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Cycling Apparel, Safety, Gear & Repair : An Overview of Bike Pedals

Cycling Apparel, Safety, Gear & Repair : An Overview of Bike Pedals

This is Jim Toledano for Expert Village and
we’re going to talk about pedals. Every bike obviously has a set of pedals. You put
your feet on them, you push down each side alternately, and the bike goes forward. This
bike has a standard kind of bike pedal that everybody knows about from the bikes that
we used and we enjoyed when we were kids. It’s flat, you push it, and the wheel goes
round, but that’s all you can do. In order to make better use of the energy that you
put into bicycling, they’ve come up with a number of different kinds of pedals. This
is what’s known as an SPD. What it does is it has a place here in which a clip that
matches up the bottom of your shoe. What you do is take your shoe, stick into the clip,
and I’m going to go backwards because I can’t go forward without the bike going
forward, but you can see the clip is keeping the pedal attached to my shoe. When you want
to unclip, you just unclip. What these clips do and all the different kinds of clips that
are made is to not only to push down, but to pull up and to make circles, which uses
different muscles in a different order. Makes you more efficient and gives you a better
ability to control what you’re doing when you’re pedaling. One of the nice things
about most SPD pedals is they’re two sided. One side is the same as other, so you don’t
have to worry about which way the pedal is sitting when you clip in. When you clip out
it’s there whether it turns or not. There are a number of other different kinds of clipless
pedals. These are known as Look, and there are others with different manufactures. They
all work by the same principal. Unlike the SPDs, you have to get in from one side only
so it matters which side of the pedal you get into, but these are designed so you bring
your foot and just clip in like that. It should be for somebody who’s experienced in it
and gets used to it just as efficient. The difference between this kind of a clip and
the SPDs that I just showed you is that these are much larger. The theory is since they’re
much larger, they transmit the power of your legs more efficiently to the pedal. Once you’ve
got the clips figured out, the kind you like and they’re set right, you can find that
you can go faster, you can pedal harder, and you feel more comfortable on the bike than
you would with the old kind that you grew up with.

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