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Fall Outfit Ideas & Try On Haul with NitraaB | JCPenney

Fall Outfit Ideas & Try On Haul with NitraaB | JCPenney

– Hey guys, welcome back to
JCPenney’s YouTube channel. My name is Anitra, and I have a channel here on YouTube called @nitraab where I talk about all things. Beauty, fashion, mom-life, home decor, just a little bit of everything. And I recently went shopping at JCPenney for some Fall pieces. And if you guys are interested
in seeing everything that I picked up, then
be sure to watch Part One of this video series. There’ll be a link in the
description box to my channel, but now I’m gonna go
ahead and show you guys how I styled everything that I picked up. (upbeat music) So outfit number one,
I absolutely love it. The top is from the brand a.n.a, it’s very lightweight, so
it’s going to be perfect for that transitional weather
where it’s not too hot, and it’s not too cold. I love the floral print on it. (upbeat music) (alert tone) The jeans are by Levi. They’re the 711 skinnies,
and I really like them because they have some stretch to them, which makes them really comfortable. And then they also have
a little bit of distress, which I’m obsessed with distressed jeans. So I knew I had to have these. (upbeat music) The shoes that I decided
to pair with this outfit are by the brand Worthington
and I love the block heel, it makes them really
comfortable and easy to walk in. But that is outfit number one. (upbeat music) Outfit number two, so cute, and so fun. I love this two-piece set. It’s by the brand Arizona,
and I love a matching set because it literally
takes the thought process out of an outfit. You don’t have to worry
about tryin’ to match something up and wondering if
it’s gonna look good together. So a two-piece outfit is
always the way to go for me. (upbeat music) (alert tone) And the shoes are by the
brand, A New Approach. It’s just a really simple black bootie, with a little bit of
detailing on the side. Really nice and simple so
you’ll be able to match it with a lot of your Fall outfits. (upbeat music) Outfit number two was
definitely one of my favorites, really fun, easy, and simple. (upbeat music) And the last outfit I’m
gonna share with you guys is super duper simple. The top is by the brand Arizona. The skirt is from the brand
a.n.a, and also the booties. So, I just thought that this
would be something really simple, really nice for
transitional weather. You know, like I said earlier, when it’s not too hot
and it’s not too cold. (upbeat music) And the booties are really nice. I think they’re the
perfect neutral tan color. And I love the block heel, because that just makes
it really easy to walk in. So yeah, that’s outfit number three. Really easy, and simple. It would be great for running errands, or anything like that. (alert tone)
So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you’d like to see Part One, then be sure to head over
to my YouTube channel. (alert tone)
And make sure that you subscribe to @JCPenney’s
YouTube channel as well. Thank you guys so much for watching! (upbeat music)

53 thoughts on “Fall Outfit Ideas & Try On Haul with NitraaB | JCPenney

  1. Nitraa just made me want to shop at JCPENNY. I don’t shop there but the clothing options I saw were my style. I’ll have to go take a look this weekend. So happy for you nitraa. ❤️❤️

  2. JC Penney’s is definitely one of my favorite go to places for shopping I’m never disappointed when I go I love the that I can always find a great bargain and a great style that compliments my taste tfs 🥰

  3. NitraaB YES…How do I sign up. Loving the style Chica. I'll Definitely do more shopping at JC Penney's fron now on, hopefully they will do more for Veterans or Wounded Warriors? It could Happen?!?!?

  4. Beautiful Nitra! I love JCPenney, they closed some in GA, so now I go to the Fayetteville GA location! ❤️ Didn’t know JCPenney had a YouTube channel, just subbed! ❤️

  5. Look at my pretty girl, Nitraa!! She always look so good and put together nicely! Loved all the looks, but #1 was my favorite! Beautiful as always!

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