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Fallout 76 [Outfit Locations] #6 – Location of Forest Operative Underarmor #Fallout76

Fallout 76 [Outfit Locations] #6 – Location of Forest Operative Underarmor #Fallout76

Hey, what up Z clan, how you doing? And everybody else welcome to my outfit video a hundred percent to find now in today’s video. I wanted to share that There is a cool one more cool outfit. It’s an Under Armour outfit meaning that it will display your armor pieces and It’s called It’s called Forest Operative Underarmor now in order to get this armor It’s a quest armor. Basically you will need to complete the quests So first what you will need to do you will need to start the quest to join the enclave faction In order to do that. Basically it will first it will give you access to the white Springs bunker in Order to get the quest you will need to go to This location here the abundant waste dump over there you will get to face 2 Deathclaws (lvl20) and you will need to find an Elevator once you get into the elevator and you click on the button go to the next floor or whatever rate It will trigger the quest. So once you start the quest You will eventually end up in this location the white spring bunker right now once you’re there Another quest will trigger and it’s called one of us as you can see on the top right corner And if you follow all these steps The quest itself will give you this armor. It will make you take it. So it’s another pretty cool Under Armour and I find it cool. By the way, by the way, did you know that you can Craft I mean no craft Updated update the Under Armour’s like for example my military fatigues I was able to upgrade it and now it gives me charisma and Intelligence and you can do that on the workbench and I believe you need to find those plants I’m not sure when I found this plan because I was shocked myself when I saw that I can upgrade it. So guys, I hope you enjoyed the quick video and Good luck in finding that armor, by the way, it is a really cool quest because you will get to have another Vendor over here now If you didn’t know there are a few vendors throughout fallout 76 right there railroads there Brotherhood of Steel. There are this bunker thing. There are raiders and many others so Such as unique ones, which is over here the watoga station that’s another vendor over here it’s a unique vendor see and watoga shopping plaza as well. That’s another good vendor on top of everything else. There is also vendor in this location as well The beauty about the vendors is that you’re able to sell them Stuff every 24 hours, so I get to make quick caps and spend on what I need Such as plans some fiber optics if because those are pretty hard to find for me and other stuff so I kind of like on the daily basis visit all of the vendors so I can sell and buy stuff so I pretty recommend you if you’re playing a charismatic play style right like I do Basically with more charisma you get to have better prices And you can get a lot of caps so I Hope these tips will helped you out. I hope you find the armor with ease and guys if you know Don’t forget to subscribe hit that Bell for more videos to be notified That is smash that like and if it is possible for you to help my channel grow Please do share it somewhere in the media such as Twitter or Facebook. Whichever works for you It’s optional, but if you can’t I’ll highly appreciate it. And thanks for the support So you have a good morning a day and night, wherever you guys lock it, and I’ll see on the next video. Bye

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