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Dumbbell PULLOVERS for CHEST! (Hindi / Punjabi)

Dumbbell PULLOVERS for CHEST! (Hindi / Punjabi)

hey thanks for tuning into my body with body map Cohoes sunny lifting by Layla Mayo given in the Quran India today we're going to do how to workout up gasps a dumbbell pullover skazzica a you know same exercise dumbbell pullover do you have our bag take it in bigger sector because it adds a lot of tension on to your lats muscles which have become a salata you can also do it on your chest day especially just then up soon routine emerges Leah you're working a lot on your lower part of your chest or decline up presses cardio decline barbell career make sure you end up your work up you finish off your workout with this exercise so how to do it you know apne shoulder apni pair with majority coach it knees shoulder hang up teacher is immune to / solid Ripper co keep a slight bend in your elbows yeah Nikki Bella Coola Lucy did a clear it's going to put a lot of stress on your shoulder Tori see elbows as I said I think my net been jerking and make sure you do it when you're going down you're going to push your hips down see what he does he pushes hips down and he pulls a hit this part which is your lat he tries to put a lot of emphasis a lot of stretch on to this partner when you're bringing it up you're going to lift your hips back up so when you're bringing the double back up pop Nick Akamai again you Pitney chicka is jiggling Cooper stretch cage above us on a hipster coyote it's just like you're doing a chest press try to squeeze your chest you go down you stretch this takes your hips down when you're coming back up lift your hips up and squeeze your chest bringing the dumbbell up keep a slight bend in your elbows don't need to go all the way down and touch the floor make sure try to do this especially on the chest age about decline you put up in lower part of the chest Cupid calm can tell this is a great exercise to lift a saggy chest a great workout the heavier you go the better it is eight to ten repetitions charge such is more than good enough give your body enough break in between to recover for more videos make sure that format a channel to subscribe could of my body with body on YouTube follow us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter thank you very much Mary very much

28 thoughts on “Dumbbell PULLOVERS for CHEST! (Hindi / Punjabi)

  1. He's doing them wrong lol….. if you bring the weight down onto your body like that u have taken away the tension on the chest, stop just past eye level (straight up) and just b4 u hit your body… u will feel them much more..
    By dropping the weight onto your body your letting your chest rest

  2. Dumbell Pullovers I did for just 2 weeks 5 days a week 4 Sets and it has helped me improve my upper BODY POSTURE tremendously. Now i do not have drooping shoulders and sunken chest any more while standing in normal posture.

  3. hindi/panjabi likhkar english kiyo bol rahe ho bhai.kya bodybuilding ke liye english bolna samajhna zaruri hai..batao..

  4. enghlish etna kiyo bol rahe ho bhai.hindi panjabi likh kar.aur hai kya bodybuilding ke liye enghlish bhi zaruri hai bolna samajhna..😏😏

  5. nice info.
    but want. to ask
    when u do. pullovers this way as shown in in the video
    doesn't it increases the chances of neck injury
    I have almost seen everyone's tutorial on pullover
    each one has a different method,
    ur method is also different
    like not keeping the lower back fixed. want to know details of doing it with barbell
    means the arm positions , where to pause etc
    nice info anyway

  6. bhai ye btao bispc k liye kon sa injection steroid ya oral steroid lia h kyoki bhai apke sirf dole h baki kuch nhi muje b aise krne h

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