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yeah yeah yeah what's up guys it's officially the start of wedding vlog oh my goodness I can't believe this is finally happening so I'm getting married this August and I'm not doing it at a traditional venue so I can tell you more about that vlogs to come but that means that I am doing a lot of this wedding planning myself as opposed to like in a package that a venue might offer you so I have I have to gather my ten people my flower people my food my deejay all that stuff so I know it's going to be a lot of work and I want to bring you guys along with me on the journey because it's going to be interesting I have never planned a wedding before so the first thing that I need to do obviously is get my wedding dress which is going to be really exciting I had already pre looked and pre sort of searched online for what styles I liked in what direction I kind of want to go in but I know that what you see online on bottles and what you like on yourself could be totally different things which I'm nervous about I hope that's not the case so what I need to do now is go into some doors and try and find these dresses that I really like online try them on hopefully something works out because I know that getting wedding dress takes a lot of time to order it in and all that crazy stuff so this is gonna be exciting I'm gonna bring you guys with me Maryna try on some wedding dresses this will be crazy and I'm really excited for more of this behind the scenes series it is anything you want to know about or want to see from me regarding wedding planning please let me know below so I can try and film it should we go get him wedding dress okay so today it's the first official day of looking for wedding dresses I'm already like six months away from the wedding and everyone sings super last fitted to get a dress I was not wearing it takes that long to get I wanted wedding dress so I found a couple I like online but I think they're mostly American designers which is a problem because in Canada we don't get everything that's available in the states but I'm going to call some of these stores listed and see what they have so here are some the dresses that I was looking at this whole brand waters I am obsessed with like everything that they make is beautiful this is a corset by itself and then you pick a skirt to go with it and I really am in love with that idea of mixing and matching two pieces I just think you get to customize it a bit more that way and I just love the look of like a really fancy corset in a really simple skirt this is an example of actually a dress that is like one piece but it looks like that this one's called Ella it's so bright this also is a full dress that it looks like a dress corset combo and I think it's beautiful too and another designer that I'm in love with but I know she's really expensive as Hayley Paige this is a Haley pH dress that oh my goodness is so gorgeous oh I love this color – it's not really white like a tan um but it has kind of a like tight top and then the really billowy skirt I think this is beautiful hi there I see you online that you carry waters dresses okay some of those sound promising probably gonna go check out a couple stores today and bring you guys with me all right guys I'm here at the wedding dress shop I'm actually feeling really good about this place I went to a place earlier and items and dresses that I didn't love but this is the place that has the designer that I really want so I'm gonna go try them on when I called them they said that you are in love to film in there but to happen maybe I can be sneaky but either way I will let you know yes or no how it goes wish me luck all right I apologize for the terrible lighting I just want to get my sauce Oh before I forget how the experience was definitely no filming in there that's actually the store where they film the SAS of address Canada version so I'm thinking that's why they don't way to film emancipation with TV show in there but I did try on some of the waters dresses and the one corset top I absolutely love it's a little expensive though for just to talk and the skirt that I really wanted from them they didn't have but I tried on a full dress that had kind of the least top corset and the skirt that was similar to the water skirt all in one dress and they really liked that one I'm the kind of person that's definitely like needs to feel like I tried out all my options before I go with something because I'm like a huge what if there was something I said person which is not a hell of a way to be you like I definitely wish I was a person that could just fall in love with something insane about fit like I'm not going to think about anything else ever but I like to feel like I tried everything that I could so I have an appointment coming up next week at Kleinfelds Canada so I'm gonna go there and they know they carry waters dresses there as there as well so I'm going to try on some of the water dresses they're just so I can feel like I've tried on a lot of that brand and I can know the only problem with that is that I know it's expensive to do a corset top in a skirt bottom combo as opposed to a single dress and I'm really trying to keep this dress not that expensive but oh why is my style too particular it's crazy yeah and I know I'm kind of doing this last minute just a crazy thing about weddings being honest here you have to do so much all at once and so far in advance for what it feels like far in advance my wedding is about six months from now which is a whole half year and you if you didn't start planning earlier six months is like the latest and you have to do everything all I have to do everything in like a two-week span it feels like like I have to get the dress so I can order it in I have to book the cater my photographer my like tent rental company I have to get them all right now because you don't they're going to get it filled up and for me six months is a long time for me to change my mind about things like as you find making decisions in like a week if they were for an event that was happening a month from now but making all these decisions for something that's happening like half a year away to be honest kind of stresses me out wedding grill talk here my biggest advice to anyone who's thinking about even if okay even if you're not thinking about getting married at all I started at Pinterest board like forever ago before I even like was dating my fiance I have this Center for it and I just like slowly people ideas the things I really liked and that's the best way to go because I have this collection of things I know I love so when it comes to the dress or like what table will help people to say that I can get okay here's the ones I know I like I like them for over a year because I have this Pinterest work for so long so I'm sure I'm going to like them a year from now and then you can just compare what your options are to what you know you like hopefully they connect and then you can go from there that's kind of what I'm doing right now like I have this solid board of info that I know if I get close to any of those things I'll