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Dress to Impress

Dress to Impress

Glynis: Greetings, I am Glynis Whitted Bell
and I am a proud graduate of the Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies department at
the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and I am excited to be here working with the students
today on the Suit Up project- getting them to look their best, to go on their job interviews. My degree from UNC Greensboro has allowed
me the opportunity to be able to have confidence in the fashion industry and working with other people
to make sure they feel and look their absolute best. So we’re here with Jan and he is preparing
for his first interview. Jan are you ready for your interview? Jan: Yeah, I can’t wait! Glynis: Well you look nice, however, it might
not be quite perfect for your interview, and we want to make sure that you’re interview
perfect. Jan’s outfit has quite a bit going on- lots
of color, lots of texture. We want to make sure that nothing he has on
is distracting, and unfortunately, its a little bit distracting. With the coat, it’s not appropriate to wear
red to an interview, it’s a little bit bright. And so you want to make sure your colors are
basic, never boring, but also somewhat muted. The tie, good tie, but perhaps with another
shirt. And then the sweater, that’s more business
casual, so we would leave that in the closet for this interview, as well as the pants,
they are also more business casual. We are back and Jan is transformed and he
is ready for his interview. Jan, how do you feel? Jan: I feel good. Glynis: You feel good? You look amazing! With this suit right here, he is going to
score and he is going to get that job. It is matching fabric- the suit and the pants
are made from the same fabric. It is a nice gray color, basic doesn’t have
to be boring. He has on a tie that has the same colors in
there so it brings it out, also a little pop of color with the red. The tie tack keeps everything nice and neat. The crisp white skirt is key. And if you look down at his feet, these shoes
are killer! They are polished, and they are lace ups,
they’re basic, but they look amazing. Jan, you’re ready for the interview, I see
that you’ve got this job. Jan: I am, lets get it. Glynis: So I am here with J’ness and she is
ready for her interview. J’ness are you ready for you interview? J’ness: Yes I am. Glynis: Hmm, let’s talk about this, maybe
not. I think we can do a lot better. So, let’s talk about some things. Let’s start from the head and go down to the
feet. With the earrings, they’re cute but they’re
a little big large. For interview purposes, you may want to think
about going with something smaller and less distracting. And the same thing with the necklace, as well
as the fabrics- we’ve got lace going on, we’ve got stripes going on. Again, the key is to not be distracting. We want to make sure that we hear what you’re
saying and that the interview panel can make the best choice and not be distracted by what
you’re wearing. So, let’s talk about the pants, hmm, they’re
slim. And the ballerina flats, *laughs*. I think again we can do much better. Let’s take you to our makeover experts and
then come back and see what we can do. J’ness: Okay. Glynis: So we are back and she has been transformed,
and she looks amazing. How do you feel? J’ness: I feel great! Glynis: You are ready for your interview. Let’s talk about some of the things that changed
in her outfit. One is the fit and the fabric. The earrings are smaller, we can’t hardly
notice them with her hair down, but that’s okay. The pearl necklace, always a classic item. A fitted blazer with the cuffs turned up is
very professional. She actually has on, let’s see what you have
on underneath there, a dress so it’s one piece. Put the jacket over there and you create a
very business appropriate outfit. Let’s talk about the shoes- black, closed
toed, a small heel, nothing too much. You look absolutely amazing. I’d hire you today. J’ness: Thank you. Glynis: So I am here with MBA students J’ness
and Jan, and they look absolutely amazing. They were transformed today from outfits that
weren’t quite interview appropriate, to being ready, set for the job. So let’s talk about some things that we went
over today. We talked about fit, we talked about texture,
we also talked about proportion. But the biggest thing to remember is confidence,
because if you are confident in the outfit that you are wearing, your confidence will show.

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