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DIY Denim & Diamonds Party Centerpiece | Denim & Diamonds Party Decoration Ideas

DIY Denim & Diamonds Party Centerpiece | Denim & Diamonds Party Decoration Ideas

hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I have a denim and diamond centerpiece and setup here we go so you guys bought it for denim and
diamonds for this week’s celebrations project and I hope you got to
disappointed to see that I’m using black denim instead of blue denim but to tell
you the truth guys I just wasn’t really inspired by it
I looked at some Pinterest pictures and it just wasn’t me I’m more of a black
denim type of person and you know I need to be inspired I need to like what I’m
doing as well and actually I cannot even take credit for it cuz it was my husband
the one who said you know what making black denim you know that’s what you
like and I was just like you know what let’s make it black dinner and I was
very excited all of a sudden and a lot of ideas that are rushing in my head and
yeah so that’s what I’m going to do today all right I hope you like it let’s
get started my base is going to consist of two vases
from Dollar Tree this one is a tall and this one is a
standard size face so I’m going to glue them together so this is going to be the
bottom and I’m just going to turn it over and I’m going to and let’s up v6
cows into the middle of the vase and now I’m going to add some hot glue around
the e6000 now I’m going to add diamond wrap or
actually this is called diamond bling this one is from my post and the color
diamond lane Dollar Tree has diamond wrap but the widest they have is five
rows so I suggest that you get the three yards from Michael’s or Amazon because
you know you’re gonna have a wider this is 31 rows so it’s going to be wider
which is what you’re going to need for this because when you do it piece by
piece you can tell the difference you know that it is piece by piece so I
recommend this one and I’m also going to be doing something a little different
I’m going to place the diamond wrap with a diamond bling inside the base instead
of the outside I think it looks more polished that way then placing it in the
outside so I’m going to try for that I’ve never done it that way so yeah I
kind of like tested it out I still have to like connect two pieces to each
because it’s not long enough or wide enough so but at least I have the
measurements for you and you don’t have to count it so this tool right here is
going to be for the taller base and for that you’re going to need this is
already 30 more rows this whole thing here is 30 more rows period so the you
know the width of air that you are going to need is 42 so it’s going to be 31 by
42 rows and for the rest of it because it’s not wide enough or long enough I’m
not even sure here you are going to need 42 by 14 so this is going to go like
this and I hate it I have to separate it or you know that he has to be cut but
either way whether it was going to be in the inside or outside you know he was
going to be that way before these modern days you are going to need again 31 by
42 and then you’re going to need 31 by 5 now I’m going to glue them together or
try my best to glue them together I should have gotten
this one is kind of jacked up a little bit you need to cut another one let’s do
that so you’re going to lightly add glue to the back of your wrap and glue them
together and it should look something like this
he almost looks like one piece perfect now I have to glue these together both
ends together and be very careful when you do this
because again you don’t want to be able to see the glue so you’re going to add
glue to one row right on top and then you’re just gonna place the diamond
right right over it and here it is now I’m going to go ahead and do the same
for my short base I’ll be right back so here are my two sleeves that’s what I’m
gonna call it because I’m just going to slide it in and I’m going to start with
my larger vase and I’m going to turn this over and then I’m going to turn
this around and I’m going to add glue here with the Diamonds meet right here
on the top diamond the bottom diamond in one right here in the middle so I can’t
glue it inside of the vase okay so I just ended up putting one row
from the top because when I turned it over it was hanging so I just cut one
roll off so this is now going to be 13 by 42 rows okay I’ll have it all written
down for you so don’t worry number bucks will add my second sleeve I’m going to
add this one to the top and make sure wherever you glue the demo wraps
together is to the top and also here this line right here that you glue
together make sure the aligns to the one at the bottom I’m going to add five rows of Diamond
wrap to the middle section here to cover this up and this is going to go in the
outside but you are going to place it the opposite way now you’re going to do
it the opposite way so basically here’s the back part here’s the line which you
can barely see you are going to place it the opposite way so basically you are
going to glue it in the front side so here’s the back and you are going to
glue this together towards the front in this turn up kind of side way but
it’s okay because I’m going to be covering it up with some denim I have
this short shorts that it loves to my daughter because I need it the pockets
to be smaller it shouldn’t need to be wearing these anyway I’m sure already I
placed them in a bad mood things that you don’t fit anymore so I ready to cut
the pockets off to save up some time and I’m going to place this one right on
here sideways let me give you a little bit of a close-up I’ll be right back all
right there sideways some people add a little glue or a
little slit right here and here’s what he looks like so far
I didn’t glue this right here because I think it’s cute as a pocket and I’m
going to lose the other one right at the bottom but I’m going to do it the
opposite way I’m going to place the second one right under this corner right
by the wrap this around here it’s gonna have some glue here going to glue this
round candle holder to the top of my base and then I’m going to glue my
floral phone on top of my candle holder and I’m going to glue both of them with
hot glue for my arrangement I’m going to be using
this beautiful wife hydrangeas from Michaels
as you know right now battle tree doesn’t have any white hydrangeas
so I’m actually recycling these from another project this were a gift to me
by a friend and this go for about five 99 or $4.99 at Michaels and they’re
usually Unseld for like 50 percent up or forty percent off so yeah so not bad I’m
going to start by adding a flower in each corner and then I’m going to work
my way in to fill it in here I have four in each corner for this one I’m going to
have it halfway in the center and halfway to cover in this part right here here’s what I have so far I did do a
little bit of nip and tuck in here I started do a little more back here but
this is what I have so far and it looks pretty good it is kind of hard to make
this type of arrangement with these flowers from Michael’s because it’s not
too flexible they just come in one big you know flower and at least the ones
from Dollar Tree they come individually so you’re able to put as much as you
need and you can add different dimensions with this not too much
flexibility so but it looks pretty good I like it now I’m going to add this
glittery silver branches from Dollar Tree I thought it will go well with the
diamond rack I found this in the Christmas section so you’ll be able to
find this right now and I’m going to play some randomly in-between flowers and here’s what it looks like with the
branches on I did tuck them in as much as I could because I didn’t want them to
be too overwhelming because the diamond is the one that’s supposed to stand out
but they get the enough of the bling so the white one looks so blah and I love
it and then I also place a few of them in the back probably shoot out a little
more here but this is what it looks like and I love it
nice so I decided to add this top part of these shorts to the vase because
right here it looks a little blog looks kind of sad so I already cut it so now
all I have to do is add it to the bottom but before I do that I want to glue this
back because I like them I want to cut them off I’m just going to glue this
back with some hot glue and I’m just going to add some glue right here in the
middle where the button is I don’t a built look right here because
I felt like this area needed something and I like it so I’m going to add the
other two that I have left and that’s gonna be it
okay guys this is a this is my denim and diamond centerpiece and I will have this
set up for you in a little bit and I must say guys I do hope the centerpiece
I love it it is casual and elegant at the same
time so I guess it’s safe to say that this is as elegant as casual can be and
let me show you how it looks in the dark because I did at a push light inside the
vase for those of you who likes lighting in
their centerpieces and there it is nice I hope you guys enjoy this video make
sure to give it a thumbs up if you like this video and make sure to subscribe if
you haven’t subscribe also let me know your thoughts about the black denim was
it a hit low setting mix I really want to know and make sure to check out the
Taira forest project comm for more inspiration and to check out my store
until next time bye guys

