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Full video: Port Authority commissioner confronts police during N.J. traffic stop

Full video: Port Authority commissioner confronts police during N.J. traffic stop

Oh hi I’m Karen Turner all right later
I’m a resident we go we don’t I don’t need them okay fine I’m sure that you’re
just here’s the right right no I’m not I’m here as a concerned citizen and
friend of the mayor and been in can apply for 20 years I take full
responsibility for them and what is the reason they were pulled over the driver
has all the information he’ll tell you no no no I need to know no you don’t
need to know okay we’re not involved here you’re picking them up now I’m
involved every way to tell you he’s the driver of the automobile he’s over 18 okay you can we’ll need to see
credential okay I blend already you need it if you can give me a little bit take are you recommending is one of the key
issues and then heading up to have an idea what that is my ID and that is my
business I am this commission of the Port Authority and I’m heading up so if
there’s a problem I think I had a little well I think there’s a flower register
bugle okay let’s hear what is why were they pulled over first class now
daughter saw me miss I’m Commissioner Thank You commissioner yeah I’ll do why
would I pull over all due respect yeah why driver with oh no no I need two cars
in total why is the car getting cold go ask you
know no I’m asking your the program and trust me miss this is not involved one
percent yeah it does because I’m picking them up and I’m wanting to take
responsibility never use so I think if you can’t tell
what is the fun why does it say why they’re being all over my the heartbeat
huh because everything is already because this is impacting me or I got
four seasons we’re coming back to my house including people who live in New
Haven attending Yale graduate school a PhD student and I don’t know why it’s so
difficult to say what the problem is this is in fact
I gotta take 14 oh I’ll be back to New London so you do French yeah yeah I want
to know what the problem is it’s more of the way you just approach me and then
your demeanor okay that I’m being honest I want to know I don’t appreciate your
demeanor I don’t really very demanding with me no
I asked you a question which is not being answered but it doesn’t need to be
answered if you’re relevant you know what you want you to read my report I’m
done with this for my records on Monday and you can get a copy of it and you tie
them under on there is no you have no right what I go no I do explain to me
why because these are for people that I were totally cerana to bill how do you
super screw or don’t that’s my daughter she and unless there are some trends
about your customer and there’s a bobbin would you describing it because you
don’t feel slugs in it why why these people are being cold always our fans
almonds she was not the driver it’s not her vehicles on your vehicle I’m Howard
is not going to be if you have a problem explaining what the problem is and why
their car is being confiscated then we have a problem
while you got me I will be in with Commissioner of Police of Tenafly after
me I say move back any farther I keep moving back farther and you’re moving
closer to me that you can step I thank you together and what that problem is
because I’m not because of your demeanor no I came on very knowing real a
obligation to tell you and I’m under your legal obligation to tell you what I
will be doing but you can do whatever I would like to we’ve been she’s been
print you this is a lawful motor vehicle stuff you are here to pick them up okay
new report the tire has been utilized everything that’s going okay I’m here on
your graduate you know you guys came in in the pan and it wasn’t that long
without a mission what are you talking about what graduation is very macho
whiskey and thank you for your motivation and help you know what I hope
you have a really nice holiday weekend – could you just ruined it for a lot of
people without hiding the decent yeah you wake up yeah you did I would just
hope you being there committee their path and we understand jobless officers
have to do there is no explanation how can I understand you don’t even have the
decency to me but I’m asking you because you’re the one that
the report of problems eating I’m going higher who are you the way you
approach me the way you demand information the way you’re stating paid
off of your fibers and I’m adding another agency I’m whatever it may be I
mean you have a business card in the Prudential I mean I don’t know you I
just met you a minute ago you have no idea official I don’t you know Louis
what can you smell gasping what does that do with anything
well I’m just telling you who I am I’ve been in attack lawyers I had the
courtesy I would like to understand the rationale but they are being pulled over
and their car confiscated this is a courtesy I don’t know why you know I
should ask your daughter and the driver of the motor my daughter is a backseat
passenger as you know Jacqueline you are making the accusation I would like to
know what a musician the accusation of I don’t know what Tony you told me to go
Monday and read the resources the name was insistent you can ask them it’s not stem I’m not going to ask the
driver of the accusation they are not the source for the story so I’m trying
to go to the source if you want me to go to their side of the story until I don’t
that I look at this point you know what I’m very disappointed in the way the two
of you are acting you cannot even tell me a mother living is kind of lie for 20
years with two kids who went through the
school system what’s the problem and that shocked me something and you won’t
even give me a cent I think now listen to this I will pursue
really high speed road I think we should all get off of the road you will mine
dangerous from being out here at RIT where anywhere you’re concerned with my
safety I don’t need it you can’t put a sentence
together sorry that’s the fetter and you are a
disappointment and you are just i with him so you are also into appointment you
can’t put together of what Fernando or you can I’m sure when she acted very
disappointed thank you may help you may take them out you may not tell me when
to take my child you may shut up and not tell me when I may take my kids and her
friends from MIT and Yale you may tell me
nothing because it told me nothing shame on both of you I will be talking
to the Chief of Police week and I will be speaking to the mayor as a number by
4 0 good to mean I make sure I know her yet I know Matt is the first memory all
you got all the information I got all your information sweetheart you can put
a sentence together that chain okay that machine have a pleasant weekend
u have a wonderful day thank you

100 thoughts on “Full video: Port Authority commissioner confronts police during N.J. traffic stop

  1. Notice the BOY driver. Notice his smug facial gestures when he was standing behind his car listening to Caren Z. Turner "'take control" of everything! He has that look of, "Well now Officers, we'll see who's in charge." Well…..BOY driver, how'd everything work out? What is it about BOY that lets someone else's MOMMY take over?? Does he pee while sitting down? Does he believe there are more than two genders?