be happy because I liked those ideas for so long so yeah dress we're getting somewhere because the one I tried on today I really like I just want to size up my other options but it's not I really like that one which is great I'm going to show you I'm going to try to find a picture of it so that I can show you I'm going to show you hopefully I can summon Kleinfelds when I can show you some of my like runner-ups and options and I don't know if I'm going to show you guys like the one yet or not I haven't decided I think it'd be fun to show like my top three and then have you guys guess which one I picked I'm not sure yet obviously I know you guys want to know the one I picked but these vlogs are going up early and it'll know it's on my dress out there for six months to have potentially six months people telling me they don't like it that's another thing with weddings is you get a lot of unwarranted opinions so you have to be pretty like know yourself really well and what you like and be able to stand by that because you're going to have people telling you everything and they're going to make you question everything that you think you like so definitely go and plan your dream wedding and don't ask for anyone's advice while you're planning it and then after that if there's something you're sure you know you want and you want it nothing change about it be careful who you tell I guess I'm just spitting random wedding advice at you now and everything that I've learned very quickly but be careful who you tell if it's something you're know you're not willing to budge on because you don't want people like giving you all kinds of opinions and telling you that they don't like it or smell a nice especially with something you know you want because that's because I think you kind of feel bad on the inside like I've had that a little bit already where it's like this is something I really want to do it's not that outrageous it's definitely possible and people are like why like why would you want to do that and it's like and then you're like I don't know I just like it and then it makes you feel like you things you question everything okay I may go because clearly I'm going a little bit crazy but it's okay this is an exciting process I'm really excited to share the rest of it with you especially in federal iting I'm really hoping I can film at Kleinfelds because I just want to show you guys me and some dresses because it's been a really fun time like I can't it's so crazy seeing me in actual wedding dresses like I've been thinking about a wedding for so long and now it's actually happening which is crazy I'm so exciting and I'm so happy that I get to share it with you guys and impart my wisdom or what I'm going through and what I'm learning with you guys so that it helps people to learn through this as well if you guys are getting married you're in the process of getting married and you like agree and sympathize any of the stuff I've said please let me know below so I know that a lot Alone's on this crazy all right I will catch up with you guys when I have more updates to share okay I'm on my way to Kleinfeld now where me and my mom and my sister never got around feeling good good okay we're here in Kleinfeld and it's so beautiful I'm here with my sissy hi and they just like the way they've laid them out makes me want all of them so beautiful in here I can can't attend so I have someone who's been assigned to take care of me and she's already so fun and amazing I love her so she's gone to pick something based on what I told her I want but we just get to look around and it was I think else I think I might like forget the poet so let's look at some prices these are definitely the style that I think I want I know I couldn't show you what I tried on the other serve it was something similar to this like a tiered bottom piece was a really nice corset top I like the idea of this where it's like a different color under the lace oh yeah I don't use that something I don't know commuting in Christian right I don't like the skirt but you don't like the volume of its immaterial on the tool it's too simple I think what about this mom as a gear dress no but I had to check out the first week ago oh are you kinda don't know so we're here at clientele just got our very classy water and we are eagerly awaiting for the bride to come out we're super excited excited whoo I can't we might be getting married yes she is oh my god I love that okay IRA okay each one gets better look it's a skirt on that one oh and put my picture look at the satyrs I think this is the one thing seen maybe not loving but isis-controlled look with that again a really unique way to give up useful makes gals in the back after seeing the buster oh it's really beautiful oh let me do the back seat the back is really pretty I love the back you can have so many good like over the shoulder moment yeah you like this shirt again I like the other skirt better to be like yeah yeah yes it's go pretty gorgeous it's a little is more tulipe like in the tears it's less Clancy yeah although I do like it I yep or incest kind of spirit i won I love that top on you I think it's very beautiful I love I just a minor thank you mix it man the back brand-new oh if I modify my favorite but younger right yeah the main account opening flags amazing subtractive but not yet was we tried pressing that one in cross this one made me cross Oh grass make me cry oh I don't want to be bad yeah a little bit yes we're there for this just back like a salsa I just love it yeah I'm toast some keep your camera ready oh are you saying yes to the grass to the sisters if you like it that good we did it are you excited yeah so oh my goodness you guys it happened I did it s it's a dress and I'm so happy I don't think I ever properly explained that I just placed the order for it so I have to wait for a couple months for it to come in and tie and then I do alterations and all that so I don't actually have it I've just picked it and all that fancy kind of do stuff happens so I was going to not actually tell you guys which one I ended up going with and have you guessed in the comments but looking back on it the clips of me and my family with me in the final dress which is way too cute not to use so I thought my little tray guys and then you can deviate this aside for me with me um up until the day oh so this is the first vlog in the wedding series there's definitely going to be a lot more to come as I have more mark stuff planned next up it's actually going to be bridesmaids dresses I'm going with all my girls to a very special place to try on some graph options so there's going to be a vlog but that's coming out soon and if you want to know anywhere by custom stuff actually happened on the main channel I did my wedding invitations and we did some dr lighting decor on the me channel which I link some of that at the end of here let me know if you guys are enjoying winning blogs and what kind of stuff you won't be going forward thanks so much for joining me guys I have I told my dress this is a really really exciting time and I'm excited for all stuff going forward thanks so much and we you


