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ESO The Prophet Outfit Style – Anniversary Jubilee Event

ESO The Prophet Outfit Style – Anniversary Jubilee Event

Hello everyone,
my name is Tianlein and today we talk about the upcoming Companion Outfit
Styles for the Elder Scrolls Online. This time we will focus on the Prophet Outfit
Style. As always you can find timestamps in the Video
description. Usually the Anniversary Jubilee Event takes
place at the beginning of April. This year the Event will last 5 weeks to celebrate
ESO’s fith anniversary. During the first week we will be able to obtain
The Prophet Outfit Style by completing Daily Crafting Writs. You will obtain the usual Crafting Writs rewards
and the Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes which have the chance to contain Prophet Style Outfit
Pages. You can complete every day, on as many Characters
as you have all the daily Crafting Writs. I would recommend you, that one day before
the Event starts to collect all your daily Crafting writs, craft them and do not hand
them in. Like this you can complete the next day the
twice the amount of Quests and have even more chances to get nice rewards. In the fith week of the Anniversary Jubilee
Event all daily repeatable quests in Tamriel are offering all four campanion outfit styles. Additionaly the Impresario Event Merchant
is also offering the Companion Outfit Style Pages for 5 Event Tickets per Style Page. Each week you can find the specific Companion
Style and in the last week the merchant offers all 4 Styles in her shop. The Style Pages which dropped from the daily
repeatable quests are tradeable. That means you are able to sell or buy the
Companion Style pages at the Guild Traders for Gold too. If you buy the Outfit Style pages with event
tickets they will be bound to your Account and you can’t trade them. Thanks for watching and hopefully you enjoyed
this quick showcase of the upcoming Prophet Outfit Style. It would be wonderful if you subscribe, like
or leave me a comment. Have a nice day and until next time. Tschüss!

20 thoughts on “ESO The Prophet Outfit Style – Anniversary Jubilee Event

  1. Timestamps:
    0:15 When does the Anniversary Jubilee Event start in ESO?
    0:24 When and how can you obtain the Prophet Outfit Style?
    1:06 Impresario Event Merchant – Buy the Prophet Outfit Style with Event Tickets
    1:21 Quick Showcase of the Prophet Outfit Style

  2. YAY I get to look like a ragamuffin! I like the staff in feet though, may look nice on my warden, dye it green. I really wish they'd give us the expert destruction robes from Skyrim ^_^

  3. Now I'm really looking forward to the Anniversary Jubilee, I've wanted those character armor styles since I first saw them .

  4. Can't wait for those companion outfit styles. I want the Prophet's staff but also Sai Sahan's greatsword. They are all super unique and stylish

  5. looks like i have a lot of grinding to do until the event haha for my PC toon anyway!
    what level are the writs ? are they random ? or should i just start leveling all areas of crafting ? haha
    as always thanks so much for your help and contributions. you are the go to! 🙂

  6. Now if only they would change the walk animation for when youre holding the staff so you actually walk like the prophet does :p

  7. its kind a cute when u said this word Jubilee" . I subscribed you ur cute… and ur name is also cute full of cuteness

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