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Figure Flattering Dresses for Pear Shaped Bodies

Figure Flattering Dresses for Pear Shaped Bodies

This is the video “Figure Flattering Dresses
for Pear Shaped Bodies.” You know, Shakira was right, “Your hips
don’t lie.” If you are a woman that is pear shaped, then
your hips are going to be the widest part of your body. You also know you are pear shaped because
you’ve probably engaged in a decades long war with your buttocks and thighs, and you
would probably rather choose a stay in Guantanamo Bay over jean shopping any day, because all
it does is make you feel worse about your pear body shape. I mean, at least if you’re on Guantanamo
Bay, you get to wear a loose-fitting jumpsuit. Right? Well, based on your problem areas, you may
think that dress shopping is difficult. But, in fact, there are many, many, many dresses
for pear shaped bodies. In fact, shopping for dresses may actually
help you to finally start to love your shape. So, if you are pear shaped, that means that
you are generally wider on the bottom than you are on top. So, the goal is to make your body look more
proportional. So, to do that, we need to minimize the lower
half and to make your upper half look a little bit wider. So, here we go. Let’s dive right into this video, and I’m
going to give you some basic guidelines for figure flattering dresses for some pear shaped
bodies. You’re going to be very glad that you watched
this video. So, here we go. Dress option #1. It is a strapless dress. So, unlike your thin-thighed counterparts,
if you are pear shaped, you can generally wear a strapless dress. A strapless dress is great because – for
two reasons actually – one, it’s going to make your shoulders look broader, so it’s
going to help balance out those child-bearing hips of yours. A strapless dress also has the additional
benefit of drawing the attention upward. And, so, people won’t even notice your derriere. So, it accomplishes both of those things. So, strapless dresses are a fantastic option. Dress option #2 is a very simple A-line dress. An A-line dress with a defined waist will
help accentuate your waist while the flared skirt will skim over your hips. There is a sweet spot in choosing a flared
skirt. Too little flare, and the dress will start
riding up on your hips and draw attention to your problem areas. You’ve probably encountered dresses like
this, and that’s what the issue is. It wasn’t enough of a wide enough “A”
in your A-line dress. On the other end of the spectrum, if the dress
has too much flare, the dress is actually going to add volume to the lower half of your
body, and it’s actually going to make you look wider. So, you actually have to become like Goldilocks
of dress shopping, and you have to choose a dress with just enough flare that it grazes
your hips. What you want to do is try on the dress in
front of a full-length mirror to determine if the dress is adding balance and proportion
to your pear shaped frame. And, finally, here is the last tip for pear
shaped bodies. What you’re going to want to do when you’re
dress shopping is, you are going to want to purchase dresses that fit your hips and your
butt and your thighs. So, no matter what’s happening on top, you
want it to fit your hips first. So, what you’re going to do is get one that
fits your hips. And, even if it’s loose up top, you’re
going to take it to a tailor and get it fitted to you. This accomplishes multiple things. One, not only do you get an amazing fit because
the garment is customized to your frame, but that also makes the garment look more expensive. There are really two primary reasons that
make clothing look expensive, and it’s the fabric and the fit. If you get the fit tailored to your frame,
you can take a dress and make it look like you paid a small fortune for it just because
it fits you so perfectly. So, yes, taking it to a tailor is going to
cost you a little bit more, and it’s going to take up a little bit more of your time,
but the confidence that you feel in your dress will more than make up for it. So, remember, when you’re dress shopping,
get one that fits your hips, and then just tailor it to your upper half because that
that’s usually the problem that you have if you’re pear shaped. And, this video wouldn’t be complete if
I didn’t let you know about this opportunity. So, get this free 7-part course, “How to
go from Plain Jane to Captivating & Chic”. All you have to do is go visit the website,
NoMorePlainJane.com. Go there. Type in your name and email address, and you’ll
be on your way, and you will get Part 1 of the course. Thank you for watching the video, and I hope
it has helped all you pear shaped women out there. I know this information has saved my life. Bye.

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  1. Hi i'm a pear shaped 6ft tall woman , i'm just wondering would a bateau strapless dress suit me & its above the knee line ,


    This totally makes up for not having a chest large enough to secure strapless dresses, haha.

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