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Custom paint denim WAC TOJA ft. 7RYM – Słodki Sen MV | ART STUDIO VLOG EP.2 [ซับไทย]

Custom paint denim WAC TOJA ft. 7RYM – Słodki Sen MV | ART STUDIO VLOG EP.2 [ซับไทย]

Hi, everyone. It’s me Annatar. The opening video is part of Wac Toja ft. 7RYM in “Słodki Sen” music video. Wac and 7 are Polish rappers. They’re Las friends. This spring when I move to Poland. Las send them some pictures of my custom work. And 7 really like it. Thank you! Las for the best promotor! so he visits us to do customized denim jeans and shirt for filming this Music video. This music video name “Słodki Sen” means “Sweet dream” in Polish But the lyrics talk about a breakup so it’s not that sweet love concept. In this design, I include many burning elements of flame like Molotov cocktail, match stick and broken glass as a symbol of a broken heart. I paint a skeleton wing means to be free from the dying love. For the color theme, I use light blue to sugar coat this burning and broken things. A Sweet that bitter inside. And Match stick that burning a skeleton hand is like a love of a broken heart even knows it’s hurt but don’t want to let go. And the golden chain is symbolic of the strong attachment of the couple. I use gold as a precious moment and time they made together. But on the left chest of the shirt. I draw a sword pierced the heart that makes this strong chain loose and broken. To make this custom more special. I create 7RYM signature on the leather jeans tag. Also hidden somewhere in the design. 12 years of doing worldwide custom works. 7 is my first Polish customer ^ o ^ So thank you so much for supporting my artwork. I’m very happy that you like it. And you rock it well on music video Also, shout out to Wac. The day before filming Wac drive from warsaw to my studio to paint his denim jacket. But some accidents happen so he has to drive back after a long day and night trip. I feel very sorry.. I hope next time I can do a nice custom work for you. And I really love this music video

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