31 thoughts on “DIY Denim & Diamonds Party Centerpiece | Denim & Diamonds Party Decoration Ideas

  1. Wow this is so pretty. This is the nicest diamond and denim centrepiece Ive seen on you tube. The bling wrap and hydrangea arrangement is gorgeous and would make a perfect wedding centrepiece without the denim. I would love to see a picture of it with the shorts taken off. You are the best flower arranger on you tube. I love everything you to Tayra, your one of my fav you tubers. 😀

  2. I normally love everything that you do, but I'm not feeling the dark denim. Maybe a lighter denim Would have been better.

  3. I think the use of the black denim made it more classy. I had hoped you would have incorporated the denim into the place card holder as well. Beautiful outcome TFS.

  4. This is not one of my favorites that you have done but I do love how you put the diamond wrap in side of the glass vase instead on the outside

  5. I think this is really pretty and as usual great work. I love your style. I do think there was some missed opportunity for some added pops, like a jean runner or a few jean flowers mixed among the hydrangeas. But overall very beautiful and inspiring as always.

  6. I want to love it so badly but it just doesn't create the excitement a Perez Project. Well, you win some you lose some (I can hear you saying that lol) Thank you for the idea of placing the bling inside. I will try denim inside with a few denim flowers in the arrangement. Thanks for your constant inspiration. Blessings

  7. @TheTayraPerezProject
    Just like all of your other creations this is simply stunning, its Different, its elegant and its classy. Keep creating and I'll keep watching. 😍👍

  8. I am sorry I am not really feeling this one. I love the arrangement without the denim. The denim made it look a little cheap and cheesey. I am sorry.


  10. I think this is STUNNING!!! In true Tayra Perez fashion, you NEVER disappoint. And you stayed true to yourself and what you thought would be best. Koodles to you for not conforming and pushing the envelope and doing something different.❤❤❤

  11. This was a hit , no question about it . I really like the push light in it. You are really great at this. I would like to see you do it in blue. love this.

  12. Great project. I really liked the idea of placing the diamonds inside. This gave the vase a really sleek and clean professional look. I loved everything except the last 2 pieces of denim you added to the base and top of the vase. Personally I thought the top looked fine however I was viewing it from a video. I agreed the bottom needed a little something. I think an additional small strip of diamonds around the top and bottom would've worked well. Better than the belt/button wrap around. 😁 Thanks for sharing.

  13. Why are you playing with my life, sis? I will never be able to narrow down which of your projects I adore most. My girls will be 18 and 30 this year and you have just made planning their parties more exciting. Love your creativity.

  14. Black Denim and Diamonds! What a twist! ❤ Black makes the bling better. I love it. So glad you stayed true to yourself, it worked! Good to see things in a different light. Speaking of lght… I love the way adding the push light made the centerpiece pop! Keep doing what you do……❤

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