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Decorating Softball Jerseys

Decorating Softball Jerseys

Hi I’m Josh Ellsworth with Stahls’. For
over 80 years Stahls’ has been the leader in heat printing. We manufacture the most
technologically advanced heat presses along with the wide variety of solutions for heat
printing team uniforms. This particular demonstration is 1 part of a complete tutorial titled Decorating
Team Uniforms for High School Athletics. Now to watch that video in its entirety you can
click the link below right now. But if you have limited time and prefer to learn in sessions,
then stay right here. This presentation is on decorating softball jerseys. To buy any
of the products featured, visit Stahls.com. So after baseball, let’s move to some woman’s
softball jerseys. And we’ll work with 2 different materials here, these are kind of
s racer back style jersey. So 1 idea for that is to go with a name underneath a number so
we’ll do that. And you can see we’re using kind of a perforated material here called
Airflow. And just another product that you can cut on the vinyl cutter, and the selling
point for this one, it has a really cool design in the number first off. But it kind of makes
the garment a little more breathable. You may have noticed this Airflow material on
the red jersey beside me here. So you can use it on cotton and polyesters,
but it’s pretty easy to work with. And for the front of this jersey we actually completed
an athletic tail. Once again with softball it’s like baseball, there’s really not
a lot of restrictions. On the front of the jersey you’re not required to put a number
on there, so in this case we’re just going to do a tail. And CadworxLive makes it easy
to create athletic tails. There’s a number of athletic tail templates there that you
can just swap the text out on and pick the script font of your choice and you can create,
you can complete the welding functionality to make sure there’s no cuts in between
your script right within Cadworx. For softball it’s a minimum of a 6-inch number. So that’s
for our pink softball jersey. And for this one, we’ll use a product called Super Film.
Now Super Film is kind of in the same sort of performance family as the Premium Plus
material we used earlier. The difference is, Super Film has nylon adhesive as well, so
if you find yourself running into nylon garments particularly stretch garments, Super Film
can be a really good choice. In this case, I know it’s kind of interchangeable with
Premium Plus as far as how it looks, feels and performs. So I’ve chosen it for a simple
color match to kind of go with this jersey. It’s what I had available. It’s a Vegas
Gold kind of color. So let’s start by pressing the Airflow material.
And we’ll just start on the front of the jersey. Thread it on. If you get yourself
into smaller slimmer cut jerseys that won’t thread over this platen, there is an 11 by
15 inch platen that’s really nice. We’ll use that momentarily when we get to volleyball. Again, I’ll preheat. Airflow applies for 10 to 15 seconds. So I’m sure you’re getting it at this
point. But the heat apply film, CAD-CUT workflow is ultra simple. All you need is research
the rules and regulations for the sport, understand a little bit about how to dial in your cutter
and the material choices available, and just make sure to follow the instructions for each
particular material. I always give the analogy, the heat press is your oven, the particular
CAD-CUT material is your frozen pizza, all you have to do is follow the instructions
on the frozen pizza and it will tell you exactly what to set the oven for. And that’s a completed
garment. Let’s do the Super Film. Now Super Film is a cold peel material, which
means you need to let it cool completely down before you release it. So since we’re doing
a single color application it’s not a problem whatsoever. I’ll just lay me design out.
With Super Film it starts to want to curl, but if you give it a few seconds it will settle
back in. Or you can simply cover it up and press. Since it’s a cold peel I’m just
going to go straight to the back of the jersey. Making sure not to disrupt the front, so I’ll
pull it completely off and load it while that backs cooling down. I’m sorry, while the
fronts cooling down I’ll press the back. Once again a minimum of a 6-inch number. Thermal
tape is also available, so if you’re working in an environment where maybe there’s an
air condition blowing or something, you don’t want that design to blow around you can buy
thermal tape and tape it into place so it’s not going to move. And we’ll let the back
cool down. If I’m doing a whole run of jerseys, I could throw them all to the side since I’m
only doing 1 we’ll just let this cool down. And the back should be cooled down by now
ad I can release that as well.

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