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Denim Day 2018

Denim Day 2018

We’re here at the state capital and
almost everyone around us is wearing denim because of Denim Day. Since 1999
Denim Day has become an annual event where people skip their business attire
for denim jeans to raise awareness about sexual assault. Denim Day was created
after a rape conviction in Italy was overturned by the Italian Supreme Court
because it ruled that due to the tightness of the victim’s jeans the
victim must have assisted the alleged rapist to remove them. The ruling sparked
widespread protests as women in the Italian parliament wore jeans in a show
of solidarity. 19 years later, the show of solidarity continues. Denim Day is an
annual event that takes place in April, which is also sexual assault awareness
month. [OFFICIAL] “Sexual assault is a serious crime that can impact every citizen of
California regardless of age race income level gender or sexual orientation. Cal
OES provides funding to programs serving victims of sexual assault as well as
domestic violence and child abuse through its grants management division.
The sexual assault programs are designed to address sexual violence through a
variety of efforts including educational training, rape crisis centers and
training forensic medical personnel. [OFFICIAL]”Last year the 84 rape crisis centers
provided over 34,000 services to survivors of sexual assault” Learn more
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