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DIY Shabby Chic Coat Rack

DIY Shabby Chic Coat Rack

You can just use… mine are old… so like I
literally just found this out in my backyard it is one of our old fence
boards when we had a wooden fence but you know if you don’t have one you could
just steal it from your neighbor Dave. Sorry, Dave. You need paint brushes, I
used white paint and black paint — acrylic paint — yes — it’s important, a black
permanent marker, you need some way to cut out your letters (and you’re gonna see in
the video that I didn’t actually use this because it is so dull), you will need glue. I found
a thing a sign font thing that I liked on the internet and I use Block
Posters, which is free. Awesome! Love it! Use it all the time!
And then print it off my stencil size letters and I do show you in the video
how to do that so we also need sandpaper cuz you’re gonna smooth down that wood.
You’re gonna have to have a level for hanging it, so we’re going all the way
from start to finish. You need a drill, or a cordless drill, you
could use a screwdriver if you wanted to but uh, and then a drill bit. You’re gonna
need some screws and then a way to cut the board, I’m just gonna tell you the
truth right now I did not use this jigsaw you can, you can use a handsaw if
that’s what you have I have a chop saw. I love my chop saw. I’m not sure that’s the
right term for it, that’s what I call it. It’s like a nickname. So anyway, and then you
also have to have these little Walmart hooks. I don’t have any left
to show you, so, but you will have to have those. Okay so that is what you’re gonna
need to take this old piece of wood and turn it into the cutest coat rack ever
for like less than $15, like you could not buy this at Hobby Lobby for
less than $40, like unless maybe you get a really good sell and have a coupon, but
we’re gonna take a piece of junk and make it something awesome! Okay, so now that we have all of our
stuff we’re going to get started. These are my Block Poster prints and what I’m
doing here is cutting off one of the solid white edges. They both, both pieces
have solid white edges, then I just run a strip of glue along this the white strip
(that I left) this is how I’m going to connect them. I’m gonna line up my letters right here,
like yeah, and you kind of can move it around a little bit. I’ve used this Block
Posters, I have made ginormous black-and-white pictures of my children
with this. I’ve used it for for bridal showers. It’s just amazing. Okay, so now
it’s all together I’ve got my giant letters I’m gonna take a sharp knife and
a cutting board and I’m just gonna cut around the letters as carefully as I can.
Yeah my Exacto knife was extremely dull too many children using it. Anyway so I’m
just gonna trace around here with my sharp knife, just do my best to get that
get it cut out and yeah, so once it’s cut out I just go back and kind of push it
out and I got to cut out the letter the pieces from in-between the E’s and all
of that. This is it kind of just laid on my board which I haven’t done anything
with. I actually went and cut my board I didn’t show you that I’m sorry.
Then I used the one edge the one fence edge and I traced the corners,
copied them, and cut them using my saw so that has these really neat corners. Using
the sandpaper, just kind of to rough up the board and show the wood grain it’s a
lot prettier and then I also take the sandpaper, I’m gonna take the sandpaper,
and I’m gonna just round the edges those cut edges just a little bit because it
makes them look a little more like that’s worn. What I’m doing here, this is
like a watered down black paint and I’m aging those corners that I cut because I
don’t want that bright fresh wood on my aged sign and then this is my white and
black mixed together I made a gray and added water and I’m kind of whitewashing
the board it pulls the grain out a little bit makes it look really good. So
I’ve got my paper letters and I run us just like a strip of glue along
the back of them and glue them down and then I trace around them and then took
them off. So you can choose to glue them down or just trace around them if you’re
good at that and then right here I’m adding my little, my little curlicues.
Actually I’m not adding them my daughter’s doing this part because she’s
much better at it than me. Yeah they’re beautiful, she’s much better at free
handing stuff than I am. Here I’m just going back with that black permanent
marker we had and I’m tracing around the letters it gives them it makes them kind
of pop out from the board the white was kind of blending in with that gray paint
and not giving it the same definition I that I wanted it to have and now for the
great reveal and yeah so you’re gonna see that I skipped I didn’t show you
every little bit but we’ll go over in the reveal I’ll tell you what you need
to do. This is actually the finished coat rack that I have. My house is very full,
like, I am the crazy mom of nine kids and then there’s my husband and we have
coats purses everywhere so it was driving me crazy.
This is the project that we were working on this is the final result I’m
gonna admit I did skip parts of it, did not show you everything, I’m sorry I’m
not very good at this yet, at the whole video thingy. Okay so this is the drill
bit, you have to drill these holes, it is crucial that you pre-drill the holes, if
you do not this old wood will just split and completely destroy all your
beautiful work so make sure you drill these holes where
you’re gonna put this screw in, okay so you look down here I use longer screws
on this board but I’m probably gonna go back in age on my gray paint but I use
the longer screws because this is gonna hold my coat. So these are the hooks I was
talking about that I did not show you in the first that you’ve got to have to
make it a coat hanger, now you could just have a sign without the coat hanger and
it’s still super super, super cute. Anyway anyways so, the
level, I used the level to hang the sign. My kids were trying to tell me that it
wasn’t like straight and stuff but it was I used to level. My sign, my wood is
old so there’s a little piece missing here. It gives it, I think, a really cool look,
but it makes it look a little not level, so it drives them crazy anyway.
So now all of these coats are on the back of my couch, I can hang them so
cutely behind my door, no more piling them on the back of the couch, instead they are hung on
what was a piece of junk in my backyard, now is a piece of artwork hanging on my
wall, helping me organize my crazy chaotic life. Thank you!

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