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DIY: Fashion! How to Renovate, Recycle your Old Dress!

DIY: Fashion! How to Renovate, Recycle your Old Dress!

Wow, don’t stress girl… you’re gonna be
just fine. Let’s see what we can find in the closet. The color of this dress is amazing
but everything else… Couldn’t be worse on me. Sleeves are too long; shape is too baggy
and oversized. This dress is so boring and plain…no way I am going on a date like this.
But I do love the color, though – it’s so bright and fun… You know what? I am going
to make this dress fabulous and unique. Let’s start at the back. I want to make some
cut outs there, since the neckline shape in front is high. You want to cut four parallel
lines. I am first sketching the lines with a pencil after I flipped the dress inside
out. Then take your scissors and start cutting. We are going to create a very cute bow back
detail which will instantly make this plain dress much more interesting and unique. The
dress is also quite long, so you can easily show some skin at the back and still be very
elegant. Now we are going to decorate the back with
these black bows so it will look something like this. To make a bow you just need some
ribbon. I chose a black ribbon to match the color with my shoes and accessories. If you
want to have larger bows, cut the ribbon into longer pieces. I want my bows to be quite
small like this one. Tada! Now you want to take some thread and a needle to attach the
bows to the dress. Fold the fabric a few times like so and make
a couple of stitches to secure it. Then wrap the thread around a couple of times, make
a final stitch and secure with a knot. Finally, cut the excess thread. Try to match the thread
with the color of your dress, to make it invisible. You already get that bow shape, but I am going
to place a black bow on top of this to make it even prettier. So with the black thread
I am sewing the bow firmly to the dress. Make a knot and cut the excess thread and this
is what you get. Now repeat this same technique four times to get this beautiful bow back
detailing on your dress. The front still looks very plain so I will
draw some candies on the bottom of my dress. All you need are some fabric markers and you
can start drawing. With the black pen I am first drawing a shape and then I will color
these candies with different colors. I love giving my clothes a personal touch. Here I
am using a fabric marker, but you can also use a spray, paint, stickers or whatever you
prefer. If you’re using these fabric markers on the white material, the colors will be
much more vibrant. But I quite like that the colors turned out darker on my already very,
very bright dress. So just draw on as many candies as you want, I kept them quite low
like this. I love how they give this cute and playful
feel to the dress. This dress was also very baggy in the waist
area. With a thin black belt I am cinching my waist and the dress instantly gets a much
flattering and elegant shape. This is how it looks so far, but we are not done with
my dress makeover yet. The sleeves are too long and wide. Therefore,
I am folding them like so and then all you need is a little pin like this one to secure
them. I am also attaching a bow as I go, so I get this girly detail on my elbows. I am
going to use a similar technique at the bottom of the dress since I think it is a bit too
long. So just fold the dress and secure it with a pin, now the dress looks much more
youthful. This trick is great since it gives some volume on the hips if you need it — just
like I do. And this is how we have transformed the plain
and boring dress in this very cute and interesting one, which I am very proud to wear on my date.
Try to be creative when it comes to your wardrobe. Transforming old clothes that you are not
wearing any more will freshen up your closet with some cool and unique pieces, save money
by giving your clothes a longer life and with recycling you will also protect our beautiful

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