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DIY Our Body Shape Mannequin / Dress Form! Draping Directly, Using Duct Tape & Fabric, Custom

DIY Our Body Shape Mannequin / Dress Form! Draping Directly, Using Duct Tape & Fabric, Custom

100 thoughts on “DIY Our Body Shape Mannequin / Dress Form! Draping Directly, Using Duct Tape & Fabric, Custom

  1. This is so informative. Well done for creating an excellent tutorial which creates a perfect body shape. Well worth all the effort. Would love to try it, but need someone to wrap correctly, so that the breasts are not squashed and the wrapping not lumpy. Thank you so much.

  2. Ohhh at first I wasn't sure if I would like it but when I saw the result ohhhhhh myyyyy gooood soooo good and I liked it so much…. Amazing tutorial thank you 😃😃😍😍

  3. Great tutorial but very few people are symetrical both sides, your dominant side is usually bigger than the other apart from normal differences. You would need to number and cut both sides front and back to make a mannequin which would be accurate for sewing clothes that are especially fitted or shaped, ie bodycon or boned.

  4. Subscribed! Enjoyed your video. I've been wanting to update my existing mannequin with a nice cover and out of all the many videos I watched about making a custom mannequin yours was the only one that really resonated with me…got to try it and share with my subscribers. Thanks for uploading and helping me!

  5. Wow I'm so impressed with your patternmaking and draping skills. Awesome,  and sewing on an industrial machine. Kudos!!!C'est magnifique!!!

  6. WTH…this is by far one of the most AMAZING DIY dress forms i have ever seen! albeit extremely time consuming, but in the end, you not only have a completely customized to your size, fully functional dress form, but one that you can also customize as far as the type, color, texture of fabric you use to make the fabric dress form! and then be able to use pins on the dress form??? unbelievable….wish i had the time to make this.

  7. Muito Obrigada Pelo vídeo!!!. Eu amei! s2.
    Tentarei fazer !!

    Thank you for the video !!!. I loved! s2.
    I will try to do !!

  8. When you've gone to the lengths of making over your taped form into fabric, the choice of fabric to be a bit sturdier (like Denim) would make it more durable.

    Also, pressing your seam allowances on the fabric form as you go along would make it more smooth (especially around the bust area).

    But besides that.. pretty damn patient work! thumbs up!

  9. watching the duct tape version: Too easy! Get on with the challenging one already, I need to know what to do! 🙂
    fabric version: ok nope tedious as hell i was not ready backing up backing up!

  10. Love this! Thank you so much for the tutorial. Ive been trying to find a good tutorial for making a fabric mannequin for a while

  11. Ok so if i make the first version and send it to you….. could make the second I’ll pay!!!!!! 😬🙏🏽👀

  12. I would also make sure to use a fabric that won't stretch, linen would be the best option here since it's what is used to make professional mannequins

  13. This is not a tutorial it is a waste of time. I'm not interested in cheesy music. I want someone who can talk as they walk through the process

  14. u r just amezing and i must try the 2nd version
    thnku so much for ur afferts And now making dresses will be easy for me becoz i face so problems related to fetting thnku so muchhhh👍

  15. I just made this dress form. Don't be fooled. It takes a while. Days! It was totally worth it though. Great tutorial.

  16. I tried your idea and made a fabric dress form and now my clothes that I make using the dress form look very good on me. Thank you for sharing this info with us❤️

  17. We used to make dress forms in college, but in smaller, like table versions… principle of making is the same on real sized mannequins, anyway you can still do duct tape version, cut front and back part,transfer pattern on the fabric, put zipper in the back, sew side seams,shoulders and then you need darts front and back like when fitting a dress..stuff it, and cut out fabric in circles for shoulders,neckhole and bottom hole.Now, for the bust you can sew in bra paddings and add extra pillow stuffing or just put the bra over the mannequin.

  18. Only a perfectionist would do this. I know because I am one!

    I was looking for a tutorial like this, but all I could find were tons of basic tape tutorials, wich at the end seemed very loosely. But this is perfect. I love it.

    I'll definitely try it. Thank you very much!

  19. Everyone keeps doing the duct tape mannequins but they never show how to use them or if they're just as useful as the fabric dress forms. They seem messy and the fabric wouldnt lay flat on it bc of the tape bunching up. This is helpful but too many little parts I wonder if you can cut less pieces 😭

  20. This is absolutely brilliant. But I don't have that much patience to through all of that small pieces 😭😭😭 I wish I have your patiency level

  21. So I've seen the bootstrap patterns online to make ur own fabric dress form and thought why not just do this HOWEVER I thought it would be better to use cling wrap because it's see through and u can draw the lines of ur waist etc better but I'm glad to see it worked out


  23. Since I haven't seen it posted yet. Here's a list of all the string lines she puts down so its easier to see.

    Princess line (2)
    Shoulder line
    Side lines
    Neck line


    Then she adds curved lines around the shoulders (these start at the shoulder line and curve to a line on the front of the chest ) , and front of chest (if you have a smaller chest you may skip this)

  24. I tried it and it works ! Took a long time but the result is very close to my body. Thank you for this tutorial !

  25. your idea is amazing.. but won't it be much easier if you had cut it on a larger sized panels? Or will that affect the accuracy for your personal body measurement?

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