  2. This is how Democrats think government works. Politicians should serve the public, not rule over them. The law still applies to politicians, and the children of politicians. Shame on her.

  3. Damn I thought Yale and MIT were supposed to be world class institutions but her using them as an example of their top students does not show them in a good light as if the best and brightest can not remember to make sure their car is legal registered and insured with the necessary documents and proof then what about the less bright or the professors. Even before leaving school we knew better than that.

  4. The best thing of this video is that realy  every country in the world have seen what a incredible arogant stupid woman this is. The officers did their job perfectly.

  5. Who gives a shit what school they are or went to, I have the same diploma, so book smart and stupid everywhere else…. great…..

  6. (WATCH THE FULL VIDEO) Caren Turner handled the whole incident poorly; it was obvious from the first three seconds of her encounter with the cop in the glasses that he's aloof, disrespectful, insecure and on a power trip. Three seconds later after showing him her credentials and after him ignoring her, the appropriate thing for her to have done was to just take down his badge number and leave! Certainly not engage with him and inflate his ego even more than he expected. Would you engage with a bum cursing you out while walking down the street?! He deserved to be disciplined but unfortunately she made him out to be the victim also she deserved to lose her job because she showed that she's incapable of handling herself professionally.

  7. Nothing is wrong with what she did a parent will in nature use every leverage they have to protect their kids and she did just that but the beautiful thing is how the police did not discriminate and gave her the same procedure regardless of who she is and who she knows

  8. Her: “I know the mayor. I am a Port Authority Commissioner. They are PhD students from Yale and MIT”

    He: “Do you know Officer Matt, badge #540? Because he’s the son of a bitch you NEEDED to know to get them out of this ticket.”😂😂😂

  9. Dam I feel bad for those cops who probably woke up that day feeling good until this encounter with "her" thinking dang now I have to see and hear that voice in town everyday!!

  10. What a discrace of a women, it’s none her f-ing business but she just had to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong!

  11. This is a case of I do not have enough intellect to understand the simplicity of the situation created by the driver of a car that my daughter was travelling in.

  12. Dumb Bitch! Now she's the laughing joke of the internet lmao. Kudos to the 2 cops who held it down! Yale & MIT but no plates or Registration LMAO driving a bullshit Toyota lmao

  13. White women privilege right here folks and yet they are the ones that will scream the loudest about being oppressed.

  14. I would have addressed her as "Ms.". The moment she introduced herself with the "Commissioner" title, I would have corrected her with "you are NOT here in a Commissioner capacity", then warned her for impeding officers in the performance of their duties. The 2d interruption would have been a warning and advised it was on video. the 3d warning would have placed her into custody (all on video and nowhere to hide).

  15. Imagine being her husband and having to eat her out and she not moaning and you start getting scared she gonna pull a hammer out from under the pillow cuz you ain't getting it done like the janitor at the office ahhhhhh

  16. This is 100% her husband's fault. If he had given her "the back of the hand" a little more often, she might know how to act right.

  17. Poor sorry human being,think that she is a commissioner and she is entitled to talk down to these officers ,just because they were doing their job.wow.glad that she was fired.

    I have no comment at this time. I may have more to say at a later date as more details become available. Thank you for your patience.

  19. At 0:48 she is treating her adult graduate students like six year old children and they just quietly and submissively get out of the way instead of talking sense into this privileged lady. Poor kids. They probably thought she could "take care" of these gentlemen police officers. They were right to tell her it was none of her business. That's the law. The driver is not a minor.

  20. look at that shorter officer the look on his face is … he cant believe that she is still demanding stuff of them … did anyone just want to punch her in the face? And I do not think it is okay to hit women but boy …oh boy … I want to punch her in the face SOOO BAD!!!!!

  21. In people say there's no such thing as white privilege. Obviously this woman feels entitled to some type of privelegde. Very happy to learn that she lost her job.

  22. All you had to say was Democrat and I get it. White, female, educated and upper middle class Democrat screams of privilege. This bitch literally dropped every key word she could, Commissioner, friend of the mayor, Yale, MIT…JFC

  23. actually she's the one that got caught !…there are so many high ranking officials exibiting this kind of behaviour…but they almost never get caught!!..they all protect one another…but fortunately this time it was filmed!!…hahahha this video is golden!!!

  24. And that is how police should deal with all people. Personally I'd have walked away much sooner. I've NEVER seen ANYONE talk back to an officer one on one more than 3 sentences without police getting physical and pulling out handcuffs. And this is kinda women who would definitely be calling the police if she was a.victim only i
    Us Omerta following people can talk to police and disrespect them because we never call them but your white picket fence suburban people BEG for their help like helpless children beg big brother government for help. Real gangster ogs can speak like that not people who beg for their help.

  25. Look at that white privilege being thrown around. She's probably a rich Trump supporter. Oh wait, what….a democrat? I'm shocked! Shocked I say.

  26. wonder why there are many young adults with irrational and demanding young adults who are above rules and laws? Watch this vid.

  27. What she think she's above the law? Because it's her daughter . Get the hell out of here. typical emotion woman behavior.

  28. This woman was power tripping she did not believe that the law apply to her white face and position the officers stay neutral but we're getting upset this type of stuff happens to black people all the time ma'am swallow it

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