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Debby Ryan superhero costume

Debby Ryan superhero costume

it's like they're just giving it away what is this place didn't Lady Gaga wear something like this last year Jade everyone you see here correction [Laughter] all right first we need to come up with a superhero name that captures your essence about high remix it is yeah how did you think of that no costumes here's some designs were made oh my gosh big spotlight okay so she looks like but to be a true hero you have what if I take it out I just defeated a real super hero that was easy that was awesome I you crushed Skylar and even break a sweat luckily because this facial cost me $4,000 but first I need one thing my sunglasses into sparkling water and some carrot sticks in a case for my scrunchie and a bag for my scrunchie case dude I see sparkling water then why don't I have it hey Skylar incredible and sound incredible and AM incredible but the truth is I also have a lot of self-doubt it was crazy of me to think that I could be half the hero I heard you were I don't want to say anything but then I crushed you like a bug and it really boosted my confidence don't thank you for that oh I forgot I have to be at the club for soundcheck hey you why don't you Oliver and Kaz all come stay for the show and afterwards I could fight evil and piracy of my music justice you will accept your defeat that's what you get for scuffing my new boots you dirtbag Jade you guys okay little shaking I have but we're okay no I meant are you okay as friends I like my friends to be friends mix my birthday parties less awkward well it certainly didn't make this moment less awkward Jade you will really brave out there I'm sorry for doubting you you definitely have what it takes to be a superhero thank you but I still have a lot to learn like how does your hair look so good right after a battle I mean look at mine and I just got a $9,000 blow-dry listen normally I only work solo but would you maybe coach me I'd love to if you can do me one favor

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