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Detail is Key – Dress Right For Your Body Shape

Detail is Key – Dress Right For Your Body Shape

The art and the science behind dressing for
your shape is using detail to place in certain parts of your body. So if you already know your shape that’s great
because now you’re gonna be able to fill in the blanks and create that balance and proportion
with your body using detail. Detail is key and what I mean when it comes
to detail is cut, color and conversational pieces, all 3 of those pieces you can use
to create balance and proportion with your body so that you create that ideal silhouette. Now, over here next to me, I have 3 mannequins
with garments that you most likely have in your closet and I’ll go through to each assembly
and give you an idea of what’s good about it, what’s bad and change it up. So, this one over here, we have a loose over
sized tunic with jeans… now, I typically see many women wear this assembly… now if
you’re a rectangle shape, great, you can totally get away with it, however if you have a bigger
bust you might wanna rethink the cut. Why? Because the higher the cut, the bigger your
bust will look. I don’t have a very big bust so I can get
away with it, however if you have a bigger bust you want to show a little bit of skin
here so that this creates that balance and proportion. Now, if you’re a rectangle shape and you’re
wearing this first outfit, one of the details you can use is cut, color (so you can put
lighter colors up on top) and again those conversational pieces. In another words: accessory. Accessories could be your inner style pieces. Let me give you a few examples. I already have a necklace there so as you
can see, it creates that V shape and then I have it tucked into the pants to give it
a little bit more of a silhouette, you can see I have tucked in and then you want to
have a little bit of shape in your pants, however if that’s just a pencil straight skirt
that’s totally fine too, but you do wanna bring in a little bit of detail below. So rectangle: detail higher and detail lower. Now again, I have already a necklace there
so next thing that I can do is I can perhaps add some shoes that adds that statement and
that detail down below, so your eye goes up and your eye goes down or you can also use
a blazer… that’s going to be a example of color and I’ll show you that in just a second
and you can also wear scarf. So now I place the scarf over on that first
mannequin and that creates that V and creates some of your inner style and now what about
the detail down below? If you’re not wearing anything to give you
shape down below what you could do is put on a statement shoe and that will draw your
eye down below. So again, we’ve got detail up in top, detail
on the bottom and we’re also using color in order to make it pop and to show us that shape. The other statement accessory that you can
do, if you don’t wanna go with the necklace or scarf, you can throw on color and the color
block, as you can see, creates more shape and tailoring because of that V neck. So again, in this case we were using a conversational
piece, some of those accessories, scarves, necklace or color because we were bringing
in the color block in the top or we can also bring in some earrings. Statement earring and statement shoes so the
eyes gonna go up and gonna go down and we did the color block so that’s how you can
really update specially if you’re a rectangle shape, simple outfit… something that you
probably already have and bring in color and also give it more shape because detail is
key. Let me go through some of the other outfits
that I have here. In this particular case, the rectangle shape
could absolutely wear this outfit because we’re bringing in detail up on top and we’re
bringing detail down to the bottom but if you’re a pear shape, so if a woman is bigger
at the bottom and smaller up on top she can bring in lots of detail here at the top, something
a little bit more fitted up on top because again she wants to highlight her waist and
down at bottom wear something that is going to just go slim over your curves, you don’t
want to be too puff but slim over your curves. Now I do have pattern here and typically you
might wanna go with something solid but because of the cut you’re able to get away with some
color. Now the opposite is true of the wedge or apple
shape… you notice I have a lot of color at the bottom and I have something muted on
top so that’s what’s really important with these two silhouettes, so a little but on
the opposite but again here we can do in the middle this is for my pear shape body. The pear shape woman wants to bring in as
much detail up on top to draw attention to her top and mute the bottom so she can also
put on some print up on top and then go with solid down at the bottom. A trouser, this is a really great cut for
women with the pear shape, it just goes straight down or again you can go with A-line skirt
or a maxi or just like a slim down skirt that’s a little bit longer. Again mute a little bit of the area down below
but then again highlighting and bringing the detail up on top. So I’m gonna recap for a second: rectangle
you’re bringing detail up on top and down at the bottom, pear shape you really wanna
focus on details up on top because you’re trying to balance the bottom and then you
want the bottom to be as muted as possible. Now when it comes to shoes for the pear shape
you can go with a chunkier boot because that will also help with the balance, you don’t
want to be bigger on the bottom and have super super high heels, this will just be off balance. Another really nice thing to do for the pear
shape is that the pear shape body type can really wear lots of really pretty cuts, so
something of the shoulder, like a sweet heart cut showing shoulders, turtle neck, anything
to bring attention up on top, including earrings, just really pretty kind of bold earring or
necklace are really going to draw the eye up and once again you wanna keep the bottom
as muted as possible. Now let’s move over to last mannequin, now
again the rectangle shape can absolutely wear this, rectangle shape needs detail up on top,
needs detail at the bottom and here what we’re doing is a really flattering cut, it has a
V cut and, as you notice in the first mannequin, this one already comes with the top with a
V so this is a really nice shape. The scoop neck along with the V shape and
here we’re bringing in detail into the waist as we did with all these different looks and
notice if you’re apple or edge shape you want to mute the top, so you want to be solid with
little shine as possible and darker in comparison to the bottom. Now you don’t only have to wear black or only
navy or only dark colors but just in comparison to the bottom so here you wanna go with something
such as lime green, you can bring in red or light grey, whatever you want but lighter
in comparison to the top. I found this skirt that I want to show you
as well for the apple shape or for the wedge shape. This one flares out a little bit, over off
to the side and this is a great skirt as well because it makes your bottom look bigger. You’re trying to make the bottom part of your
body look bigger so that it will balance with the top. The black trouser that I showed you earlier
for the pear shape now… This is also a great pant to wear if you’re
wedge or apple because it will balance the top part and the other thing you want to consider
is wearing light shoes on the bottom . Anything that’s going to call attention down at the
bottom, so you’ve got your pants, if you’re wearing something that’s darker maybe you
can bring in a bootie or a heel, something that’s going to elongate you but also draw
attention down to the bottom. Now when it comes to jewelry absolutely you
can wear jewelry, however wear up higher, don’t wear too long of necklaces because it’s
gonna draw the attention down to the tummy and that’s what you’re trying to avoid and
the other thing that’s really important to mention is that if you have a bigger bust,
you don’t want to draw attention to the bust and if you’re wearing a V neck you want to
make sure that you’re showing enough skin but it’s not down if you’re trying to avoid
making the bust look bigger. So that’s it for the detail is key. Thank you
so much for watching and i’ll see you in
the next Ada Style Minute!

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