  1. You sounded like you were sad when you were in the car! Are you sick? Sorry i'm just worried. Also i'm commenting in January 2019 so I never got to say congrats!

  2. 5:01 Me too! I’m never gonna be able to pick out a wedding dress without taking like a month to decide.

  3. I love that you showed which dress you picked instead of not letting anyone see it till your wedding video haha

  4. ugh yeah it seems like so much work. honestly if i get married i'm just going to do something a little more casual and less complicated. because also that's just the type of person i am. and i personally don't enjoy going to fancy events so it would be perfect. and less expensive and less work.

  5. Fully aware this is an older post and I'm commenting now, but her dress is the prettiest dress I've seen in my whole life. Becky looks so pretty it's unreal. You look beautiful. Love it

  6. Thank you for sharing. My daughter denied me the privilege to shop with her for wedding dresses. She is married for nearly 3 years but I was uninvited for her wedding

  7. @TheSorryLife This video made me so emotional! I feel like I must write out my own story to you ladies! Big up! I love you two, don't ever change the way you are! Big Canadian hug from Brussels, Belgium (Used to live in the Tdot for 4 years as a teen! I miss it!!!).

  8. Ive just started planning and when I tell them my ideas I get that ‘look’ like really?? And I’m like yep! My wedding my choice, you don’t like it don’t come! That shut them up real quick

  9. omg I am getting married and I am thinking of DIYing too…even the dress…and of course everyone is giving opinions… I hope i will stay strong

  10. Oh my gosh, YES! I'm Welsh, but my fiance is Canadian and we're getting married in Wales but we're currently doing long distance so I have to plan everything and some of my bridesmaids are from Canada and America and the stress is just intense. I'm happy everything turned out beautiful in the end though xx

  11. This is my first time watching u an already love watching u btw u are beautiful an congratulations on getting married

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