looks. I'll be 60 in october.

  16. Hi Heather….I love your videos. Would it be too bold of me to ask you if you work out? You have a great body for over 50! Could you please make a video sometime about what you eat, and if you do work out, what sort of work-outs do you do? Thank you so much for posting your videos. They are very encouraging and inspiring for us women over 50!

  17. The dresses are cute and stylish, but I’ve had both knees replaced and have scars from the surgery. I have to wear something that covers my knees or midi-length.

  18. Hi Hurricane sweetie! Even before I hit 50 I decided long ago, NO MUUMUUs ! I wasn't too crazy about what they sold on the rack so I started sewing my dresses & skirts. I love my maxis & midcalf lengths.

  19. Hi Heather, love the video. #1 is so me, love it; I like #2 but would cut off the wings; and, I love both #4 & #5. I too love wearing dressings as said but I tend to steer away because of bumps and curves. I have quite a number of dresses, a few black, but will get out the ones I can wear now and dress up a bit for a change. Thanks so much for waking up this 77 year old. Love & Hugs

  20. I love this vlog . You inspire confidence , thank you. I love the first dress , but the red really suits you, it's your colour. Love to Hurricane x

  21. Another great video…I too started wearing dresses again. I steered clear because I didn’t like the inner thigh chaff (I do not wear panty hose…too hot in summer) until I found light weight thigh length panties from jockey. Made a big difference and now I find skirts and dresses my go during hot summer days. Love all your dresses in the video….so pretty.

  22. Great advice. Your personality really shines through. You're so lovely. Come on ladies, we can do this. I think a lot care to much what many think or compare themselves to younger females. Let your confidence shine. You've earned it. It seems I wear dresses/skirts much better than jeans/pants. To me, they help conceal. I'm sure it's because of my unique body structure & frame too. I went searching for you today to see if you've ever did a video on fragrances for "us" over 50. I couldn't find any videos on YT. Most are done by men for younger ladies. I'd love to see one by a woman our age. For some reason, I started thinking about this. I don't want to smell like a doughnut or bubble gum. I also don't want to smell like my Grandma. That's not a terrible thing but you know like the powder from WalMart or rose/gardenia. You might have already did a video. I will search through them. I appreciate your opinions & advice. Thank you 😉

  23. Really enjoyed this, just getting over insecurity about changing shape a bit after 60. It has taken 3 years…😎

  24. Thanks you so much for the reminder. I used to wear dresses all the time, and now that I'm 60, I stoped wearing them. You made me laugh about the ankle pants….that's what I wore today. lol . I just need to go shopping for new dresses and cute shoes to go with them!

  25. Hi Heather! You look stunning in those dresses 💃👗👠 red really suits you!
    I have thick thighs so wearing dresses in the summer can be painful. (Baby powder helps though!) 😉👍

  26. Hi Heather! Thanks for encouraging us ladies to get back into dresses again! I am 62 and stopped wearing dresses and skirts in my 20’s for the most part and & only wore them on special occasions. Because I had put on weight. Now I am happy to say for the last year or more I have gotten back into dresses and skirts & feel so much more feminine and my husband has actually said he likes seeing me in a dress! That encouraged me to get more…lol!

  27. The black dress with the sheer sleeves and sheer lacy overlay was my absolute fave on you!! You looked positively stunning!!!!

  28. Coming from a younger guy here, you women over 50 all look stunningly sexy and totally attractive. Not much sexier than a classy and NATURAL older woman.

  29. Hello from Dallas. I’m 64 as well. I’ve been wearing stretch band shorts with some cute tops for quite awhile. I’m .5’8” and an Apple baby dry form. I love dresses and I had forgotten that until this video. I have lymphedema in my ankles so not much for wearing things that show my legs off or that bring attention to me. I love these dresses so I might just put it out there again with these styles.

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