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GFW Clothing – Long Sleeve Shirt Collection

GFW Clothing – Long Sleeve Shirt Collection

At Gender Free World we’re not saying we
want a world without gender, simply that we don’t think it’s fair that your
gender restricts your consumer choices take shirts for example: if you don’t
want a feminine fitted shirt or you don’t want frilly extras off the sleeves
where do you go? ‘Cause that’s kind of what’s on offer in the high street. Or
you may look over the men’s section go wow i like those colors but you’ve tried
them on and they don’t fit you So what to do about this problem? All those shirts I like the look but that don’t fit me… …make my own shirt range that does fit me…
And you! what did we feel was missing,
that we could fill that gap Yeh, absolutely and what was missing for you was shirts What was missing was bright and colourful patterns and shirts that fit Now we’re at this point where our shirts are here. It’s kind of, our baby has been born SINGING: #Shirts and cuffs and dicky bows# #Gender neutral clothes# #Such brilliant shirts, make you feel so stylish# #Penguin, checks and blue ones,
proper fit my body# #I can wear a shirt by GFW clothing# #See my tailor she’s called Nel,
I know it’s going to fit# We have Charlie which is a classic, Billie was for busts or boobs, and Alex, that was for bottoms So most of the shirts I wear don’t actually fit in the right places whereas this is perfect and I love the detail as well, the extra things with the collars and the cuffs So the fit we’ve taken care of with our Alex, Billie and Charlie Ok, I find it really hard to get a shirt that fits my boobs in so this is really good without it being really baggy around here material feels really nice, yeh We began to realise that our project was building a design and a style and a shape for those people who are a bit overlooked by the high street It’s a fantastic fit, it fits on my hips, my tits, am I allowed to say that? [laughs] They’re brilliant! I really love wearing my husbands shirts so it’s nice that there’s a brand that we can buy together and we can wear the same shirts, which is brilliant For years and years I’ve wanted to wear androgynous style shirts and I haven’t been able to find anything that fits properly so these are like a dream come true I’m really happy that I’ve finally found a shirt that fits me properly Absolutely fantastic, normally if I get a shirt off the high street it’s always too long in the arms or the shoulders don’t fit but all over the balance is absolutely perfect I mean I’d noticed often that across the chest shirts gape and you can see inside so one of the things we came up with was to put a reverse hidden button in there to stop that from happening And now you’re looking at my breasts!
Now I’m sitting here staring at you!

2 thoughts on “GFW Clothing – Long Sleeve Shirt Collection

  1. You guys are awesome, am researching on unisex clothing as my academic project and you guys have helped me to understand so much from sizing to fits to the target customer. Thank you very very much!

  2. I'm gender non-normative and I like wearing "men's" shirts more than women's because of dysphoria, and I always have to size up in order for the shirt to be able to close around my hips/backside. I'd wear women's shirts if they didn't have the darts in the front (which are useless to me as I've had my chest reconstructed surgically), and the buttons are on the left (ugh, huge dysphoria trigger. Apparently the reason they are designed that way is because buttons were a luxury and women who could afford them historically were dressed by servents, hence easier to button for a servant standing across from someone, assuming most people are right handed). When I discovered your shirts, I didn't hesitate to order one after finding the right size based on my body type and measurements, and now I can't wait to receive it in the mail!

    Gendered buttons have no reason to exist in this day and age other than to make it easier for salesperson at clothes stores to determine what gender department that shirt fits into.

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