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DIY ~ Denim Jacket To Vest ~ Cut, Fray & Bleach

DIY ~ Denim Jacket To Vest ~ Cut, Fray & Bleach

[Music] Welcome to The Dress Up Mom. Hello, thanks so much for tuning in today. On this episode I’m going to take a denim
shirt/jacket that I have, that I’ve worn a ton, but I want to change it up a little
bit and give it some new life. So, I’m going to turn it into a vest, distress
it a little bit, fray it and bleach it and see what we turn out with. But first, thank you so much for watching,
I really appreciate it, and for tuning. If you are regular viewer and subscriber,
I love you, thank you, it means the world to me. If you like what you’re seeing and haven’t
subscribed, please do, it’s just the button, it’s right there, it’s free, it means
everything to me. We are also on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
@thedressupmom, #thedressupmom. So, as I said, I bought this vintage, it’s
kind of–it’s, I guess, a shirt, it’s a chambray shirt, but I kind of wear it as
a jacket because it’s a weird, sort of medium weight denim and it has these snaps along
it that, to me, make it seem a little bit more like jacket. And, I got it–I love buying most of my denim
resale, it’s just great. There’s some nice older pieces made in the
U.S.A that I think are really wonderfully done. So, I’ve had it for a long time, but, again,
I’m a little afraid of this, because I’m not really crafty, I don’t sew unfortunately,
but I want to try to have a little bit of fun with this piece again. I think I would wear it a lot if it were more
of a vest that I could pair over, you know, a bunch of other different things. You can see how it looks now, and how I’m
wearing it, it is a nice piece, but I want to turn it into a vest, just for fun. So, I also am thinking that it would be fun
to have it–it’s already a pretty nice light color, but I’m thinking it might be fun
to have it even lighter. I’d almost like to get it to a really kind
of a white-ish look and have the red on it, because it has this really nice red stitching
everywhere, I would like this red to kind of stand out a little bit more. So, that’s what I think I’m going to do:
take off the color, take off the sleeves, maybe even kind of make it shorter, fray it
a little bit with those ends, and then bleach it and see what we turn out with, so with
me luck. Here are the supplies we’re going to be
using: a good pair of scissors, a seam ripper, some gloves and some bleach. Okay, ready to have some fun transforming
this into a vest. So, I would recommend getting a really good
pair of sharp fabric scissors and just using them on fabric, don’t use them on paper
or anything else, especially when you’re cutting through denim. So, first thing that I’m going to do, and
I’m going to try to go really slowly, so that I get and keep everything nice and straight. So, I’m going to first take off the collar,
then I’m going tot take off the sleeves. Then I’m going to really look at it, maybe
try it on and see whether or not I’m going to actually take off the bottom part of it
as well and make it a little bit shorter. So, here I go. [Music] When I tried it on, I looked at the sleeves
and I realized that they’re a little crooked, so I’m going to take off the entire like
seamed part of it here. I–so I don’t know if you can see what I’m
talking about, but I’m going to make it so it’s all like this regular edge and the
fray this part of it, so that it doesn’t look all jagged. I did decide that I’m going to make it a
little bit shorter and fray the bottom of it as well. So, let’s start with the sleeves. [Music] Yeah, it’s turned out a lot better cutting
away the sleeves all the way to the end and then, like I said, I’ll fray them in a minute. But, for now, I’m going to try to figure
out how to cut this and make it even. I brought out a measuring tape and I’m actually
going to draw a line, so that it is the same amount–I’m cutting off the same amount
all along and keep it nice and straight. [Music] Perfect. So, I want to cut off four inches from the
entire bottom, so I’m going to get a pen and then just start marking it all around
and then draw a line and cut away. [Music] I think that worked. I think it made it nice even. And, again, because we’re going to fray,
it doesn’t have to be 100% even because we’re going to fray it up and distress it. So, let me just try this on really quick and
then we’ll start fraying. Yes, it’s good. So, now I’m going to just take, where are
they, here they are. This is a seam ripper. I’m going to take this seam ripper and I’m
going to go all around the edges of the sleeves and the bottom of the vest to give it a little
bit of a distressing, fraying feel to it. Now, when you’re first doing this, you may
feel like you’re not doing a whole lot, but as soon as you watch and dry this, you’ll
see it frayed much more. So, here I go, I’m just going to start fraying
away. [Music] Okay, I think that we are now properly frayed
and time to go bleach this and lighten it up a little bit. All right, I like to bleach in the tub instead
of using a bucket or something. I like to just sort of lay my garments flat
in the tub. So, what I did is, I filled my tub with hot
water and I put pretty much half of that Clorox bleach into the tub and now I’m going to
put this vest in here. So, I’ve noticed that with bleaching denim,
it matters sort of the thickness or the weight of the denim. And, this is fairly lightweight, so I’m
guessing it’s going to bleach up pretty quickly. So, let’s get it in there, putting on my
gloves so that my hands don’t end up stinking and we’re just going to put it in and then
I’m going to watch it. I’m going to set my alarm for about an hour
and I’m going to come back and look at it and then probably turn it around, so that
it gets nice and soaked in on both sides. So, now we’re just putting it on the first
side, laying it all nice and flat and then I will show it to you along the way. [Music] It has been two hours and I think this has
now turned out exactly like I want it to be, exactly the color. So, I am now going to put it in a big plastic
bag so that it doesn’t leak, take it over to my washer and wash and dry it and then
show it to you when it’s all done. I’m going to use this Denim Wash from one
of my favorite brands, The Laundress, to wash it. [Music] So, I really do like how this vest turned
out, it wasn’t really how I was picturing it for it to turn out, but I do like how it
happened. So, I can wear it out like this unbuttoned,
but then I can also, for some reason it fits even better now that I took the sleeves off,
I can do this, snap it up and make it into more of like a little sleeveless top. So, I like the distressed look of it. Like I said, I wore it a lot the other way
that it was, but now it has a whole, new, fun different life and I’m going to wear
it in a bunch of different ways and like it. I hope that this gave you some inspiration
to take some of your older denim and maybe do something fun with it. Like I said, I like doing it with something
that’s old, I would do a little bit afraid maybe to do something brand new that I paid
a lot of money for. But, for something that’s a little bit older
and you want to give it some new life, I think it’s a fun way to do it. If I can do it, anybody can do it. So, I would love to hear in your comments
below if you’ve tried this kind of thing. If you’re going to try it, let me know how
you do. And, until next time thank you so much for
watching, have fun and dress it up a little. [Music]

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