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Dearborn Denim & Apparel – Hyde Park, Chicago, IL

Dearborn Denim & Apparel – Hyde Park, Chicago, IL

I’m Kaleb Sullivan, Dearborn Denim & Apparel – Head of Retail. The concept behind Dearborn Denim – the idea is that the market was missing a “made in America” jean that looked good and felt good at an affordable price. We cut out the middleman, own our own factory, and bring jobs back to Chicago. it’s a classic jean and what I always say about a classic jean is it can take you anywhere you need to go – and you can dress them up you can dress them down. So our process at Dearborn Denim – we grow our cotton in Texas, our denim is woven in Georgia, and we make our jeans here in Chicago. And then we have our accessories – our handmade leather belts from handmade leather over at Horween at Ashland and Nelson – if you don’t know them it’s some of the best leather money can buy. One of the things I’m most proud of is the fact that we offer free custom hemming – we have our sewing machine right here behind me here in the store. The response from the community has been great. You know we’ve been getting a lot of love – giving a lot of love back. We’re excited to keep moving forward and see where it goes. I have Silver Room to my left, Modern Coop to my right, and then I can grab lunch at Valois every day. Hyde Park has so much original Chicago architecture that is lost throughout the rest of the city. I feel like I find myself using the word “community” to define Hyde Park more than I do with any other neighborhood. It’s – I’m already on a first-name basis with our mailman. I greet at people when I walk down the street, I asked them how their family is doing. From the diversity to the culture to the art to the food to the drink – you know everybody’s here working together. It’s no dog eat dog – its friend and family. Building a relationship, not just with every single customer that’s walking through that door, but with the other business owners… You know with the local alderman… It’s really just becoming a part of something bigger. We all actually come together to offer something different.

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