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DIY Learn How to Make Easy T Shirt Necklace Infinity Scarf – Tshirt Crafts

DIY Learn How to Make Easy T Shirt Necklace Infinity Scarf – Tshirt Crafts

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from naztazia.com Today
I’m going to show you how to make a t-shirt yarn necklace infinity scarf. To do this,
you’ll need 1 tshirt, or more if you want a multicolor scarf. I’m using a boy’s size
XXL. Any size will work though. Lay the tshirt flat on the table. Working with both layers
at the same time, cut off the hem at the bottom of the shirt. You can discard this hem. Now cut anywhere from 1 to 2 inch strips. Work through both layers of the tshirt. Once completed,
you will have a loop. Tug on the loop to stretch the fabric. You’ll notice by doing this the
fabric curls within itself and forms a nice rounded cording or yarn. Keep doing this all
the way around. Continue cutting more strips from your tshirt. 100% cotton tshirts work
nicely, but so do polyester and cotton blend ones too. And stretch the loop again just
as before. Keep making strips until right under the arm section. Save this top section for other tshirt projects you’ll find
on my channel. I cut up 5 different tshirts. Now I’ll be able to make several scarves out
of all of these loops. For now I’ll just take 1 loop from each color and place them together.
We’re going to need a tie, so I’ll cut the hem off one of the tshirt sleeves, then cut
a strip about an inch and a half thick. Stretch it just as before. And then cut it. Tie one
side of your scarf with this piece, then take your loops and twist them with your fingers
– each side in the opposite direction. Bring the two ends together, and using that same
string, insert the tie into the loops from the other side and knot everything together.
And here is a tshirt necklace scarf. I like to tie a bow with the ends to clean them up
a bit. Now if you don’t want a twisted scarf, you can have a looser scarf simply by using
the strands as is, or dividing them in half. Use a tie to knot and keep them in place.
Feel free to add a pin or button or some other decoration to dress up your scarf a bit. Use
one color for a solid color scarf, or two colors to support your favorite sports team.
BTW to view this video in other languages, click on the closed caption link on youtube
and turn on subtitles, from there you can choose from over 100 different languages.
I hope this video has helped you. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Check out the description
of this video for more information. And please visit naztazia.com for more tips and tricks
on creative, self-sufficient living.

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  1. Wow this is so awesome😍👍 🆒🆗 Nice to know thank you😍👍👌 God bless you😍👍👌

  2. I made this and really like it but it's SMALL around the neck. What do you suggest for the twisted version to not be so high and tight on the neck?

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