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Designer Denim Fit for Wheelchairs

Designer Denim Fit for Wheelchairs

(serene music) – It was always I can’t, you
shouldn’t, don’t do this. You know, it’s impossible. It’s too challenging, it’s too difficult. They’re saying that I can’t
before I even attempt to try. That’s not the way to live. (engine revs) – I was up doing a wheelie on the freeway. I went to try to get away
from the police officer. Car merged into my lane and
I hit the center divider. This decision to do that actually cost me the ability to ever walk again. When I got out of the
hospital after my injury I realized everybody
that was in a wheelchair was either wearing these
elastic waistband pants or getting by wearing sweatpants and, that’s when I realized
hey, these guys need help. We’re in our Los Angeles,
California factory, where we manufacture and
make my Ability Jeans. Normal jeans don’t fit us. We can’t access back pockets
and buttons and rivets can cause pressure source
for people in wheelchairs. So we don’t have no rear pockets, smooth surface in the back. We take all things in
consideration, you know. The durability of ’em. Our belt loop being stronger
so when you pull your pants up by the belt loop they don’t break. But in a way that they don’t stand out. They look as great as any
other jeans on the market. They told me I would never walk again. I was like, “Well, I will be able
to ride motorcycles, right?” They said my life doing that was over. And that was the reason
why I said it wasn’t and I’m gonna build something that I am and gonna be able to ride again. You ride for that freedom, you know? I look at the road, I
look at what’s around me. I feel the throttle and I ride. I don’t look over and say,
“Oh, there’s my wheelchair. I gotta get back to that when I’m, no. For the moment I’m
riding and it’s freedom. There ain’t nothing that
can compare to that.

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  1. Awesome, you are an inspiration. Do you have a website, my son – 20yo with Duchenne would love a pair of your jeans!

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