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Give the illusion of a Smaller Waist With a T-Shirt

Give the illusion of a Smaller Waist With a T-Shirt

hey you guys I hope everyone is doing well our last weekend I posted this video and this picture on Facebook and Instagram and several of you guys asked me to do a video showing out how I designed this particular shirt so I started off by cutting off the top of the shirt cutting around the scene so I'm not the best at describing what I'm doing so I made it to give close-ups or you know get as close as possible so you guys can see while the shoulders laying flat you want to grab the shirt in the middle only holding the back of the shirt like so this video will detail two different t-shirt designs and I did a whole bunch of different cuts and different designs on both of the t-shirts to kind of give y'all an idea of different things you can do one t-shirts and I also have another video that I have several different designs on as well and I will link it in the description box as well as have it as a pop up so you guys can click on it and check it out with this first shirt we want to give the illusion of a smaller waist that's what I was going for with the first shirt that I posted on Instagram but it's to fail it's crazy because it doesn't matter how many times you do the same shirt they always come out different so from top to bottom when starting at the top of your cuts will start off longer and get shorter as you go towards the middle and from the middle to the end of the shirt the cuts will gradually get longer again once I've made all my cuts I just go in to see if I need to make any longer next go ahead and scratch the shirt out a little bit you don't want to scratch it out too much because when you put it on its going to scratch out on so just stretch it out just a little bit I'm taking the center of each piece looping it around my finger taking the next piece through the loop and then also will be it around my finger and you do this until you reach the end this is one of my favorites I remember doing this one in high school as well as another one which I will show also on this video I also really love doing them they're so simple and they make a t-shirt it looks so jazzy give a thumbs up for the description of that loop I did amazing I'm doing this shot a little different I left the top kind of wide and I'm not going to loop it in I think I like liked it better the other way so just in case you want it looping you can just you know like for example cut the top part of this just cut it into two pieces and then loop it in once you get to the end you want to cut the scene you're going to take one side of the scene and put it through your loop you're going to take the other side and just tie it to make a knot you also want to get a shirt that's at least one size too big so we're going to make four cuts I originally made three and then I realized I wanted to make four so you're going to make four cuts and we're going to cut them down the center and tie them together this also gives helps give the illusion of the smaller way I always cut on at the seams around the neck area as well as the sleeves even if I'm not going to cut those areas I always cut them off you want to start those cuts right under the arm area once I was done I stretched the shirt out a little bit and I cut those slits right down the middle and then I tie the pieces together this will make the shirt smaller in the mid area next I cut along the seam on the sleeve you always want to keep pieces of fabrics like this I also have a lot of different pieces of fabrics which I should I wasn't thinking about it which I should have put it in this video so for example y'all will see me tie a piece of fabric around the sleeve area now I could have took a piece of blue um a piece of pink or something like that whatever piece of scraps I have and tied it around a sleeve area which would have given it a different look and on the other side I want it to fall a little bit of my shoulder so I'm just going in cutting a little bit more off so I've added clips and tends to show in the past to the desert a little bit and I googled ways to bedazzle shirt and this is one that I saw that I just love yeah I know Google is amazing it's so more than just googling black bbw porn I'm not saying that the titles y'all look for and so they're my favorite sided but I'm just saying you know it's for more than that it's amazing as I opening these come in all different colors so you can really get creative and this is the final results for this shirt next we're going to play around with this shirt a little bit one of you guys sent me this shirt thank you very much it's a little bit too big for me so I'm going to close up and put some designs in it notice how I cut around the neck area a little different I cut it like that to get the neck area wider but not too big to the point that is falling off my shoulders so this is where my descriptions get a little bit funky so just watch what I'm doing make sure you're only grabbing the back of the shirt you're grabbing at the top as well as at the bottom once we're comfortable with the placement of the shirt we're going to start cutting again our cuts are going to start off along and they're going to get shorter as we go towards the middle of the shirt once you're done making your cuts grab the shirt and stretch it out a little bit and next we're going to grab the shirt just the back of the shirt again in the middle and we're going to make some long slits all the way across the back bottom of the sharp we're making these cuts longer and thinner now once you're done making all of your cuts scratch the shirt a little bit and this is what it should look like next we're going to jazz the top of the shirt up a little bit and I'm going to slow motion this way I can see exactly what I'm doing and when you get to the last one you do not want to loop it in you want to cut it like you did with the things we're going to cut the last one and tighten them not so after I tried it on I didn't like how the middle looks so I went in to cut off some more and it looked much better and here's the final result of the back I probably will go in and cut the sleeves a little bit put a little bit more flavor to it but I really like how the back came out so it was finalist last week so I was a little m.i.a I should have another video posted in the next day or two for you guys don't forget to thumbs up and leave a comment let me know that you guys like these type of videos I love you guys and I'll see y'all soon mmm

38 thoughts on “Give the illusion of a Smaller Waist With a T-Shirt

  1. I am SO glad I found this video, it's perfect!!! And I could listen to your voice all night it's so soothing. I CANNOT find clips like you have on that one white tee. PLEASE HELP me find some!! I truly love what you did.

  2. I like the way u freaked that shirt , I’m going to boost myself up and do one for next week. Thank u, it’s yr girl Yandy.

  3. Girl I adore your style and your PIZAZZ! Very easy indeed. Great idea! Thanks hon..keep em comin. 😎

  4. thank you thank you thank you! I made my first cut Tee yesterday. I'm going to do the 2nd (pink) technique today Woot

  5. I have watched plenty of repurposing clothing videos before but I absolutely love these. A pair of scissors & tying! I don't sew other than by hand so perfect! I can't wait to catch up with other ideas. My kind of woman! Left out my favorite part. Love how you tie these in the back. Look like Angel wings

  6. That was amazing. I was like completely mesmerized the whole time lol. Your voice is so calming and you make everything so clear. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Going to a 80s themed party this weekend. I bought a Run DMC shirt and I want to cut mine. Love this video and I'm going to Walmart for 2 practice shirts b4 I do the real thing.

  8. I love this chics personality. The clarity and realness of her voice and expressions. Good job girl.

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